57 Gardening Gift Basket Ideas To Create A Perfectly Packaged Present

Putting together a garden-themed gift basket? Here are 57 gardening gift basket ideas for what to put in a garden gift basket!

The garden gift basket ideas are sorted into six categories:

  1. Baskets and Creative Containers
  2. Books and Magazines
  3. Tools for a Gardener
  4. Gardening Supplies
  5. Plants and Seeds
  6. Treats!

Ok! Let’s get started on all the gardenthemed basket ideas for each of these categories.

Silent Auction Gardening Basket Prize

1. Baskets And Creative Containers For A Garden-Themed Gift Basket

Start off right by finding the right container for your garden-themed gift basket. If you already have a basket in mind – great! Use it. If not, here are some ideas for the container that will hold all the gardening goodness.

Harvesting Basket

A harvest basket can be any sort of basket used to collect fruit and vegetables from the garden. Here are some ideas for a harvest basket:

  • Apple harvesting basket (bushel or peck chipwood basket) (see one on Amazon – affiliate link)
  • Vintage harvest basket from an antique store
  • Wooden or wicker trug harvest basket
  • Maine garden hod (wire basket with wooden sides and handle)
  • Amish wooden garden basket (like this one)

Garden Tool Tote Bag

A garden tool tote bag works very well for packaging a garden-themed raffle basket. After all, it is designed to hold garden tools! Here are some types of gardening tote bags that would work for a gift basket container:

Watering Can

A large watering can can work for a gift-basket container, provided the opening is large. Here are some watering cans that would work for a garden-themed hamper:

  • Galvanized watering can (here’s the classic)
  • Traditional English watering can
  • Ikea modern watering can

Planter/Plant Pot

A big planter is one of the best options for the “basket” portion of the gardening gift-basket. Consider choosing a light planter that has a drainage hole if it will be rather heavy when full.

  • Rectangular wooden planter box
  • Round metal planter
  • Ceramic square planter

Flower Caddy

Flower caddy containers are nice for baskets that have lots of things of a similar size. Sort them into separate containers using these flower-carrying caddies.

Gardener’s Wash Basket

A wash basket is a mesh or wire container used by gardeners outdoors to remove the majority of the dirt from harvested produce before bringing it indoors. Wash baskets aren’t the strongest containers on this list, but they are very useful for gardeners and would work for basket fillers that aren’t too heavy.

  • Wire produce-washing basket
  • Egg collecting basket
  • Vintage gardeners wash basket (eBay or antique store?)
Gift Basket - Garden-Themed

2. Books And Magazines To Include In A Garden-Themed Gift Basket

Add a book or magazine to the back of the basket to create a backdrop. A larger book or magazine at the back of the basket will frame the rest of the basket fillers and keep things from falling out the back. Here are some ideas for books and magazines for a garden-themed raffle prize.

Gardening Coffee Table Book

A gardening coffee table book is a great option, as they can appeal to both new gardeners and experienced gardeners. These books are full of inspiring photos of wonderful gardens. Gardeners love to dream about gardens in the off-season, and these books are a lovely way to do that! Here are some book ideas that would work well:

  • Martha’s Flowers: A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying (2018), by Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey
  • Gardenlust: A Botanical Tour of the World’s Best New Gardens (2018), by Christopher Woods
  • Gardens of the High Line: Elevating the Nature of Modern Landscapes Paperback (2017), by Piet Oudolf and Rick Darke
  • The Thoughtful Gardener: An Intelligent Approach to Garden Design (2017), by Jinny Blom
  • Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms (2017), by Erin Benzakein and Julie Chai
  • The Flower Recipe Book (2013), by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo

How-To Gardening Books

Looking for more of a how-to gardening book? Here are some instructional gardening books with broad appeal:

  • Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden Paperback (2014) by Deborah L. Martin
  • 101 Organic Gardening Hacks: Eco-friendly Solutions to Improve Any Garden Paperback (2017), by Shawna Coronado
  • Beginner Gardening Step by Step: A Visual Guide to Yard and Garden Basics (2019), by DK Books (Dorling Kindersley Limited, UK)
  • A Way to Garden: A Hands-On Primer for Every Season Hardcover (2019), by Margaret Roach
  • Field Guide to Urban Gardening: How to Grow Plants, No Matter Where You Live (2019), by Kevin Espiritu
  • No-Waste Kitchen Gardening: Regrow Your Leftover Greens, Stalks, Seeds, and More (No-Waste Gardening) (2018), by Katie Elzer-Peters
  • All New Square Foot Gardening, 3rd Edition, Fully Updated (2018), by Mel Bartholomew

Here’s my full list of favorite gardening books.

