The best hosta varieties to plant in your yard

Hostas are one of the most diverse groups of plants available for gardeners, with hundreds of varieties available in garden centers and plant nurseries. Let’s look at some of the most popular hosta varieties to grow in your garden, as well as a big list of 300+ types of hostas.

Hostas of different varieties for sale at the plant nursery
Different hosta varieties for sale at the garden center

1. Patriot Hosta

The Patriot hosta plant grows leaves with dark green centers and pure, bright white perimeters. These plants perform noticeably better with less water than other popular hosta plants. These plants do not need direct sunlight and prefer to be placed in partial to full shade to grow and reach their fullest potential.

These plants will begin to die in the cold months to preserve their energy and resources. In the springtime when the plant begins to awake and grow, the edges of the Patriot Hosta plant’s leaves will be a creamy, yellow color, slowly returning to their bright white hue as the summer heat comes along.

The Patriot Hosta plant is great when planted in a pot that’s placed on a porch or can be planted directly into the ground. This specific type of hosta is great for bringing life and light into a dark corner of your yard or porch. Its striking appearance and bright white leaf borders add a pop of excitement to any space.

If you intend on planting your Patriot Hosta plant in a container on your porch, make sure you water it daily. Patriot Hosta plants usually only need to be watered once a day, but if they are in containers, you should make sure to take extra special care not to dehydrate them.

2. Empress Wu Hosta

Empress Wu hosta plants are a type of giant hosta. These plants can reach 4-5 feet tall and 6 feet in width! The huge leaves growing from this giant plant have an intriguing blue-green tint which adds to the appeal of this amazing plant. Empress Wu plants have a reputation of being the largest hosta plants to be introduced into commerce.

To reach the mature height and width, the Empress Wu hosta plant will have to be properly nurtured and cared for in ideal growing situations for 3-5 years. When you’re deciding where in your yard to plant a young Empress Wu hosta plant, ensure the area is not in constant or direct sunlight. This plant will also need a large area to grow, as it is a “Giant Hosta”.

During the summertime, the Empress Wu hosta plant may sprout small flowers alongside the giant leaves. While this is not the main focal point of Empress Wu Hosta, these are gorgeous and add to the plant’s appearance.

Along with its impressive size and appearance, the Empress Wu hosta plant has an equally impressive name. It is named after the first and only female emperor in all of China.

3. Guacamole Hosta

Guacamole hosta has a very unique appearance. Named after its appearance, the Guacamole Hosta plant has the same coloring as guacamole. With a light, natural green center and a dark green perimeter, the Guacamole Hosta plant resembles the appearance of a cut-open avocado.

This hosta also produces bright white flowers during the warm summer months of the year. These grow taller than the hosta plant and add a beautiful touch to this interesting and intriguing plant.

Guacamole Hosta plants reach a height of 2 feet tall and can exceed 4 feet in width if properly cared for. This size makes them great for ground cover in a yard. These plants can grow indoors, but for the brightest colors, you have to give them plenty of sunlight, as the colors will intensify as the summer sun shines on your Guacamole Hosta plant.

Another benefit of having these plants in your yard (aside from the vibrant colors and being able to say that you have a Guacamole Hosta plant) is the amazing fragrance the white flowers give off. This fragrance is amazing and is a huge selling point for these amazing plants.

4. Blue Angel hosta

Blue angel hosta is a popular variety of giant blue hosta. These lovely plants often reach over 5 feet wide, with leaves that stretch over a foot long. Blue angel hostas are typically about 3 feet tall, with a 4-foot tall flower stalk in midsummer. The flowers of this variety are a very pale purple hue.

Blue angel is descended from Hosta montana, a wild species of hosta known for its giant blue leaves. These plants tend to grow in shady or partial shade areas, and typically can only stand direct sunlight in the morning.

5. Fire And Ice Hosta

One of the most stunning and shockingly beautiful versions of hosta plants is the Fire and Ice Hosta. Fire and Ice Hosta plants have very contradicting leaf colors, with a bright pure white filling the middle and dark, deep green edges. The coloring of the leaves is how the Fire and Ice Hosta has received its name. These plants are particularly popular because of their appearance. The shocking contrast draws the attention of viewers and creates a beautiful arrangement in your yard or your home.

