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How to Make a Flower Crown - DIY Tutorial | Home for the Harvest

How to make a flower crown

Flower crowns are the perfect accessory for garden parties, music festivals, outdoor weddings, and even any old Saturday. Fortunately, they’re very easy to make yourself! Here are the instructions for how to make a flower crown with real flowers.

Supplies for making a flower crown - Tutorial on how to make a floral crown | Home for the Harvest

Supplies on how to make a floral crown with real flowers

  • Floral wire (I used 24 gauge wire)
  • Floral wire cutters (I used a Leatherman multitool)
  • Secateurs/pruners or scissors
  • Greenery springs (I used boxwood)
  • Flowers (I used weigela, but you could use any flowers you like)
  • Cold water in a small container

Getting your supplies prepared for making flower crowns

Think about the color theme you’re going for when putting your supplies together. I used metallic wire for this tutorial to make it easy to see (and also for some bling!), but you could also use dark green floral wire if you’d like it to blend in with the greenery. Also, try to choose greenery which complements the type of flowers you’ll be using.

The greenery and flowers will last longer if they’re well-hydrated. Cut the sprigs and flowers on the same day as making the crown. The greenery and flowers in this post are nothing fancy…just a few things from my backyard. It’s best to collect them in the cool of the morning and then store them in a vase of cold water. The cold water will hydrate the flowers/greenery to ensure they last as long as possible on the crown.

PS: faux flowers will work too!

This tutorial shows how to make a flower crown with real flowers | Home for the Harvest

Steps: How to make a flower crown with real flowers?

Step 1 – Cut the flower stems so they have about 3 inches (10 cm) of stem below the flower. Remove any leaves near the bottom of the stem. Remove the leaves from the bottom of the greenery sprigs as well. This will make it easier to attach the stems to the wire base. Place the flower stems and greenery sprigs into cold water.

This tutorial shows how to make a flower crown with real flowers | Home for the Harvest

Step 2 – Unwind some floral wire from the spool. Wrap the wire loosely around the top of your head to measure the length of the wire for the crown. Twist the end of the wire over the loop to create a circle. I like to double up the wire to make a stronger base by twisting the second length of the wire around the circle.

This tutorial shows how to make a flower crown with real flowers | Home for the Harvest

Step 3 – Attach the first sprig of greenery to the crown using the floral wire. This is easiest if the bottom of the sprig has a little bit of bare stem at the bottom without any leaves (remove any leaves at the bottom of the sprig). Wrap the floral wire around the stem to attach it to the wire base.

Step 4 – Place the second sprig on the base a few centimetres (an inch or so) past the first spring. Continue looping the wire around the bottom of the sprigs to attach them to the wire base.

This DIY tutorial shows how to make a floral crown with real flowers and greenery | Home for the Harvest

Step 5 – Continue attaching greenery until the loop is complete. If the greenery sticks out too far from the base for your taste, trim loose ends to create a more polished greenery ring.

This DIY tutorial shows how to make a floral crown with real flowers and greenery | Home for the Harvest

Step 6 – Attach the first flower to the greenery ring by continuing around the base with the wire. Large flowers will have to be attached over a longer stem distance (and with more loops) than small, light flowers. For most flowers, 2 inches of stem attached to the greenery base will work fine. Large heavy flowers like peonies may need ~3 inches (10 cm) of stem attached.

This DIY tutorial shows how to make a flower crown with real flowers and greenery | Home for the Harvest

Step 7 – Continue attaching flowers around the greenery ring with the wire.

Step 8 – Have a look at the finished crown and make any final adjustments.

And that’s it! Flower crowns can be easy to make as long as you’ve got a plan and the right materials.

Floral crown making as an activity

Consider hosting your own flower crown-making get-together! A floral crown craft station is also a great way to keep guests entertained at an outdoor party like a baby or bridal shower.

There is nothing more creative then DIY-ing! Enjoy these projects for more creativity and fun projects!

FAQ’s about flower crowns

Can you make a flower crown with real flowers?

Yes, you can definitely make a flower crown with real flowers! In fact, using real flowers can give your flower crown a beautiful, natural look and scent

What flowers are best for flower crowns?

Many different types of flowers can be used to make flower crowns, and the best flowers for your particular crown will depend on your personal taste, the occasion, and the season. However, here are some popular flowers that are commonly used for flower crowns:
Baby’s breath: These delicate white flowers are often used as filler in flower crowns. They can add a light, airy texture to your crown and complement other flowers nicely.
Roses: Roses come in many colors and sizes and are a popular choice for flower crowns. They have a classic, romantic look and a sweet fragrance.
Peonies: These large, fluffy flowers are perfect for creating a full, lush flower crown. They come in many colors and have a sweet fragrance.
Daisy: These cheerful flowers are perfect for a summery, bohemian look. They come in many colors and can be mixed and matched to create a playful, whimsical feel.
Lavender: These fragrant purple flowers are perfect for a rustic, natural look. They add a lovely scent and texture to your crown.
Eucalyptus: While not technically a flower, eucalyptus leaves are often used in flower crowns for their soft gray-green color and fragrant scent. They add a nice contrast to brightly colored flowers and are perfect for a bohemian or woodland-themed crown.
Keep in mind that some flowers are more delicate than others and may wilt more quickly in a flower crown. If you want your flower crown to last longer, you may want to choose hardier flowers or add some greenery for support.

How long do flower crowns last?

The lifespan of a flower crown can vary depending on a few factors such as the types of flowers used, how well the crown is cared for, and the weather conditions. Typically, flower crowns made with fresh flowers last for about a day or two, with some types of flowers lasting longer than others.


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