Mini wood bead wreath ornaments

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These mini wreath tree ornaments made from wooden beads are a quick, easy Christmas DIY project to make your own Christmas ornaments. Simple wooden beaded wreaths look lovely on the tree or hanging in a window with some fairy lights. Keep reading to make a DIY ornament wreath!

Finished wooden bead circle ornament

Where to buy mini wooden beads

The hardest part of this craft is finding wooden beads that you like for your ornament wreaths. I couldn’t find the right ones at the dollar store. Here are some different stores that stock natural wood round beads to choose from for your ornament wreath to stand out.

  • Micheals
  • Amazon
  • Dollar Tree
Bag of wooden beads

Just thread the beads onto the wire, bending the wire into a circle. Trim the extra wire and push the ends into one bead to hide them. Then tie a ribbon loop between two beads. Easy peasy! Detailed instructions are below.

Supplies to make wooden bead christmas ornaments

Supplies: Birch bead wreath ornaments

  • Birch Wood Beads (I used 14 mm diameter beads, 0.55 inch)
  • Floral Wire, 22 or 24 gauge (silver blends in, copper stands out)
  • Multitool or wire cutters and needlenose pliers
  • Ribbon
  • Ruler (optional)
Making birch bead christmas ornaments | home for the harvest

How to make mini birch bead wreath Christmas ornaments

  1. Cut a piece of floral wire about 30 cm (1 foot) long.
  2. Thread the nine beads onto the middle of the piece of wire.
  3. Bend the wire so that the beads form a circle in the middle of the wire.
  4. Use the pliers to twist the ends of the wire together to affix the beads in a circle. The beads should be fairly tightly packed but leave a bit of space in the loop to fit the ribbon in.
  5. Cut off the extra wire ends. Leave a 1 cm length of twisted wire attached to the loop to keep the circle fastened.
  6. Use the pliers to push the twisted ends of the wire into a wooden bead to hide the connection.
  7. Tie some ribbon around the loop, threading it between any two beads in the wreath ornament.
Diy wood bead tree ornaments

Here’s a tutorial video I made for how I put these mini wooden bead wreath ornaments together for your ornament wreath:

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These wreath ornaments are a lovely little craft to do in the days leading up to Christmas. A friend of mine made a variation of this craft with her kids using pipe cleaners instead of floral wire (much easier to work with!). However you decide to make these wreath ornaments, they’ll make a lovely addition to your holiday decor.

Diy christmas tree ornament - wooden bead wreath - scandi
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