15 Herb Planter Options To Upgrade Your Herb Garden

Time for a herb planter upgrade? If you’re getting more serious about your herb garden (or just want it to look a little more put-together), here are 15 lovely herb planters to consider.

European Herb Planter Inspiration

Some herb planters are just lovely planter pots (like those pictured above), while others may include dividers and other accessories. There are even tabletop herb garden planters! Let’s dig in :)

1. Cedar Patio Herb Planter Table with Interior Dividers

This VegTrug Cedar Patio Herb Planter Table with Interior Dividers is the premium herb planter table. The cedar wood is classic and long-lasting, while the raised table makes the garden easily accessible at a convenient height. The interior dividers keep all the plants neat and organized.

Large Grey Concrete Fiber Herb Planter on Patio

2. Lightweight Fiber Concrete Barrel Herb Pot

This Lightweight Fiber Concrete Barrel Herb Pot is a very pretty option for the patio. It’s made of light-weight concrete so that it can be portable and moved into the right spot on the ground. This herb planter pot has a drainage hole and comes in quite a few colours. Try it in black or in white, or maybe a beachy blue or traditional warm shade.

3. Traditional Terra Cotta Clay Herb Pots

These Traditional Earth Fired Terra Cotta Clay Herb Pots from Terrain are lovely traditional herb planters. They can be used indoors, or even outdoors when the weather is above freezing. They have handy drainage holes and come with a very attractive low price. Plus, they’ll look even better as they age and develop a beautiful patina.

4. Oak Whisky Half-Barrel Wooden Planter

The whisky half-barrel wooden planter is perhaps the quintessential country herb planter pot. Half-barrels have long been used for container gardening on patios and the like, and herb gardens are no exception. This is a great option for a rustic setting.

“We want a lot of peppermint for drying but do not want to tie up garden space with its roving roots. Every spring, we plant up a half-barrel with peppermint alone. Over the summer, its tightly woven surface runners spread to the barrel’s edges – and sometimes over the top, as if sensing earth below and freedom to roam.”

Herbs: The Complete Gardener’s Guide, by Patrick Lima

5. Aluminum Raised Garden Planter

This VegTrug Aluminum Raised Garden Planter is a sleek take on a raised planter. While most raised planter tables are made of wood, this one is metal. This option is extremely long-lasting and is something a little different if you’re looking for a modern aesthetic.

6. Mini Farm Box Rolling Cedar Patio Planter

This Mini Farm Box Rolling Patio Planter (Untreated Cedar) is a perfect patio herb planter! You can move it around with the little wheels and it looks lovely to boot. It has just the right amount of room for your culinary herbs so you can keep them close at hand as you cook and enjoy your al fresco meals.

7. Bergs Handmade Italian Galestro Terracotta Scallop Pot + Saucer

These Bergs Handmade Italian Galestro Terracotta Scallop Pot + Saucer options in various sizes create an elegant, timeless container herb garden. If you’re not into using wooden planter, but also don’t want bright terra cotta or sleek metal, these might be exactly what you’re looking for. These are also a nice option for growing a few culinary herbs indoors as they’re pretty enough to perk up a whole room!

8. Habit + Form Galvanized Iron Cylinder Herb Pots

These Habit + Form Galvanized Iron Cylinder Herb Pots bring the classic look of galvanized metal together in a simple cylinder shape. They’re basically fancy tin cans…but they sure are lovely! These herb pots don’t have drainage holes – so while you must be careful not to overwater, they also are great for indoors and tabletops where you’re trying to avoid water stains.

9. Natural Cedar Wood Classic Planter Box

This Natural Cedar Wood Planter Boxes (Various Sizes) makes a lovely patio herb garden. The cedar has a timeless look and is long-lasting. This type of planter is a nice size for growing culinary herbs without taking up too much real estate.

10. Black Ceramic Corbin Planter Pot

This Ceramic Corbin Planter Pot in Black from Terrain is a sleek and modern herb planter. Its gorgeous clay shape makes the planter itself just as interesting as the herbs inside it! This is the perfect herb planter for indoors, either as a centerpiece or for turning your herb garden into a piece of living art. It doesn’t have a drainage hole so that it can be used on indoor surfaces.

11. Mini Farm Cedar Planter with Bottom Shelf

This Mini Farm Box Rock-Solid Cedar Planter with Bottom Shelf is a great option if you’d like to keep your supplies nice and handy to the herb garden. Put the herbs in the planter and keep the supplies and tools on the self below. Easy peasy!

12. Steel Windowsill Herb Garden Box

This Recycled Steel Windowsill Box Garden Kit with Organic Culinary Herbs is the perfect metal herb garden box for the window sill. It’s not to small but also not too big. It’s interesting to look at, but also complements the herb plants themselves. This planter also comes with basic herb gardening supplies (making it a lovely gift option).

Herb Planter Close Up with Chives and Parsley

13. White Earthenware Indoor Bowl Planter

This White Earthenware Indoor Bowl Planter makes a stunning herb garden! While its best used inside, the bowl shape of this planter makes it perfect for herb gardening. Grow your favourite culinary herbs year-round in this totally upgraded planting bowl!

14. Cedar Pyramid Herb Planter with 5 Levels

This 5-Level Cedar Pyramid Planter (Made in USA) is such a fun option for maximizing a small space! Perfect on a patio, this planter let you cram all sorts of different herbs into just a few square feet of patio area. The hardest part will be choosing which herbs to grow!

15. Earth-Fired Classic Clay Herb Pot Collection

This Earth Fired Clay Herb Pot + Saucer, Set of 3 is another timeless choice. These handmade pots from Terrain will develop a gorgeous patina over time, making your herb plants feel like members of the family. These clay pots are a classic for a reason! They truly do make excellent herb planters.

Herbs in various pots on a residential deck with watering can and french doors
My herb garden was a hodge-podge for quite a while…time for a herb planter upgrade!
Using ceramic clay planters for growing culinary herbs
Planting rosemary in small plastic plant pot
Some herb planters come with plastic inserts to separate out the different types of herbs.
Herb planters with individual divided compartments for each herb being planted
Herb planters growing culinary herbs and other herbacous plants on cedar wood deck
Herb container garden with individual insert pots
grey planter box growing fresh herbs
Classic Terra Cotta Herb Planter with Rosemary
Basket style herb planter in window

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