Low Growing Perennials: 50+ Small Plants For Garden Edges And Beautiful Border Gardens

Looking for a low-growing perennial or two for edging a garden or for the front of a flowering border? Fortunately there are quite a few versatile choices.

Low-growing perennials are are long-lived ornamental plants that tend to reach a maximum height of 6″ to 24″ tall. Many of these plants are perfect as edging plants along the front of a garden bed, along a walkway, or at the edge of a herbaceous border garden.

Read on to learn all about low-growing perennial plants and where to plant them in your garden.

Low-Growing Perennials: The Basics

Low-growing perennials are used as easy-care ornamental plants along pathways, at the front of flower beds, and along the front perimeter of herbaceous border gardens. There are many options available, from naturally-short plant species to modern cultivars that have been bred to be “compact” or “dwarf” versions of taller classics.

The optimal height of a short perennial depends on the vantage point where the garden bed is most often observed from. A plant that grows to 6″ – 12″ tall may be preferable along the sides of a walkway. A taller 18″ – 24″ perennial might be the lowest-growing plant in a larger scale garden.

“The ideal height of edging plants depends on how close you will be to the beds when viewing them. For beds that are viewed from a distance, 2-foot-tall plants work well. Of course, you can go taller than 2 feet if the plant is see through (or airy enough to permit a view of the plants behind it). For beds that are observed up close, plant that are no more than 18 inches fit the bill.”

Fine Gardening’s Beds & Borders, Design Ideas for Gardens Large and Small, by the Editors of Fine Gardening magazine

Some of the most common edging plants used for the front of a garden bed or border are Lamb’s Ears, Sedum, and dwarf species of ornamental grasses. These plants look gorgeous for months on end! Fortunately, there are countless low-growing options available.

Check the list below for the perfect low-growing perennials for your outdoor space. Each plant idea includes the common name, botanical latin, general height, hardiness estimates, and the names of specific cultivars of the species.

low-growing perennial sedum species for edge of border garden

1. Stonecrop (Sedum)

Stonecrop (Sedum) are low-growing flowering succulent plants that generally grow between 6″ to 12″ tall. Most species are hardy in zones 5-9, with some variation. These low-maintenance plants are perfect for the front of a sunny border or flower garden bed, and are among the most popular edging plants for sunny spots.

  • ‘Autumn Joy’ Stonecrop
  • ‘Angelina’ Stonecrop
  • ‘Sunsparkler’ Sedums
  • ‘Dragon’s Blood’ Stonecrop
  • Woodland Stonecrop (Sedum ternatum)
  • ‘Ruby Glow’ Stonecrop

2. Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina)

Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina) is a classic foliage perennial that makes an elegant border plant for the edge of a garden. Reaching a maximum height of 12″-18″ tall, Lambs Ear plants rarely flower, and are hardy in Zones 4-8. These low-growing perennials are the perfect low-maintenance choice for an elegant garden all season long.

  • ‘Helen von Stein’ Lambs’ Ears
  • ‘Big Ears’ Lambs’ Ears
  • ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ Lambs Ears
  • ‘Silver Carpet’ Lambs Ear
  • ‘Silky Fleece’ Lamb’s Ears

3. Blanket Flower (Gaillardia x grandiflora)

Blanket Flower (Gaillardia x grandiflora) is a hardy, low-growing perennial flower that reaches a maximum height of about 10″-12″ in most environments. Many types are hardy in Zones 3-10 and are relatively low-maintenance. Most have vibrant red and yellow daisy-like flowers.

  • ‘Arizona Sun’ Blanket Flower
  • ‘Arizona Apricot’ Blanket Flower
  • ‘Mesa Peach’ Blanket Flower
  • ‘Fanfare’ Blanket Flower
  • ‘Goblin’ Blanket Flower
  • ‘Summer’s Kiss’ Blanket Flower

4. Dwarf Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is a reliable hardy perennial with several dwarf types that grow to about 18″ high. Echinacea is hardy in Zones 3-9, making it a far-reaching hit! Look for a low-growing cultivar for the front of sunny flower borders and blooming beds.