These plants require very little sunlight which makes them an excellent choice for areas of your yard shaded over from trees, your fence, or your house. These plants can also survive indoors because they do not require direct sunlight. When using these plants as ground cover, it is important to remember that these plants grow to be only 1-1.5 feet tall, and can reach about 2 feet in width. If planting these plants together, measure your yard to find the best place for them.

As previously mentioned, Fire and Ice Hosta plants can survive indoors, but they will not survive during the winter. These plants, even when indoors, will shrivel up during the winter to conserve their energy. The good thing is, these plants come back bigger and stronger every year, so you do not have to worry about replanting new hostas every spring or fall.

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6. Francee Hosta

Francee Hosta plants are commonly known for their gorgeous, heart-shaped leaves. The leaves on a Francee Hosta plant are arched in a way to give the appearance of a heart. The coloring of the Francee Hosta’s leaves is another distinguishing factor of the plant. They have a beautiful soft green in the center of the arched leaf which spreads to fill the entire center of the leaf. On the outer edges, the leaf turns pure white.

The difference between this leaf’s coloring and the Patriot Hosta’s coloring is the Francee Hosta only has white edges on the left and right side of the leaf, it is not a border of white that follows the whole perimeter. The broad heart-shaped leaves are 6-8 inches in length, which creates a stunning look for your yard.

The Francee Hosta plant has yet another gorgeous point of its appearance. Once the Francee Hosta plant has matured (which normally takes around 5 years) the plant will begin to grow lavender flowers alongside the heart-shaped leaves. These flowers should appear during the summertime and should return each summer season.

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7. Halcyon Hosta

This is the best plant for you if looking to cover an area that is nearly or always shaded. The Halcyon Hosta plant has many benefits and is used to breed many other plant types because of all the amazing qualities which it possesses. The Halcyon Hosta plant has a gorgeous blue-green appearance which gives the plant a very nice aesthetic. The leaves are arched heart-shaped leaves and they have a lovely blue-green color, which adds another level of beauty to this plant.

This is the perfect midsized plant if you are looking to add a pop of color to your yard. The blue-green appearance lasts all season. Along with the great coloring, the Halcyon Hosta plant also grows flowers during the summer months. These flowers are gorgeous lavender-colored flowers that tower over the blue heart-shaped leaves.

An added benefit to the Halcyon Hosta plant compared to many other Hosta plants is the Halcyon does not attract slugs, unlike other hostas which will attract slugs into your yard.

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8. Blue Mouse Ears Hosta

As you can guess from the name of this Hosta plant, the Blue Mouse Ears Hosta plant has leaves that are rounded and shaped to appear like mouse ears, and they have a blue tint to them. The similar mouse characteristics do not stop at the leaf shape. Blue Mouse Ears Hosta plants are some of the smallest hosta plants, reaching only 6″ in height and 11″ in width.

Their small size and cute appearance make them an excellent addition to a flower bed to cover some ground. These plants can also survive indoors because of their low need for sunlight. These plants would be perfect in a small container somewhere in your home to liven up counter space or as decoration wherever else you see fit in your home.

If you choose to plant your Blue Mouse Ears Hosta plant outside, an added benefit is this plant attracts hummingbirds. If you want beautiful hummingbirds in your yard, planting this Hosta plant in your yard should help.

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9. Sum and Substance Hosta

This is another giant hosta plant! The Sum and Substance Hosta plant can reach of height of 3 feet and a width of 9 feet! The Sum and Substance Hosta plant has bright light green leaves that are ribbed with texture going down their length. The leaves are pointed on the ends and can grow to be quite large.

When planting one of these plants, you need to make sure the soil is rich in nutrients and there is good moisture for the plant to utilize. If a Sum and Substance Hosta plant is not planted somewhere where the soil has a lot of nutrients and does not receive enough water, the plant will not grow to become as large of a hosta as it could.

To promote the growth of your Sum and Substance Hosta plant, ensure you are watering daily; during the extremely hot months possibly water twice a day. Before planting in your yard, if you are worried about the nutrients in the soil, you can apply fertilizer to help promote the best growth for your plant.

