Kids Garden Tools: A Guide to Gardening Gear for Children

Kids garden tools can be plastic toy-like items or they can be long-lasting “real” metal tools. Both plastic toy tools and higher-quality tools can be great fun for children in the garden.

Kids gardening tools are generally sold in fun play sets or as individual “real” tools. The garden tool sets are often more toy-like and available in bright colours and fun themes. Higher-quality “real” tools and gardening gear are simply smaller versions of adult-sized gardening tools. These utility tools are generally better purchased individually.

Let’s look at some of the best kids garden tools currently available and why they’re nice to have (or not so nice). Read on to learn about what’s available and what might suit your future green-thumb best!

Kids Garden Tools - Trowel in Soil

Fun Kids Gardening Tool Play Sets

These garden tool sets are super-fun to look at and to use outdoors. They’ll work in the garden, sandbox, or even at the beach. There are bright pink options (like the ROCA pink unicorn set and the Hortem pink flamingo set, see links below). There also are neutral options (like the Kinderific set and the KT Garden set). Unfortunately I have yet to find a dinosaur-themed set that is reliably available to order (but I’m still looking!).

To see images of these gardening tool play sets, check out my Kids Gardening Idea List on Amazon (shows a photo of each set on one handy page).

Plastic kids toy shovel - yellow - on wood patio outdoors

Individual Garden Tools for Kids

Kids love having their own tools when they’re out in the garden. The most basic garden tool for kids is a sturdy hand trowel. These tend to get a great deal of use out in the yard, sandbox, and garden. A little hand rake (fork/cultivator) can also be lots of fun.

Garden Trowels & Hand Tools for Kids

Here are some great garden hand tool options for kids:

Kids Metal Garden Tools: The best high-quality “real” metal garden tools for kids are the Sneeboer Classic Children’s Gardening Tools (see list above). They’re sturdy and well-made, and just happen to be available in mini size. Sneeboer’s kid-sized gardening tools are handmade in the Netherlands by well-known heritage toolmaker Jaap Sneeboer and Family. These kids garden tools are made of stainless steel with wooden handles.

Watering Cans for Children

Here are some extra-special kid-themed watering cans for kids.

You can also find kids watering cans seasonally at dollar stores, Ikea, and garden centers.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves that come with kids toy garden tool sets tend to be a bit ill-fitting and not the most useful. If your little one loves your gardening gloves and wants something similar, here are some upgraded options to choose from.

Shovels for Children’s Gardens

These long-handled shovels and garden spades are made specifically with kids in mind.

Garden & Leaf Rakes for Kids

These long-handled leaf rakes and garden rakes are perfectly sized for little gardeners.

Kids Wheelbarrows

A mini wheelbarrow is such a fun garden toy for kids! It doesn’t jump out as the first gardening toy to get, but once they’ve got it, it’ll get daily use.

Kids Potting Benches

Here are some lovely options for kids potting benches, from plastic play benches to wooden potting bench set-ups sized for kids.

Garden Aprons for Kids

Some kids love wearing aprons in the garden (especially if mom & dad have them too). Other kids aren’t into them at all! Here are some options, from a classic canvas apron to a full-on waterproof gardening apron.

To see images of most of these gardening tools for children, check out my Kids Gardening Idea List on Amazon (shows a photo of each set together on one webpage).

Need even more ideas? Here is a giant list of different types of garden tools to give you some inspiration!

Childrens Garden Shovel with Strawberry Plants and Dirt
kids garden tools - a mom's garden guide

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