  • ‘Little Giant’ Dwarf Coneflower
  • ‘Little Magnus’ Dwarf Purple Coneflower
  • ‘Kim’s Knee High’ Purple Coneflower
  • ‘Sensation Pink’ Dwarf Coneflower

5. Bluestar (Amsonia)

Bluestar (Amsonia) is an elegant flowering perennial named for its soft blue flowers. Most types generally grow to 12″ to 16″ tall, with delicate foliage and star-shaped flowers. Many species and cultivars of Amsonia are hardy in Zones 4-9.

  • ‘Storm Cloud’ Bluestar
  • ‘Blue Ice’ Bluestar
  • Threadleaf Bluestar
  • Arkansas Blue Star

6. Salvia (Salvia nemorosa)

Salvia (Salvia nemorosa) is a herbaceous perennial with numerous cultivars that generally reach 10″-24″ high when fully grown. These flowers tend to thrive in hardiness zones 5-9. Most types have violet-purple spires of small flowers and grey-green foliage. This is one low-growing perennial that tends to bloom all summer in good conditions.

  • ‘Caradonna’ Sage
  • ‘Amethyst’ Salvia
  • ‘Ostfriesland’ Salvia
  • ‘Marcus’ Sage
  • ‘Crystal Blue’ Salvia
  • ‘Lubecca’ Salvia
Foliage of Dwarf Shasta Daisy Plants at Nursery
Green foliage of Shasta Daisy plants

7. Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum × superbum)

Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum × superbum) is a perennial daisy with several lovely compact cultivars that grow to about 16″-18″ high. Shasta Daisies are hardy in Zones 5-8. There are some low-growing types of perennial Shasta Daisy for the front edge of a garden. They also tend to have attractive bright green foliage throughout the seasons.

  • ‘Snowcap’ Shasta Daisy
  • ‘Little Miss Muffet’ Dwarf Shasta Daisy
  • ‘Macaroon’ Shasta Daisy
  • ‘Whoops-a-Daisy’ Dwarf Shasta Daisy

8. Small Daylilies (Hemerocallis)

Daylily (Hemerocallis) plants are reliable herbaceous perennials that combine pretty grass-like foliage with lovely lily-like flowers. Some shorter species are perfect for the edge of border gardens and beds, with most dwarf types reaching about 18″ tall. Daylilies are generally hardy in Zones 3-9. Here are some low-growing daylily varieties that tend to bloom all summer:

  • ‘Jolene Nichole’ Daylily
  • ‘Apricot Sparkles’ Dwarf Daylily
  • ‘Little Business’ Daylily
  • ‘Mini Pearl’ Daylily
  • ‘Siloam Double Classic’ Daylily
  • ‘Graceful Eye’ Daylily
  • ‘Happy Returns’ Daylily
  • ‘Little Grapette’ Daylily
  • ‘Rosy Returns’ Daylily
  • ‘Janice Brown’ Daylily
  • ‘Stephanie Returns’ Daylily

9. Japanese Aster (Kalimeris incisa)

Japanese Aster (Kalimeris incisa) is a low-growing, clumping perennial that generally grows to about 16″ tall. These daisy-like flowers are hardy in Zones 5-9. Most cultivars have pale blue-violet petals with soft yellow centers.

  • ‘Alba’ Japanese Aster
  • ‘Blue Star’ Japanese Aster
  • ‘Madiva’ Japanese Aster
  • ‘Charlotte’ Japanese Aster

10. Catmint (Nepeta)

Catmint (Nepeta) is a perennial with some dwarf species that reach between 12″-24″ tall. These plants are perennial in Zones 4-8. Nepeta species are generally low-maintenance and reliable bloomers. Most have blue-violet flowers on loose spires.

  • ‘Felix’ Catmint
  • ‘Blue Carpet’ Catmint
  • Dwarf Catmint (Nepeta racemosa)
  • ‘Purrsian Blue’ Catmint
  • ‘Walker’s Low’ Catmint
  • ‘Summer Magic’ Catmint

11. Vervain (Verbena)

Vervain (Verbena) is a herbaceous perennial known for its lovely flowers, which reach a height of about 10″ on dwarf species and cultivars. Most species are hardy in Zones 6-9 or Zones 7-10.

