8 easy vegetables to grow in pots

Are you interested in growing your own vegetables but don’t have a large backyard or garden? Growing vegetables in pots is a fantastic option for anyone with limited space (or even no backyard space at all).

Many vegetables are perfectly suited for container gardening, making it a great choice for beginners or seasoned gardeners. These eight easy vegetables are just some of the many options great for growing in pots, from favorites like tomatoes and carrots to overlooked options like radishes and cabbage.

Here are the best easy vegetables to grow in pots:

Tomato plant in a pot

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the first vegetables gardeners choose to grow. There are many varieties to try, with even more uses in the kitchen. Plus, they are considered relatively easy to grow if you can avoid the many pests and diseases they are susceptible to.

Indeterminate tomatoes can be massive plants, growing several feet tall and taking up plenty of space in your backyard. But for those with limited garden space, there are also several dwarf varieties to try that are perfect for growing in pots.

Look out for short determinate varieties or ‘patio’ tomatoes ideal for growing in containers. They still need a large pot to accommodate the deep root system, but will grow happily even when confined.


2. Cabbage

Tomatoes are warm-season plants that can’t stand the cold. But if you’re looking for something to grow over the cooler months in a container, try cabbage.

These members of the Brassica family have a shallow root system that makes them great for growing in containers. They also don’t grow too wide when mature, but do need plenty of space after sowing to fill out. In smaller containers, plant one or two seeds that are later thinned to produce one strong and healthy cabbage per pot.

Bean vine

3. Beans

Beans also have a relatively deep root system, but not as deep as tomatoes. Many plants in this group also produce prolifically, so you only need one healthy plant to supply you with more beans than you know what to do with.

Growing beans at home is made even more exciting when you consider the many different varieties to choose from in a unique range of colors and flavors.

Beans will require support to grow well though. Install a trellis in the container at planting time to avoid disturbing the roots later on.

Planting lettuce on the patio

4. Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to grow for beginners, either out in the garden or in pots. These versatile veggies are also easy to use in the kitchen, forming the base of a fresh salad or the crush in your lunchtime sandwich.

Like many other leafy greens, lettuce has a shallow root system ideal for pots. They can even be planted in the same container as other veggies to act as a living mulch or ground cover. Just make sure these plants get some relief from the sun in the afternoons as the leaves can wilt quickly.

Peppers growing in a pot

5. Peppers

Whether you’re a fan of spicy chillis or prefer milder sweet peppers, you should have no trouble growing these plants in containers. The compact plants are so great for container growth that they are often sold in pots they can be kept in for the rest of the season.

Peppers need plenty of sunlight to grow well, as well as regular watering. The container doesn’t need to be huge (depending on your chosen variety) but should accommodate the mature size of the plant without a struggle.


6. Radish

Radishes are a wonderful bright root veg often overlooked in the edible garden. But if you want to grow in containers and harvest quickly, these crisp and fresh plants are ideal.

Radishes germinate quickly and can be ready to harvest in as little as a month, depending on which types you choose to grow. Make sure you plant them in a container on their own – not with other plants – as they need to be pulled completely for harvesting, disturbing the soil and any nearby plants.

Carrots growing in a planter

7. Carrots

Carrots are a vegetable garden classic and one of the most popular root vegetables to grow for beginners. Although they need a deep container for the best possible growth, they are otherwise easy to care for.

Each carrot variety may have slightly different growing requirements in terms of size, so be sure to check that before you look for the perfect containers. Try growing one of the more colorful carrot options (purple is a crowd favorite) for more versatility in the kitchen.

Potato grow bags - planting seed potatoes in potting mix inside grow bag

8. Potatoes

Potatoes are probably not the first vegetable that comes to mind when you think of container growing. But, thanks to innovative new container solutions that allow you to keep an eye on growth below the soil and harvest from below the soil line, the process is easier than ever.

When first planting, plant your potatoes deep in the container and cover with a light layer of soil. As new growth appears, continue to build up the soil in the container slowly up to the top. Depending on your container, you can either harvest from the side of the pot (in the case of fabric pots) or simply pull the entire plant when your potatoes are ready.

Madison Moulton
Madison Moulton

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