Cinderella Pumpkins: What You Should Know About This French Heirloom Pumpkin Variety

Imported to the USA by Burpee, cinderella pumpkins are both delicious and adorable. Shaped like Cinderella’s coach, learn how to use it in decor and the kitchen.

Pumpkins have become synonymous with fall, and it’s hard to imagine autumn baked goods without them! And beverages too…did you know that Starbucks has sold approximately 424 million pumpkin spice lattes since it was first introduced in 2003? However, there are more varieties than your typical jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

The Cinderella pumpkin is a quaint variety that is becoming more and more popular as both a decoration and fall flavor. But how exactly can you incorporate a Cinderella pumpkin into your autumn decor and recipes?

Keep reading the guide below to learn everything you need to know about the fanciful Cinderella pumpkins!

cinderella pumpkin

What Is The Cinderella Pumpkin?

If you’re a fan of the classic Cinderella film, this fairytale pumpkin will look familiar. It’s the variety that was used as a model for Cinderella’s magical carriage.

And for good reason—this is a very magical variety! It is a variety native to France and is known as the Rouge Vif d’Etampes. It was brought to the U.S. by the Burpee Seed Company in 1883.

The Cinderella is a medium to large-sized pumpkin, with an average diameter of 10-15 inches and a weight between 15-35 pounds.

If you’re searching for a less traditional pumpkin, these are a perfect choice. They are rounded, but the stem end is flattened. They are a rich orange color with hints of scarlet and have deep ribbing.

A single plant typically sends out around ten vines and can produce up to six pumpkins. They’re best planted after the last frost in spring when the temperatures begin to average around 70°. They are ready for harvest approximately 110 days after sowing!

Decorating With Cinderella Pumpkins

Cinderella pumpkins make for perfect fall decor, no matter which way you choose to display them. They are perfect if you’re looking for a more whimsical alternative to the traditional pumpkin varieties that are often used for carving and display.

At Your Entry Way

Cinderella pumpkins can be easily used as a decoration to greet your guests when they enter your home. Pick up a few rustic crates from an antique store and prop them up adjacent to your front door.

You can then stack the Cinderella pumpkins on top of the crates and one another to create unique vertical decorations!

As A Centerpiece

If you’re holding a special dinner party, a Cinderella pumpkin makes for the perfect centerpiece. It adds a playful touch to your dining table or kitchen island.

For this idea, a smaller Cinderella pumpkin is ideal. Place your princess pumpkin on a cake tray of your choice—an ornate tray adds to the fanciful vibes!

Then make sure the pumpkin stays snug by adding some filler material around the base. Greenery, such as preserved boxwood or grapevines, will add dimension and contrast to your pumpkin centerpiece.

Adding A Modern Twist

Looking for a more contemporary decoration? Use your Cinderella pumpkin as a base for some trendy greens!

A Cinderella pumpkin with an uber-flat top is best for this decoration. After you’ve selected your pumpkin, choose some succulents and filler moss.

You’ll need to cut the stem from your pumpkin to create a completely flat top. Next, super glue your moss to the top of your pumpkin.

To secure the succulents, you can also use super glue to fix them to the moss. If you want, you can even use faux succulents.

If you’re using real succulents, you might want to forgo the super glue. Instead, fix your pumpkin wherever you plan to display it. Then, arrange the succulents on top as you please.

These can be used just about anywhere inside or outside of your home, but they look especially nice on top of wooden furniture. Dark pieces will create a nice backdrop for the vibrant pops of orange and green.

Cooking With Cinderella Pumpkins

There is some debate over whether Cinderella pumpkins are the best variety for cooking. However, fans of the pumpkin argue that it has a sweet flavor and creamy texture.

This makes it ideal for baked goods and savory recipes. In fact, it pairs well with just about everything, from cooked fruit to poultry.

French Pumpkin Pie 

If you’re yearning for a pumpkin pie, this recipe is an ode to the Cinderella pumpkin’s French roots!

The pumpkin is cooked down with apples, vanilla beans, and butter to give it a warm, sweet flavor. The vanilla beans are then discarded and pecans are added to the pumpkin and apple mixture.

A French pumpkin pie uses puff pastry instead of a traditional pie crust. This gives it a light, fluffy texture.

Cinderella Pumpkin Bisque 

Cinderella pumpkin bisque is perfect for cold autumn nights. It has a vibrant orange color and is made rich through the use of heavy whipping cream.

This bisque combines pumpkin, onions, cloves, cinnamon, and star anise to create a mature flavor. This hearty soup is perfect for dinner parties, and it’s easy to beautifully garnish with toasted pumpkin seeds and fresh herbs.

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Bread

This sweet bread is perfect for midnight snacking. Chances are you already have all the necessary ingredients hiding in your pantry!

Before you can mix together all the ingredients, you’ll need to puree your Cinderella pumpkin. Once you have a healthy dose of princess pumpkin puree, you just have to combine it with the other wet and dry ingredients!

You’ll need a loaf pan to achieve this recipe. An ornamented bread pan is recommended to give it a little extra fall flair!

Celebrating With Magical Pumpkins

There are so many ways you can use Cinderella pumpkins when autumn finally arrives. Whether you harvest your own or pick them up from your local farmer’s market, they’re sure to become a staple in your fall decor and recipe book alike!

For more tips on how to use your favorite fall fruits and vegetables, check out the rest of the blog!

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