  • ‘Lollipop’ Dwarf Vervain
  • ‘Homestead Purple’ Verbena
  • Slender Vervain (Verbena rigida)
  • ‘Meteor Shower’ Verbena

12. Dwarf Lobelia (Lobelia)

Dwarf Lobelias and Cardinal Flowers (Lobelia) are herbaceous perennials known for their attractiveness to hummingbirds and other beneficial creatures. Most dwarf species reach 18″ to 24″ high, making it shorter than most cardinal flowers. Many Lobelias are hardy in Zones 5-8 or Zones 6-9.

  • ‘Kleine Form’ Lobelia
  • ‘Grape Knee-Hi’ Dwarf Cardinal Flower
  • Richardson Lobelia

13. Dwarf Fountain Grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides)

Dwarf Fountain Grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides) is an ornamental grass that reaches about 24″ in height. Hardy in zones 6-9, this is a great choice for woodland and meadow borders that are viewed from a distance.

  • ‘Hameln’ Dwarf Fountain Grass
  • ‘Little Bunny’ Dwarf Fountain Grass

14. Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa macra)

Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa macra) is an ornamental grass that reaches a height of about 20″ tall. This foliage perennial is hardy in Zones 6-9. There are many different cultivars available with varying foliage.

  • ‘Aureola’ Hakone Grass
  • ‘All Gold’ Japanese Hakone Grass
  • ‘Sunflare’ Japanese Forest Grass
  • ‘Beni Kaze’ Japanese Forest Grass
  • ‘Nicolas’ Hakone Grass

15. Dwarf New England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae)

New England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) is a classic herbaceous flowering perennial. While most types are about 3′ high, there are a few dwarf cultivars that grow to a height of about 18″ tall. These types are typically hardy in Zones 4-8.

  • ‘Purple Dome’ Dwarf New England Aster
  • ‘Red Star’ Dwarf New England Aster
  • ‘Kickin Lavender’ Dwarf New England Aster
low-growing perennial sedum species for edge of border garden
Dianthus ‘Passion’

16. Low-Growing Perennial Pinks (Dianthus)

Perennial Pinks (Dianthus) are short, hardy flowers of which some species grow to a very short 6″ height. Even the tallest types rarely grow higher than 18″ tall. Dianthus species are generally hardy in Zones 3-10, making them versatile in many climates.

  • ‘Fire Witch’ Dianthus
  • ‘Bath’s Pink’ Dianthus
  • ‘Tiny Rubies’ Dianthus
  • ‘Itsaul White’ Dianthus
  • ‘Spring Beauty’ Dianthus

17. Goldenrod (Solidago sphacelata)

Autumn Goldenrod (Solidago sphacelata) is a herbaceous perennial that grows to about 18″ tall. Hardy in Zones 5-9, there is one cultivar in particular that is low-growing, highly-rated, and commonly used in flower beds and borders:

  • ‘Golden Fleece’ Goldenrod

18. Heucherella (Heucherella)

Heucherella (Heucherella) are grown primarily for their lovely 6″ tall foliage that’s available in many shades, but they also put up lovely little flowers on skinny stalks, about 16″-24″ tall. Heucherella are bred by crossing Heuchera and Tiarella plants. Hardy in Zones 5-8, Heucherella are lovely edging plants for the front of shade or partial sun borders. low growing perennials

  • ‘Sweet Tea’ Heucherella
  • ‘Solar Eclipse’ Heucherella
  • ‘Stoplight’ Heucherella
  • ‘Pumpkin Spice’ Heucherella
  • ‘Pink Fizz’ Heucherella
  • ‘Cracked Ice’ Heucherella
  • ‘Gold Zebra’ Heucherella
  • ‘Brass Lantern’ Heucherella

19. Hostas (Hosta)

Hostas (Hosta) are wildly-popular foliage plants for shady gardens that send up lovely spires of pale flowers in summer. Many species are hardy in Zones 3-9, making them very versatile. Most species grow to a minimum height below 24″, but there is quite a lot of variation between species and cultivars. Here are some excellent low-growing hostas for an ornamental perennial shade garden.