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10. Stained Glass Hosta

The Stained Glass Hosta is a popular medium-sized variety grown for its bright golden-yellow leaves. Like the Guacamole hosta (from which it is descended), the leaves have an outer edge of dark green. Stained Glass hosta plants grow about 2-3 feet wide and 1-2 feet tall. This is one of the best varieties if you’re looking for a vibrant plant to brighten up a shady corner of the yard.

11. June hosta

June hosta is a popular variegated variety developed as a tissue-cultured cultivar of Halcyon. This variety has gorgeous blue leaves with irregular streaked green-cream centers. The leaves are slightly cupped with heart-shaped lobes pinched at the base. These plants develop their most contrasting foliage when exposed to direct sunlight (morning sun is much preferable to afternoon sun as it tends to be more gentle).

12. Big daddy hosta

Big daddy hosta is a large irregular hosta variety from the 1970s. This type has thick blue leaves with a chalky matte finish that makes the plants quite resistant to slugs. The leaves are heavily puckered and quite cupped (although not as cupped as those of the Abiqua drinking gourd hosta).

different hosta varieties

The Big List Of Hosta Varieties

Here is a big list of 300+ hosta varieties:

  1. Abba Dabba Do Hosta
  2. Abby Hosta
  3. Abiqua Blue Crinkles Hosta
  4. Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hosta
  5. Abiqua Ground Cover Hosta
  6. Abiqua Miniature Hosta
  7. Alex Summers Hosta
  8. Allegan Fog Hosta
  9. Alligator Shoes Hosta
  10. Amber Maiden Hosta
  11. American Dream Hosta
  12. American Eagle Hosta
  13. American Masterpiece Hosta
  14. Americana Hosta
  15. Angel Feathers Hosta
  16. Arc de Triomphe Hosta
  17. Aspen Gold Hosta
  18. August Moon Hosta
  19. Aureomarginata Hosta
  20. Babbling Brook Hosta
  21. Baby Blue eyes Hosta
  22. Baby Bunting Hosta
  23. Barbara May Hosta
  24. Beatrice Hosta
  25. Beckoning Hosta
  26. Big Daddy Hosta
  27. Big John Hosta
  28. Big Mama Hosta
  29. Bigfoot Hosta
  30. Birchwood Parky’s Gold Hosta
  31. Blazing Saddles Hosta
  32. Blue Angel Hosta
  33. Blue Arrow Hosta
  34. Blue Betty Lou Hosta
  35. Blue Cadet Hosta
  36. Blue Canoe Hosta
  37. Blue Hawaii Hosta
  38. Blue Moon Hosta
  39. Blue Mouse Ears Hosta
  40. Blue Umbrellas Hosta
  41. Blue Wedgewood Hosta
  42. Bold Edger Hosta
  43. Border Bandit Hosta
  44. Bright Lights Hosta
  45. Brother Stefan Hosta
  46. Buckshaw Blue Hosta
  47. Calypso Hosta
  48. Candy Hearts Hosta
  49. Captain Kirk Hosta
  50. Carnival Hosta
  51. Cat and Mouse Hosta
  52. Cathedral Windows Hosta
  53. Cat’s Eye Hosta
  54. Chantilly Lace Hosta
  55. Choko Nishiki Hosta
  56. Christmas Tree Hosta
  57. Cinnamon Sticks Hosta
  58. Crepe Suzette Hosta
  59. Crested Surf Hosta
  60. Crispula Hosta
  61. Crystal Moon Hosta
  62. Curly Fries Hosta
  63. Daisy Doolittle Hosta
  64. Dancing In The Rain Hosta
  65. Dancing Queen Hosta
  66. Decorata Hosta
  67. Deep Blue Sea Hosta
  68. Devon Discover Hosta
  69. Devon Green Hosta
  70. Diana Remembered Hosta
