25+ lily varieties

Lilies are a beautiful and popular flower with many colors and cultivars available. Whether you’re looking for a classic white lily or something more colorful, chances are there’s something perfect for your garden. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular lily varieties and discuss the unique features each one offers.

Stargazer lily bulbs

1. Stargazer lily

The Stargazer lily is one of the most popular lily varieties. This gorgeous cultivar has large, fragrant flowers with rich pink petals. The center of each petal is deep red-pink, fading to soft pink and even to white at the petals’ edge. The flowers are also dotted with dark pink freckles.

Stargazer lilies are easy to grow, but do need full sun to flower at their best. This popular lily variety can grow up to 3-4 feet tall. The Stargazer Lily is classified as an Oriental hybrid lily.

Casa blanca lily

2. Casablanca lily

The Casablanca lily is one of the most popular white lily varieties for the garden. These large fragrant blooms have pure white petals. Casablancas are popular in formal gardens, cutting gardens for use in bouquets, and also in white-themed moon gardens.

This lily can reach up to 4-5 feet tall and is known for its large, white, fragrant flowers. The Casablanca lily is also an Oriental hybrid lily.

Forever susan lily in flower

3. Forever Susan lily

The Forever Susan lily is a specialty lily variety with richly-colored purple and orange petals. The eye-popping colors of this particular cultivar help it to stand out in the garden (even among other showstopping lilies)

This lily plant can reach up to 3-4 feet tall and is known for its large, yellow flowers. The Forever Susan Lily is an Asiatic lily.

4. Night Rider lily

The Night Rider lily is a new variety with amazing purple-black flowers. The petals are a dark violet shade but can look truly black in low-light conditions. They can be paired with the more common white varieties for a formal black-and-white garden.

This lily can reach up to 3-4 feet tall and is known for its dark red, trumpet-shaped flowers. The Night Rider Lily is an Asiatic-trumpet hybrid lily.

Eyeliner lily

5. Eyeliner lily

The Eyeliner lily is a specialty cultivar known for its white petals that have a distinctive black edge. These new hybrids also have a light floral fragrance.

This lily can reach up to 3-4 feet tall and is known for its white flowers with a black line outlining the petals. The Eyeliner Lily is a hybrid Easter-Asiatic lily variety.

6. Black Beauty lily

The Black Beauty lily is a garden favorite known for its deep raspberry red to dark maroon recurved flowers. The flowers also have unique green centers and stamens. While not truly colorless, they are almost black.

This lily can reach up to 5-7 feet tall once established in the soil. It is an oriental hyrid lily (L. henryi x L. speciosum).

7. Apricot Fudge lily

The Apricot Fudge lily is a new specialty cultivar known for its rose-shaped flowers with creamy pastel peach petals. It definitely stands out when compared to other lily varieties, with its rosette of petals.

This lily can reach up to 3-4 feet tall and is known for its apricot-colored, trumpet-shaped flowers. The Apricot Fudge Lily is a double Asiatic lily.

Different types of lily bulbs for planting

8. Elodie lily

The Elodie lily is one of the most popular pink double lily varieties. It has light pink petals subtly dotted with darker freckles. This lily can reach up to 3-4 feet tall. The Elodie Lily is an Asiatic hybrid lily. It has a strong, sweet aroma and can be planted in any type of soil. The Elodie Lily blooms from mid-summer until fall and will attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your garden.

9. Big Brother lily

The Big Brother lily is a giant lily plant with a truly giant flower. The petals are white with buttery yellow centers. Established plants routinely reach 6 feet tall in good conditions. The largest blooms can reach over a foot across! The Big Brother Lily is a hybrid Oriental-trumpet (OT, Orienpet) lily.

10. Pretty Woman lily

The Pretty Woman lily is an elegant white lily with large 8″ flowers. – This lily can reach up to 4-6 feet tall. It is an Oriental trumpet (OT, Orienpet) lily. The blooms are fragrant and long-lasting, often starting in late June and continuing through the summer. This lily is deer-resistant and makes an excellent cut flower for bouquets or arrangements. Plant it in full sun to partial shade in fertile, well-drained soil for best results.

11. African Queen lily

The African Queen lily is a fragrant orange lily with trumpet-shaped flowers. The African Queen Lily is a trumpet lily. It has a tall stem of 4-5 feet and large, deep orange flowers. It is very easy to grow and can be planted in gardens, beds or containers. The African Queen Lily is hardy and will bloom from early summer until fall. This unique lily adds a beautiful splash of color to any garden.

12. Lionheart lily

The Lionheart lily is a distinctive cultivar with dark purple-black petals that fade with speckles to a yellow-green tip. The Lionheart Lily is an Asiatic lily. It is an easy-to-grow and rewarding plant, producing large blooms on sturdy stems with a sweet scent. It will re-bloom in summer if the spent flowers are removed.