Floral Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are super-popular…and they aren’t going anywhere! One of these could be a real draw for a garden-themed gift basket:

  • Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book (2013), by Johanna Basford
  • World of Flowers: A Coloring Book and Floral Adventure (2018), by Johanna Basford
  • The Plant Lady: A Floral Coloring Book with Succulents and Flowers (2019), by Sarah Simon
  • Floral Frenzy Creative Haven Coloring Book (2015), by Miryam Adatto
  • Blissful Scenes Adult Coloring Book by ColorIt (2017), Hasby Mubarok
  • Color & Frame Coloring Book – In the Garden, by New Seasons (2015), Lily Ashbury
  • Botanical Garden Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book Featuring Beautiful Flowers and Floral Designs for Stress Relief and Relaxation (2019) by the Coloring Book Cafe
  • Beautiful Floral Mandalas: Adult Coloring Book (2019), by Erica Levee

Click here to see these coloring books (and a few more picks) on Amazon.

Plant Lovers Magazine

Magazines are absolutely perfect for gift baskets! They’re not too expensive or too heavy, and they have broad appeal. Here are some ideas for magazines to include in a garden-themed gift basket:

  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Fine Gardening
  • Mother Earth News
  • The English Garden
  • Gardeners’ World
  • Garden Design
  • Birds & Blooms
  • Country Gardens (BHG)
  • Garden Gate
  • Horticulture
  • Gardens Illustrated
  • Sunset

Garden Journal

A garden journal is a really nice thing to add to a gift basket. Like colouring books, there are a lot of different ones to choose from! Here are some great garden journals:

  • Moleskine Garden Journal, by Moleskine (see it on Amazon – affiliate link)
  • Gardener’s Log Book: A 5-Year Planner, by The New York Botanical Garden
  • Garden Journal: Gardening Planner and Log Book, by Divine Stationaries
  • My Gardening Handbook – Hardcover Journal for Gardeners and Plant Lovers, by Suck UK
  • The Old Farmer’s Almanac Weekly Planner (18-Month), by Sellers Publishing

3. Tools For A Gardener’s Gift Basket

A garden-themed gift basket certainly needs some gardening tools. It’s kind of a given! Here are some ideas for basic tools and specialty gifts.

What to Add to a Gardening Gift Basket

Gardening Gloves

Any gardening gift basket needs some gardening gloves. Most of the gardeners I know (who use gloves) like the ones that are made of stretchy fabric that’s dipped in rubberized sticky stuff (latex foam?). Sounds weird…but they work!

Kneeler Board

I started using a kneeler board while gardening when I was in my 20’s. Honestly, these things are awesome. They also make a great hard backdrop inside a gift-basket. Just a plain foam one will do…and they are available in lots of colors!

Garden Trowel

A decent garden trowel is a classic filler item for a garden-themed gift basket. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a proper metal one. Here’s a very well-rated sturdy garden trowel that won’t break the bank.

Garden Knife

Japanese “Hori-Hori” gardening knives are the hottest tools in gardening right now. Many gardeners have heard of them, but not everyone has one yet. This would be a neat inclusion in a gift hamper because it will keep the fillers from looking too generic. Whoever made this gift basket must know what gardeners want!

Outdoor Scissors

A good pair of outdoor scissors or garden shears will be appreciated by a gardener. There’s always a bag of potting soil to be opened or some other bothersome packaging or something-or-other that requires a proper cutting tool.

Really Nice Pruners to Give to a Garden Lover

Hand Pruners

Decent hand pruners are a nice thing to include in a garden-themed basket. No gardener ever has enough of these, so they won’t be worried about “already having one”. I think I have five pairs and I’m just starting to feel like that’s enough! Fiskars makes great pruning shears at a really good price (see Fiskars Pruners on Amazon).

Phone And Tool Belt

This is a funny one. Every gardener who has ever tried to take their phone out into the garden to take a few photos or listen to a podcast has struggled with this. Most clothing pockets just aren’t made to hold your phone in a way that you can garden freely without your phone falling all over the place. And most garden tools are too sharp and dangerous to keep in your pocket anyways.

A nice gardening tool belt will keep your phone and gardening tools in their proper place while you work. This would be a nice thing to include!

Hand Weeder

A hand-weeding tool is a very helpful (and somewhat less commonly-owned) gardening item. There are loop weeders, crack weeders, fork weeders….lots of different types. Find something well made but small enough to fit in a tool belt (and your gift basket container of course!).

Houseplant Mister

This is a bit of an indulgent one! But wow they are cool. A houseplant mister is a super-specific little plant watering device for indoor plants that like a bit of humidity on their leaves. They also just look cool. No judgement on that.

