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What tree ornament are you making this Christmas? Here's a list of great DIY natural Christmas ornaments for your tree #naturalChristmasornaments #rusticChristmas #DIYChristmasOrnaments #NaturalChristmas

Natural Christmas decorations

With all the glitter and shine of the holiday season, it can be relaxing to spend a bit of quiet time making natural Christmas decorations. There is something lovely about making your own ornaments, garlands, and wreaths. It’s also nice to have a little touch of nature around your home during the chilly winter season.

Easy DIY natural Christmas decorations

Here are some easy DIY natural Christmas decorations from over the years. The tutorial for each project is linked so you can make these decorations too!

I LOVE twig reindeer at Christmas! They're such a cute Christmas craft for a girls' night. They look so great on the Christmas mantle too. Here's how to make your own twig reindeer! #twigreindeer #stickreindeer #DIYreindeer #reindeermantle

1. Twig reindeer

These twig reindeer have been a family favorite in our household since my friend’s mom taught us to make them years ago. We seem to make more every year either to give away as gifts or to add to our own herds. They’re sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! The instructions for making these DIY twig reindeer are here.

How to Make Felted Acorns | Home for the Harvest

2. Felted acorn tree ornaments & garland

Felted acorn ornaments are so beautiful! This year I made some felted acorns into hanging ornaments and left some just as simple acorns in a bowl…so terrifically cute. The felting materials were easy to find and the craft was simple to make. The trickiest part was finding the acorn caps (update – you can now find real acorn caps online).

Simple Natural Christmas Decoration - Pinecone Garland | Home for the Harvest

3. Holiday pinecone garland

This pinecone garland is a simple way to display the beautiful pinecones you’ve collected. Pinecones are classic natural Christmas decorations, and this garland really shows them off.

Last year I figured out a way to use floral wire to attach the pinecones instead of using hot glue. This hemlock cone garland looks good as a Christmas tree decoration, hung over the mantle, or against a plain wall.

Natural Christmas Decorations - Snowflake and Star Twig Ornaments | Home for the Harvest

4. Twig tree ornaments

These rustic ornaments from The DIY Dreamer are made from bits of twigs glued together to create snowflakes and stars. These were fairly easy to make. I used Mock Orange sticks from the yard, but any simple thin sticks you can find should work well. If you’d like something quick and simple, this is a great project to try.

Learn how to make felt ornaments with this easy-to-follow Christmas craft tutorial! These felted ornaments are perfect for minimalist or Scandinavian Christmas decor. #Scandinavian #Minimalist #Christmas #ScandinavianOrnaments

5. Felt & wood Scandi ornaments

These modern felt and wood ornaments were easy to make. The neutral ornaments look lovely on some plain branches or on one of those birch stick Christmas trees.

We made some of these felt & wood ornaments in red and green for the big Christmas tree too. Try making your own felt ornaments for your tree or to give away as gifts this year.

Mini Yew Wreath Garland DIY | Home for the Harvest

6. Evergreen mini wreath garland

This garland from The Merry Thought is a lovely way to bring some live greenery into the house without going overboard. I used Yew cuttings from a shrub in my yard, which look very similar to the greenery in the tutorial. This garland looks particularly good against a plain wall, window, or mantle where the foliage can be appreciated!

Nature-Inspired Christmas Ornaments - Birch Bead Wreaths

7. Birch bead wreath ornaments

These adorable little wreath ornaments are another simple Christmas decoration DIY. They’re very quick to make once you have the supplies. This is one of the easiest crafts on this list, but they sure look lovely when hung up on the tree. Check out the tutorial to make these birch bead mini wreath ornaments.

Stained Glass Citrus Ornaments - Grapefruit | Home for the Harvest

8. “Stained glass” citrus slices

Dried citrus fruits are so pretty that they look like stained glass when hung in a window. The grapefruits in the photo above were dried in a dehydrator, but the tutorial from A Daily Something teaches you how to use a conventional oven to dehydrate citrus. 

Just dry them low and slow, and you’ll have lovely dried citrus to bring a bit of color into your nature-inspired Christmas decor. Dried citrus is lovely in a garland (as in the tutorial), with some greenery, or simply hung on its own.

Make this felt ball garland this year! It's an easy holiday craft for a Christmas garland that you can DIY yourself. Try making this felt pom pom garland! #pompomgarland #feltballgarland #woolpompomgarland #feltgarland

9. Felt pom pom Garland

Felt pom pom garlands are absolutely adorable! Either make your own DIY felt pom pom garland or order one online. I love the handmade garlands by Sheep Farm Felt.

Make your own garland in festive colors for holiday decor or choose an everyday color palate so you can enjoy your garland year-round! Handmade felt pom pom garlands also make lovely gifts.

Fresh Simple Holiday Wreaths on Modern Mantle | Home for the Harvest

10. Simple fresh greenery wreaths

These minimalist wreaths made with fresh greenery are one project you can easily make yourself each year to celebrate the holidays. These instructions are for very simple wreaths, which can then be embellished with whatever extras you like (ribbons, bows, berries, et cetera). Try making your own wreath this year, and you’ll want one on each window in your house!

Little lumberjack sock stocking ornaments to celebrate baby's first Christmas #babysfirstChristmas #babystocking #babyChristmas #StockingOrnament

11. Baby’s first Christmas mini stocking ornament

This mini stocking ornament to celebrate baby’s first Christmas is made from one of the wee one’s favorite socks! I know this is one ornament I’ll cherish each year. My mom knitted these socks for the wee one earlier this year. Now they’ll be appreciated for years to come!

How to Make Felted Acorns | Home for the Harvest

More natural Christmas decoration ideas

There are many more DIY natural Christmas decorations on my Christmas Pinterest Board. Check the board out for more inspiration and tutorials!

What tree ornament are you making this Christmas? Here's a list of great DIY natural Christmas ornaments for your tree #naturalChristmasornaments #rusticChristmas #DIYChristmasOrnaments #NaturalChristmas
What tree ornament are you making this Christmas? Here's a list of great DIY natural Christmas ornaments for your tree #naturalChristmasornaments #rusticChristmas #DIYChristmasOrnaments #NaturalChristmas


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