13. Tiny Bee lily

The Tiny Bee lily (Lily Looks™ Tiny Bee Asiatic Lily) is a compact dwarf yellow hybrid lily. This cheerful species reaches only a foot tall when in bloom, making it a perfect low-growing perennial flower for the front of a garden bed. The Tiny Bee Lily is an Asiatic lily.

14. Playtime lily

The Playtime lily is a multicolor Oriental lily. This type has crisp white petals, pink spots, and a pink and yellow streak down the center. This lily can reach up to 3-4 feet tall in the garden.

The Playtime Lily is an Oriental-type lily. It blooms late in the summer to mid-fall and is one of the most productive lilies. The flowers are redolent with a sweet fragrance that can be detected even when they are not in bloom. It is an ideal garden perennial and makes an excellent cut flower or container plant.

15. Zeba lily

The Zeba lily is a specialty cultivar with extra-large flowers. The plants reach 3-4 feet tall or higher, while the flowers can open to be over a foot wide. The petals are a green-tinted white color that deepens to a rich red tone in the center. The Zeba lily is an Oriental-Nepalense hybrid cultivar.

16. Viva la Vida lily

The Viva la Vida lily is a vivid warm bicolor variety. The golden yellow petals have deep red centers and dark maroon spots, giving the flowers a fiery fun appearance. The plants reach about 4 feet tall when established. The Viva la Vida Lily is an Asiatic-Oriental hybrid.

17. Lollypop lily

The Lollypop lily is a cheerful white and bright pink variety. The plants are compact, usually reaching 2-3 feet tall, and do well in containers. The Lollypop lily is an Asiatic lily cultivar.

18. Red Velvet lily

The Red Velvet lily is a classic deep red lily variety. This garden favorite is not only beloved by gardeners but also by hummingbirds. The plants grow to reach 3-4 feet tall, are easy to grow, and bloom in early summer. Red Velvet is an Asiatic hybrid cultivar.

19. Easy Dance lily

The Easy Dance lily is a show-stopping variety with dark purple-black petals that turn a bright yellow tone at the tips. The plants are compact, growing to 2-3 feet tall in the garden. It is known for its ability to withstand hot weather and is a great choice for gardeners with limited experience who want an interesting variety for their space.

20. Purple Prince lily

The Purple Prince lily is a particularly large lily plant, reaching 6-8 feet tall when established. The flowers have a regal purple tone with a hint of golden yellow in the center. It is a great choice for adding a touch of royalty to any garden. Purple Prince is an Orienpet lily.

21. Dizzy lily

The Dizzy lily is a popular variety known for its spotted pink and white petals. The curled petals and contrasting spots add a playful, whimsical touch to any garden. Its fragrant blooms attract a variety of pollinators, aiding in the health of your garden. To ensure its success, provide it with at least 6 hours of full sun per day. The Dizzy lily is an Oriental-type lily.

22. Orange Ton lily

The Orange Ton lily is a popular variety known for its bright orange color and large trumpet-shaped flowers. It is a great choice for adding a splash of color to any garden. The Orange Ton lily is an easy-to-grow plant that can tolerate a wide range of climates and soil types. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil but will grow in partial shade as well. Orange Ton is an Asiatic lily.

23. Gran Paradiso lily

The Gran Paradiso lily is a tall, elegant variety with large red flowers. It is known for its ability to thrive in a variety of conditions and is a great choice for adding a touch of vibrant elegance to any garden. Garn Paradiso is an Asiatic type lily.

24. Sorbonne lily

The Sorbonne lily is a renowned pink lily. The classic pink petals have elegant white edges. This flower is from France, and it’s known for its classic beauty and long-lasting blooms. They make excellent cut flowers, and they can also be used as dried flowers in arrangements. The Sorbonne lily looks stunning when planted in a garden bed or even in a container. Plant them in spring and enjoy their beauty all summer long. Sorbonne is an Oriental lily variety.

25. Fata Morgana lily

The Fata Morgana lily is a popular yellow lily variety with fluffy double petals. The golden petals have a small number of dark freckles close to the center. The plants grow 2-3 feet tall. They make beautiful cut flowers and can easily be grown in the home garden with some basic care. It’s important to provide the plants with plenty of water and make sure they are planted in well-draining soil. A sunny spot is also necessary for optimal growth. Fata Morgana is an Asiatic lily variety.

26. Uchida lily

The Uchida lily is a species lily with pink and white petals arranged in a Turk’s cap shape. This is a unique, elegant variety for the discerning gardener. The plants grow to be about 4 feet tall, and the flowers are somewhat fragrant. The Uchida lily is a species lily (Lilium speciosum ‘Uchida’).

27. Fusion lily

The Fusion lily is an inter-species cross of the Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum – native to Japan) with the leopard lily (Lilium pardalinum – a native Californian lily). The petals are recurved, with yellow-speckled centers and vivid red petal tips. Plant your Fusion lilies in well-drained soil and keep them protected from high winds.

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