  71. Donahue Piecrust Hosta
  72. Dragon Tails Hosta
  73. Dragon Wings Hosta
  74. Dusty Waters Hosta
  75. Earth Angel Hosta
  76. El Capitan Hosta
  77. El Nino Hosta
  78. Elatior Hosta
  79. Elvis Lives Hosta
  80. Emerald Necklace Hosta
  81. Empress Wu Hosta
  82. Essence Of Summer Hosta
  83. Eye Catcher Hosta
  84. Fair Maiden Hosta
  85. Fall Bouquet Hosta
  86. Fascination Hosta
  87. Feather Boa Hosta
  88. Fire and Ice Hosta
  89. Fire and Ice Hosta
  90. First Frost Hosta
  91. Five O’Clock Shadow Hosta
  92. Foxy Doxy Hosta
  93. Fragrant Bouquet Hosta
  94. Francee Hosta
  95. Frances Williams Hosta
  96. Francheska Hosta
  97. Fried Green Tomatoes Hosta
  98. Gaijin Hosta
  99. Galaxy Hosta
  100. Gemini Moon Hosta
  101. Gentle Giant Hosta
  102. Ghost Spirit Hosta
  103. Goddess Of Athena Hosta
  104. Gold Drop Hosta
  105. Gold Edger Hosta
  106. Gold Regal Hosta
  107. Goldbrook Grayling Hosta
  108. Golden Budget Hosta
  109. Golden Empress Hosta
  110. Golden Medallion Hosta
  111. Golden Prayers Hosta
  112. Golden Scepter Hosta
  113. Golden Teacup Hosta
  114. Golden Waffles Hosta
  115. Grand Slam Hosta
  116. Grand Tiara Hosta
  117. Great Escape Hosta
  118. Great Expectations Hosta
  119. Great Lakes Gold Hosta
  120. Great River Sonata Hosta
  121. Green Eyes Hosta
  122. Green Fountain Hosta
  123. Green Velveteen Hosta
  124. Guacamole Hosta
  125. Guardian Angel Hosta
  126. Gunther’s Prize Hosta
  127. Hadspen Blue Hosta
  128. Halcyon Hosta
  129. Hanky Panky Hosta
  130. Happy Camper Hosta
  131. Harry van der Laar Hosta
  132. Hawkeye Hosta
  133. Heavenly Tiara Hosta
  134. High Noon Hosta
  135. Hirao Splendor Hosta
  136. Holly’s Honey Hosta
  137. Honeybells Hosta
  138. Hot Diggity Dog Hosta
  139. Hush Puppie Hosta
  140. Ice Age Trail Hosta
  141. Invincible Hosta
  142. Jack Of Diamonds Hosta
  143. Jewel Of The Nile Hosta
  144. Jimmy Crack Corn Hosta
  145. June Hosta
  146. Katsuragawa Beni Hosta
  147. Key Lime Pie Hosta
  148. Kifukurin Hyuga Hosta
  149. King Tut Hosta
  150. Kiwi Blue Marble Hosta
  151. Komodo Dragon Hosta
  152. Korean Snow Hosta
  153. Lady Guinevere Hosta
  154. Lakeside Black Satin Hosta
  155. Lakeside Blue Hosta
  156. Lakeside Cha Cha Hosta
  157. Lakeside Kaleidoscope Hosta
  158. Lakeside Lollipop Hosta
  159. Lakeside Paisley Print Hosta
  160. Lakeside Party Dress Hosta
  161. Lakeside Rocky Top Hosta
  162. Lakeside Symphony Hosta
  163. Lancifolia Hosta
  164. Lederhosen Hosta
  165. Liberty Hosta
  166. Limey Lisa Hosta
  167. Little Black Scape Hosta
  168. Little Miss Magic Hosta
  169. Little Wonder Hosta
  170. Lonesome Dove Hosta
  171. Mack The Knife Hosta
  172. Maraschino Cherry Hosta
  173. Marbled Cream Hosta
  174. Mardi Gras Hosta
  175. Marilyn Monroe Hosta
  176. Masquerade Hosta
  177. Maui Buttercups Hosta
  178. Memories of Dorothy Hosta
  179. Midas Touch Hosta
  180. Mighty Mite Hosta
  181. Millie’s Memoirs Hosta
  182. Mississippi Delta Hosta
  183. Moon River Hosta
  184. Moongate Flying Saucer Hosta
  185. Moonlight Hosta
  186. Morning Light Hosta
  187. Moscow Blue Hosta