  • ‘Gold Edger’ Dwarf Hosta
  • ‘First Mate’ Variegated Wavy Hosta
  • ‘Hadspen Blue’ Hosta
  • ‘Halycon’ Hosta
  • ‘Golden Tiara’ Hosta
  • ‘June’ Variegated Hosta
  • ‘Blue Cadet’ Hosta

20. Japanese Onion (Allium thunbergii)

Japanese Onion (Allium thunbergii) is a herbaceous perennial that reaches about 9″-12″ in height. Hardy in Zones 4-8, this ornamental allium is a beautiful, elegant edging plant option, as it has almost grass-like foliage combined with elegant flowers:

  • ‘Ozawa’ Japanese Onion
  • ‘Album’ Japanese Onion
Low-Growing Perennial Largeleaf Brunnera in Garden
Largeleaf Brunnera (Giant Forget-Me-Not)

21. Largeleaf Brunnera (Brunnera macrophylla)

Largeleaf Brunnera (Brunnera macrophylla) is a herbaceous perennial with beautiful variegated foliage and forget-me-not type tiny blue flowers. Most cultivars reach about 14″-18″ tall, and are hardy in Zones 3-8. These hardy beauties can be grown at the edge of both sunny and shady gardens, making them a versatile low-growing perennial option and perfect transition area choice.

  • ‘Jack Frost’ Brunnera
  • ‘Alexander’s Great’ Brunnera
  • ‘Looking Glass’ Brunnera
  • ‘Queen of Hearts’ Brunnera
  • ‘Silver Heart’ Brunnera
  • ‘Sea Heart’ Brunnera

22. Hardy Geranium (Geranium)

Hardy Geranium, or Cranesbill (Geranium), species are available in a variety of heights, most between 6″ and 30″. While the taller ones are better suited to the middle of a border garden, the shorter species are perfect for the front edge of a shady border. Hardy Geranium are generally winter-hardy in Zones 3-9:

  • ‘Rozanne’ Hardy Geranium
  • ‘Brookside’ Hardy Geranium
  • ‘Patricia’ Hardy Geranium
  • ‘Elke’ Hardy Geranium
  • ‘Orion’ Hardy Geranium
  • ‘Mavis Simpson’ Hardy Geranium

23. Sedge (Carex)

Sedge (Carex) species and cultivars are low-growing ornamental grasses perfect for the front of a shade garden or for edging a woodland path. Different heights are available, typically between 4″ to 24″ tall. Most are hardy in Zones 3-9, while there are some types only hardy in Zones 5-9 or even 7-9.

  • ‘Blue Zinger’ Sedge
  • ‘Evergold’ Japanese Sedge
  • ‘Everest’ Sedge Grass
  • ‘Ice Dance’ Japanese Sedge
  • ‘Frosted Curls’ New Zealand Sedge
  • ‘Feather Falls’ Variegated Sedge

24. Blue-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium angustifolium)

Blue-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium angustifolium) is a 12″-18″ perennial ornamental hardy in Zones 3-8. This low-growing perennial is a member of the iris family, and has lovely small iris-like flowers. Best grown in full sun, but tolerant of part-shade, this flowering perennial is perfect for border gardens.

  • ‘Lucerne’ Blue-Eyed Grass
  • ‘Suwannee’ Blue-Eyed Grass
  • ‘Album’ Blue-Eyed Grass

25. Dwarf Plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides)

Dwarf Plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) is a mat-forming perennial plant that rarely grows taller than 12″ high. Sometimes planted as a groundcover, this perennial features lovely little blue flowers perfect for the sides of a garden path or woodland walkway.

26. European Wild Ginger (Asarum europaeum)

European Wild Ginger (Asarum europaeum) is a very short foliage perennial with glossy, round leaves. Reaching only 3″-6″ tall, this plant is perfect for the very edge of shady border gardens, and is hardy in zones 4-8. European Wild Ginger is among the best low-growing perennials for shade gardens.

27. Stokes Aster (Stokesia laevis)

Stokes’ Aster (Stokesia laevis) is a flowering perennial that reaches between 12″-24″ high. Hardy in Zones 5-9, there are lots of wonderful cultivars for the fronts for garden beds and sunny borders or around meadow garden paths.