Mini Plant Light

Plant lights are one of those things that gardeners always wish they had more of, but that never seem to be on the urgent shopping list. In the dead of winter we do worry about our indoor plants getting enough sunlight. Same thing for our seed starting adventures in the spring. A good LED mini plant light will fit nicely in a gift basket and will also get good use (here’s a popular LED mini plant light on Amazon).

Plant Nanny Watering Spikes

Plant nanny watering spikes are a classic for a reason. These little water-holders let you water plants steadily without totally hovering over them. They’re made of terra cotta and attach to an old pop bottle or wine bottle (choose the appropriate type for your audience!). These would be appreciated in any gardening raffle prize.

Seed Packet Stakes

These are kinda fun if you can find them. These garden label stakes hold seed packets so you can see all the info on the label whenever you’re gardening. They also work super well for decorating gift baskets because they can be stuck into the base and then they poke out all over the place like a card in a flower bouquet. Here’s what I mean by seed packet stakes – these ones have a waterproof protective sleeve.

Sprouting Jar

A sprouting jar is a nice addition to a gardening gift basket, especially if it’s a holiday raffle prize or otherwise going to be received in the gardening off-season. A sprouting jar is essentially a mason jar with a mesh lid. Sprouts can be grown in your kitchen any old time!

Pollinator Bee House

It’s all about the pollinator bees right now! Fortunately solitary pollen bee nests are pretty small and could easily be tucked inside a gift basket. Some are pretty cute too. This gift basket filler will help your gardener AND the bees.

Min Max Thermometer

Every gardener wonders why they don’t have one of these. A min max thermometer is just a plain old thermometer that “remembers” the temperature high and lows. This is very cool when you’re wondering what your plants are experiencing out there, especially since our yards all seem to have their own little microclimates.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar lights are nice to have in any garden. They can be popped in a container on the deck or placed below a signature tree in the front yard. Either way, they’ll remind your recipient of their lovely plants…even when it’s dark out. If plain spotlights aren’t your thing, there are also decorative solar lights (like these ones that look like glowing lilies).

For a list of my favourite garden tools – check out this page on my website.

Gardening Basket - For Auction or Raffle

4. Gardening Supplies To Fill A Gardening Basket

Onto the supply section of my favourite ideas for gardening gift baskets! Include a few consumable supplies for your garden gift basket recipient to help them get going. Here are a few things they’ll certainly use:

Seed-Starting Potting Mix

Seed-starting potting mix is light, comes in small bags, and is the perfect little potting soil addition to a gift basket. A bag of potting mix is a nice way to take up some of the bulk in a larger container or to fill up the bottom part of the container so that the smaller items are visible. Choose a bag with a resealable top if possible.

Organic Fertilizer

Yay for organic fertilizer! There are tons of super-cute options for a gift basket. I LOVE this little shaker of organic fertilizer. It looks like a little salt shaker (and it’s safe for use around pets and kids). These little EarthPod plant food capsules would also look lovely. A small portion of organic fertilizer is a useful gardening gift basket idea that will certainly be used and appreciated.

Compost Tea Bags

Compost tea bags are kind of a fun thing that lots of gardeners wouldn’t buy for themselves. These bags are used to make a plant food “tea” for the garden. It’s made in a watering can instead of a teapot! Find compost tea bags online or at a local independent garden centre.

Compost Starter

Compost starter is another nice-to-have thing that a gardener might not buy for themselves. It’s basically a bag of microbes and nutrients that “kick-start” compost. Not your average gift, but very useful!

Compostable Plant Pots

Compostable plant pots are another garden supply that definitely will get used. Peat pots are the most common, but these planter pots made from coconuts are getting great feedback recently, as they don’t fall apart quite so easily (before you want them to!).

Garden Labels

Garden labels are another classic filler for a garden-themed basket. Metal ones are perhaps the most long-lasting. Bamboo labels are quite pretty and last for at least a season. You could also make garden labels yourself and include them.

Natural Garden Twine

A ball of twine is useful in the garden and also looks interesting in the gift basket. Natural items like jute garden twine or sisal garden twine are quite nice. Add a ball of twine for a bit of something different!

Hose Washers

Hose washers is kind of a silly one, but I know I am ALWAYS looking for these. You know how you’re always looking for hair elastics? These are the garden supply that I always end up looking for. Include a pack of hose washers (the good ones that are the colour of a water bottle, not the ones that come on a flat pack and pop off of plastic tabs).

Coconut Coir Block

Many gardeners are reaping the benefits of working coconut coir into their soil. A coconut coir block will be useful for the recipient and also makes a good base in the bottom of the container to hold up the other basket fillers.

Permanent Garden Marker

Another item that is always in short supply! Permanent garden markers are one of those weird specialty items that are actually very worth it. They do a much better job of surviving the elements than regular permanent markers. Odd but true!