  188. Mountain Snow Hosta
  189. Nakaiana Hosta
  190. Nancy Hosta
  191. Neat and Tidy Hosta
  192. Niagara Falls Hosta
  193. Night Before Christmas Hosta
  194. Northern Exposure Hosta
  195. Ogon Iwa Hosta
  196. Ogon Tsusima Hosta
  197. Olive Branch Hosta
  198. One Man’s Treasure Hosta
  199. Orange Crush Hosta
  200. Pandora’s Box Hosta
  201. Paradigm Hosta
  202. Paradise Beach Hosta
  203. Paradise Sunset Hosta
  204. Party Favor Hosta
  205. Patriot Hosta
  206. Paul’s Glory Hosta
  207. Peanut Hosta
  208. Pearl Lake Hosta
  209. Peppermint Ice Hosta
  210. Percy Hosta
  211. Pewter Frost Hosta
  212. Phantom Hosta
  213. Piedmont Gold Hosta
  214. Pineapple Poll Hosta
  215. Pinwheel Hosta
  216. Platinum Tiara Hosta
  217. Popcorn Hosta
  218. Praying Hands Hosta
  219. Prince Of Wales Hosta
  220. Queen Josephine Hosta
  221. Queen Of The Seas Hosta
  222. Quilting Bee Hosta
  223. Rainbow’s End Hosta
  224. Rainforest Sunrise Hosta
  225. Regal Splendor Hosta
  226. Regal Supreme Hosta
  227. Remember Me Hosta
  228. Rhapsody in Blue Hosta
  229. Rhino Hide Hosta
  230. Ringtail Hosta
  231. Rocky Mountain High Hosta
  232. Royal Standard Hosta
  233. Royal Tiara Hosta
  234. Sagae Hosta
  235. Saint Elmo’s Fire Hosta
  236. Sea Fire Hosta
  237. Sea Gulf Stream Hosta
  238. Sea Lotus Leaf Hosta
  239. September Sun Hosta
  240. Sergeant Pepper Hosta
  241. Shade Parade Hosta
  242. Shining Tot Hosta
  243. Silver Threads and Golden Needles Hosta
  244. Solar Flare Hosta
  245. Sparklin Burgundy Hosta
  246. Spilt Milk Hosta
  247. Squash Casserole Hosta
  248. Stained Glass Hosta
  249. Stitch In Time Hosta
  250. Striptease Hosta
  251. Sultana Hosta
  252. Sum and Substance Hosta
  253. Sum and Substance Hosta
  254. Summer Breeze Hosta
  255. Summer Music Hosta
  256. Sun Catcher Hosta
  257. Sundance Hosta
  258. Sun Power Hosta
  259. Super Bowl Hosta
  260. Surprised By Joy Hosta
  261. Sweet Home Chicago Hosta
  262. Sweetie Hosta
  263. Sweet Sunshine Hosta
  264. Swoosh Hosta
  265. Tambourine Hosta
  266. Tequila Sunrise Hosta
  267. Thumbelina Hosta
  268. Tibae Hosta
  269. Tijuana Brass Hosta
  270. Tiny Tears Hosta
  271. Tokudama Hosta
  272. Torchlight Hosta
  273. Toy Soldier Hosta
  274. True Blue Hosta
  275. Turning Point Hosta
  276. Twilight Hosta
  277. Twilight Time Hosta
  278. Undulata Hosta
  279. Unforgettable Hosta
  280. Upper Crust Hosta
  281. Vanilla Cream Hosta
  282. Veronica Lake Hosta
  283. Victory Hosta
  284. Warwick Curtsey Hosta
  285. Waukon Thin Ice Hosta
  286. Whiskey Sour Hosta
  287. White Christmas Hosta
  288. White Wall Tire Hosta
  289. Wide Brim Hosta
  290. Winfield Blue Hosta
  291. Woolly Mammoth Hosta
  292. World Cup Hosta
  293. Wylde Green Cream Hosta
  294. Xanadu Hosta
  295. Xerxes Hosta
  296. X-Ray Hosta
  297. Yakushima Mizu Hosta
  298. Yankee Blue Hosta
  299. Yellow Splash Hosta
  300. Yin Hosta
  301. Zager’s White Edge Hosta
  302. Zebra Stripes Hosta
  303. Zodiac Hosta
  304. Zounds Hosta

Which variety of Hosta will you choose!?

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