  • ‘Mary Gregory’ Stokes Aster
  • ‘Purple Parasols’ Stokes Aster
  • ‘Blue Danube’ Stokes Aster
  • ‘Divinity’ Stokes Aster
  • ‘Honeysong Purple’ Stokes Aster
  • ‘Peachie’s Pick’ Stokes Aster
White Astilbe Spires

28. Astilbe (Astilbe)

Astilbe (Astilbe) is a shade-tolerant flowering perennial that resembles spirea. Growing to a height of 12″-24″ tall, astilbe plants are hardy in Zones 3-8 and work well at the edge of large woodland borders. Astilbe flower in spires of tiny flower in shades of white, pink, or purple. The foliage is low-growing and the floral spires stay standing all summer and into autumn.

  • ‘Bridal Veil’ Astilbe
  • ‘Visions in Pink’ Astilbe
  • ‘Deutschland’ Astilbe
  • ‘Purple Candles’ Astilbe
  • ‘Snowdrift’ Astilbe
  • ‘Bressingham Beauty’ Astilbe

29. Autumn Fern (Dryopteris erythrosora)

Autumn Fern (Dryopteris erythrosora) is a shade-loving perennial grown for its beautiful 24″-high foliage that turns copper in the fall. Hardy in zones 5-9, Autumn Fern is a great choice for the edge of a woodland garden.

  • ‘Brilliance’ Autumn Fern
  • ‘Prolifica’ Autumn Fern
  • ‘Compacta’ Autumn Fern

30. Winecup (Callirhoe involucrata)

Winecup, or Prairie Poppy Mallow (Callirhoe involucrata), is a 12″ high perennial plant hardy in Zones 4-9. This low-growing perennial is native to North America and is relatively drought tolerant. Winecup has dainty purple cup-shaped flowers with white centers.

31. Lungwort (Pulmonaria)

Lungwort (Pulmonaria) are lovely little perennial plants that grow to about 8″ tall. Hardy in zones 2-8, there are many types to choose from. They grow well in shade as and edge plant or low-growing perennial for a woodland garden. Most flower in shades of violet blue atop dark green foliage rosettes.

  • ‘Baby Blue’ Pulmonaria
  • ‘Blaues Meer’ Lungwort
  • ‘Bertram Anderson’ Lungwort
  • ‘Blue Ensign’ Lungwort
  • ‘Mrs. Moon’ Pulmonaria
  • ‘Leopard’ Pulmonaria
  • ‘Bubble Gum’ Pulmonaria
  • ‘Excaliber’ Lungwort

32. Spotted Deadnettle (Lamium maculatum)

Deadnettle (Lamium) is a group of perennial plants that reach between 8″ and 24″ high. There are many shorter garden cultivars of spotted Deadnettle (Lamium maculatum) perfect for shady spots. Hardy in zones 4-8, these plants thrive in shade and are short enough to go at the front of a border garden or edge of a shady flower bed.

  • ‘Pink Pewter’ Lamium
  • ‘White Nancy’ Deadnettle
  • ‘Beacon Silver’ Lamium
  • ‘Ghost’ Creeping Deadnettle

33. Dwarf Willow-Leaved Sunflower (Helianthus salicifolius)

Willow-Leaved Sunflower (Helianthus salicifolius) plants are generally quite tall, but there is a very popular 12″-high cultivar, called ‘Low Down’. This unique low-growing perennial sunflower is hardy in Zones 5-9:

  • ‘Low Down’ Dwarf Willow-Leaved Sunflower

34. Dwarf Wild Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis)

Dwarf Wild Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) is a classic cottage border flower that grows to a pint-size 12″-18″ tall. Hardy in zones 3-8, small aquilegia cultivars can tolerate shady areas and add a bit of floral charm to the front edge of cottage gardens.

  • ‘Little Lanterns’ Dwarf Columbine
  • ‘Dwarf’ Red Columbine
  • ‘Corbett’ Dwarf Columbine
  • ‘Nana’ Dwarf Columbine

35. Threadleaf Coreopsis (Coreopsis verticillata)

Threadleaf Coreopsis (Coreopsis verticillata) is a flowering perennial with fine foliage that looks good over a long summer season. Hardy in Zones 4-9, this cheery low-growing perennial has many cultivars, many of which grow to a maximum of 24″ tall. Coreopsis species are generally very easy to grow and an all-around sunny cottage garden favourite.