Plant Ties

Plant ties are a good option if you’re looking for a few more little things to top off your basket. They’re inexpensive and always useful. They’ll also look interesting in the basket.

Bird Food

Yay for the birds! Consider including suet or bird seed or some other treat for our feathered friends. Gardeners love attracting birds to their gardens to help with natural pest control. Help the birds and help out your garden lover at the same time!

How to Make a Gardening Gift Basket

5. Plants And Seeds To Include In A Garden-Themed Basket

What is a garden-themed gift basket without any plants!? Here are a few living plant ideas that won’t look totally crazy.

Seed Packets

Seed packets look really nice in a gardening gift basket. Tuck a few in just as you finish off the basket. They give it a nice finished look! Choose common, easy plants if possible. Sunflower seeds, green peas, butter lettuce, or a wildflower mix are all pretty safe choices.

Succulent Plants

A little succulent would be right at home in a mixed gift basket. I do love a good cactus but they might be a bit sharp! A little succulent will be hardy and will certainly be loved (without too much extra work for the recipient).


There are some very beautiful houseplants that would look amazing in a larger gift basket. Check out a local florist or plant nursery to find the right specimen for your container. With the right plant, a basket could look totally stunning! It’ll steal the show :)

Culinary Herbs

Culinary herbs are easy to find (even at the grocery store) and easy to include in a gift basket. They’ll need to be watered before you put them in, but they’re otherwise fairly un-fussy plants. Including a culinary herb plant is one of the easier gardening gift basket ideas…and it’s sure to be appreciated!

Garlic Bulbs

Garlic bulbs are also nice in a gift basket. We’re talking pretty, artisanal seed garlic bulbs, not a mesh bag from the supermarket.

Items to Include in a Garden-Themed Gift Basket

6. Treat Ideas For A Gardening Gift Basket

The last thing to add is a few special treats and nice-to-haves for your plant lover. Here’s a few ideas for topping the gift basket off!

Gardener’s Soap

Good soap is one of life’s simple pleasures. Nurseries and flower stores stock high-quality hand soaps made specifically for hands that work out in the garden. Look for gardeners clay soap or a citrus-scented scrub.

Under-Your-Nail Brush

A nail brush is a necessity! This will probably be located near the gardeners soap :)

What to Put in a Garden Gift Basket

Gardener’s Hand Cream

Hand cream is the final little luxury in the apres-garden hand care routine. Find a nice plant-scented option with a gentle fragrance. Look for something that’s naturally scented and/or possibly made locally.

Herbal Hair Care

Sometimes the only way to get the dirt out from under your nails is to wash your hair. Sad but true! And your hair can also get into quite a mess in the yard.

I’ve been using Aveda’s Rosemary and Mint shampoo and conditioner for a few years…and it’s so beautiful. It smells amazing! It’s expensive so I save it for a special treat. Garden-scented hair care items like this will be sought after by gardeners, as is kind of a fun gardening gift basket idea.

Herbal Tea

A nice herbal tea will help your gardener unwind after a long day in the garden. A nice organic herbal plant blend or a plain mint or chamomile would be nice options. Look for a pretty package that matches the colour scheme your basket is going after.

Local Honey

What’s a cup of tea without a bit of local honey!? Add a small jar of sustainably-sourced honey. Another one of life’s simple pleasures…

Good Lip Balm

Lip balm is a necessity when you’re working outdoors! This summer I started using O’Keeffes lip balm and have found it to work really well. It’s always the one I reach for. It would be a nice thing for a gift basket.

Sun Hat

A great sun hat is the perfect sunscreen for your head in the garden. Good sun hats have a wide brim to protect your face and neck, and also have a proper UV rating (both A/B). It’s kind of dorky, but a string to tighten up the hat below your chin is very handy! Find one that matches the colour scheme of your basket, or go for the classic tan (which hides dirt well!).

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must in the garden. Choose a well-made one made of recyclable materials. I like the metal ones, as they seem to keep water cold for a long time and don’t have any kind of plastic taste when they heat up in the sun.

Garden Pebbles

Decorative garden pebbles are a cute final touch for a gift basket. Flower stores stock very cute little pebbles to place in little herb gardens or around garden paths. Sometimes they have cute quotes on them, sometimes just nice pictoral engravings.

Flower Display Glasses

Flower display glasses are another nice treat for gardeners. From a classic glass vase to a flower water aquarium, there are more ways to display flowers than I can list here! Find something that’s the right shape for your gift basket.

Garden Theme Gift Basket

Tips And Ideas For Making A Garden-Themed Gift Basket

A garden-themed gift basket is a lovely present to give or to donate to a raffle or charity silent auction. Fill it with books, supplies, tools, and treats that a gardener will love (and use!). Use the ideas above to put together your own specific list of items for a gardening basket :)

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