  • ‘Presto’ Coreopsis
  • ‘Moonbeam’ Coreopsis
  • ‘Daybreak’ Coreopsis
  • ‘Early Sunrise’ Coreopsis
  • ‘Crème Brulee’ Coreopsis
  • ‘Jethro Tull’ Coreopsis

36. Silver Speedwell (Veronica spicata subsp. incana)

Silver Speedwell (Veronica spicata subsp. incana) is a pretty, low-growing perennial with fuzzy silvery leaves and pretty purple flower spikes. Hardy in Zones 4-8 this Veronica typically grows between 12″ and 24″ tall. Silver Speedwell flowers best when grown in full sun.

  • ‘Pure Silver’ Veronica

37. Low-Growing/Dwarf Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum humile)

Low-Growing Dwarf Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum humile) grows to a height of about 8″ tall. Hardy in zones 5-8, this is a perennial shade-garden favourite that is the perfect size for the edge of a low-light garden bed or under-canopy woodland area.

  • ‘Fred Case’ Dwarf Solomon’s Seal
  • ‘Shiro Shima’ Variegated Dwarf Solomon’s Seal

38. Foamflower (Tiarella)

Foamflower (Tiarella) species vary in height from a tiny 4″ up to 24″ tall. Hardy in Zones 3-9, there are Tiarella for the edge of small shady spots and the front of grand, distant shaded borders. These compact plants feature pretty green foliage and ethereal pale flower spires.

  • ‘Spring Symphony’ Foamflower
  • ‘Pink Skyrocket’ Tiarella
  • ‘Iron Butterfly’ Foamflower
  • ‘Cutting Edge’ Foamflower
  • “Running Tapestry” Tiarella
  • ‘Brandywine’ Foamflower

39. Dwarf Goatsbeard (Aruncus aethusifolius)

Dwarf Goatsbeard (Aruncus aethusifolius) is a shade-loving perennial plant that grows to about 12″ high. Hardy in Zones 3-9, Aruncus is perfect for the front edge of low-light gardens. This short goatsbeard is similar in appearance to astilbe, and is a woodland garden favourite.

40. Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra) is a classic shade perennial with fern-leaf cultivars that stay short, about 8″ to 18″ tall. Dicentra perennials are hardy in Zones 5-9, and are perfect for the front of a woodland or cottage garden. Be sure to choose a compact variety if using in the front of a garden bed beside a walkway or path.

  • ‘King of Hearts’ Dicentra
  • ‘Aurora’ Dwarf Dicentra
  • ‘Amore Rose’ Bleeding Heart
  • ‘Luxuriant’ Dwarf Bleeding Heart

41. Hardy Begonia (Begonia grandis)

Hardy Begonia (Begonia grandis) is a perennial flower that grows to about 24″ tall. Perfect for the front of a distant floral border or low-light corner, this shade garden option is hardy in zones 6-9.

  • ‘Pink Teardrops’ Hardy Begonia
  • ‘Heron’s Pirouette’ Hardy Begonia
  • ‘Sparkle and Shine’ Hardy Begonia

42. Coral Bells (Heuchera)

Coral Bells (Heuchera) is another low-growing classic shade perennial plant, which grows to about 12″ or 18″ tall. Grown mainly for their foliage, Coral Bells are hardy in Zones 4-9.

  • ‘Lime Marmalade’ Coral Bells
  • ‘Palace Purple’ Coral Bells
  • ‘Obsidian’ Heuchera
  • ‘Lime Rickey’ Coral Bells
  • ‘Silver Scrolls’ Coral Bells
  • ‘Crème Brûlée’ Coral Bells

43. Pigsqueak (Bergenia)

Pigsqueak (Bergenia) is a shade-loving perennial grown mainly for its large glossy leaves and dainty flowers. Growing to 12″ to 24″ tall, this plant is hardy in Zones 3-9. There are lots of low-growing cultivars, most with white or pink flowers.

  • ‘Pink Dragonfly’ Bergenia
  • ‘Spring Fling’ Bergenia
  • ‘Bressingham White’ Bergenia
  • ‘Overture’ Bergenia

44. Snowdrop Anemone (Anemone sylvestris)

Snowdrop Anemone (Anemone sylvestris), also called Windflower, is a lovely shade-tolerant perennial plant with pretty low-growing foliage and dainty white flowers. The foliage grows to about 6″ while the flowers reach 12″-18″ tall. This species is hardy in Zones 3-9.

  • ‘Snow White’ Snowdrop Anemone
  • ‘Elise Feldman’ Snowdrop Anemone

45. Dusty Miller (Artemisia stelleriana)

Dusty Miller (Artemisia stelleriana) is a pretty low-growing perennial grown for its silvery-grey ornamental foliage. This sun-lover is heat tolerant and grows well in Zones 3-8, reaching a height of about 10″ to 12″ tall.

  • ‘Silver Brocade’ Artemisia
  • ‘Boughton Silver’ Dusty Miller
  • ‘Silver Cascade’ Artemisia/Dusty Miller

46. Toad Lily (Tricyrtis formosana)

Toad Lily (Tricyrtis formosana) is a low-growing perennial flower for shady areas that reaches a maximum height of 24″. Perfect for larger woodland areas, this plant is hardy in Zones 6-9. There are lots of lovely garden cultivars available to suit different colour schemes.

  • ‘Pink Freckles’ Toad Lily
  • ‘Autumn Glow’ Toad Lily
  • ‘Purple Beauty’ Toad Lily
  • ‘Dark Beauty’ Tricyrtis
  • ‘Empress’ Tricyrtis
  • ‘Gilt Edge’ Toad Lily

47. Jacob’s Ladder (Polemonium reptans)

Jacob’s Ladder (Polemonium reptans) is a popular low-growing shade perennial that grows to about 14″-16″ tall. Hardy in Zones 3-7, Polemonium is often used in woodland under-plantings and along the edges of nature walks and paths.

  • ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Jacob’s Ladder
  • ‘Touch of Class’ Polemonium
  • ‘Lambrook Mauve’ Polemonium
  • ‘Pink Beauty’ Jacob’s Ladder

48. Woolly Yarrow (Achillea tomentosa)

Woolly Yarrow (Achillea tomentosa) is a low-growing flowering perennial that grows to about 6″ to 12″ tall. This cheery, yellow-blooming sun-lover is hardy in Zones 3-8.

  • ‘Aurea’ Woolly Yarrow
  • ‘Golden Fleece’ Woolly Yarrow
  • ‘Goldie’ Achillea
  • ‘King Edward’ Yarrow

49. Low-Growing Perennial Barrenwort (Epimedium grandiflorum)

Barrenwort (Epimedium grandiflorum) is a low-growing perennial with delicate foliage and fringed flowers. Hardy in Zones 4-8, this plant grows to 8″ – 12″ tall, and is best grown in partial shade or full shade. It can be used as an underplanting in a forested garden or at the edge of a shady flower bed.

  • ‘Rose Queen’ Bishop’s Hat
  • ‘Pink Champagne’ Epimedium
  • ‘White Queen’ Barrenwort
  • ‘Pierre’s Purple’ Epimedium
  • ‘Lilafee’ Barrenwort

50. Inside-Out Flower (Vancouveria hexandra)

Inside-Out Flower (Vancouveria hexandra) is a delicate low-growing perennial with unique dainty white flowers that thrives in shady forest understories and natural woodland gardens. This plant is native to the Pacific Northwest, hardy in Zones 5-7, and is tolerant of dry shade. Inside-Out Flower generally grows between 12″ and 18″ tall.

51. Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla)

Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla) are flowering perennials that generally grow to a height of between 12″ and 24″ tall, although there are shorter types available. Lady’s Mantle likes moist soil, and is hardy in Zones 3-8. Flowers tend to be yellow-green, and are great for the front of border gardens or as edging plants along paths. Lady’s Mantle can be grown in full sun to partial shade.

  • Dwarf Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla erythropoda)
  • ‘Thriller’ Alchemilla
  • ‘Auslese’ Lady’s Mantle
  • ‘Irish Silk’ Lady’s Mantle
  • Alpine Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla alpina)

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