15+ blue hostas

Blue hostas are cool, mysterious characters in the garden world. If you’re looking to add some serene blue elegance to your shady spaces, you’re in the right place! Here are 15+ of the best blue hosta varieties that will transform your garden into a tranquil blue paradise.

1. Buckshaw Blue hosta

‘Buckshaw Blue’ is a distinguished variety in the hosta world, known for its robust and elegant presence in the shade garden. This hosta variety is cherished for its deep blue-green leaves that have a stunning frosted appearance, making it a standout among other blue hostas. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, and have a notable thick texture, providing a lush and full look to the plant.

‘Buckshaw Blue’ is a medium-sized hosta that grows into a substantial mound, making it an ideal choice as a focal point in garden designs or as part of a larger, woodland-inspired setting. It’s remarkably hardy and shows good resistance to pests, including slugs.

In the summer, ‘Buckshaw Blue’ is adorned with tall spikes of white flowers, offering a striking contrast against its blue foliage. The combination of its unique leaf color, impressive size, and stunning floral display makes ‘Buckshaw Blue’ a must-have for any hosta collector or garden enthusiast looking for a touch of majestic blue elegance.

“The standard by which all blue-leaved hostas should be judged.”

Hosta Buckshaw Blue, The New Encyclopedia of Hostas, by Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack
Planting a halcyon hosta

2. Halcyon hosta

Halcyon is one of the most popular hosta varieties and one of the best blue cultivars to grow. This shade-tolerant perennial plant has beautiful heart-shaped pointed leaves. The leaves are dusky deep blue in color and tend to remain nearly blue into autumn.

This variety of hosta grows to about 18 inches tall. It grows best in partial share and rich, well-drained soil. A fun fact about this variety is that it is often used to breed other medium varieties of hosta with blue-toned foliage.

Hostas beside path - 'big daddy'

3. Big Daddy hosta

The ‘Big Daddy’ hosta is a showstopper. Known for its large, cupped leaves, this variety boasts a stunning blue-green color that becomes more pronounced as the season progresses. These thick, heavily textured leaves not only offer a unique visual appeal but also provide increased slug resistance.

‘Big Daddy’ thrives in partial to full shade, making it a versatile choice for those challenging low-light areas. It matures into a large, mounded form, creating an impressive display of foliage. In early summer, it has white flowers that stand tall above the foliage, adding a delicate touch to its robust presence.

Blue mouse ears platns

4. Blue Mouse Ears hosta

Looking for a miniature blue hosta? ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ hosta is your guy. This variety from Maryland is known for its dusky deep blue leaves and tiny yet full-size growth. They grow to be maybe six inches tall with leaves that are only 2 – 3 inches long. These little guys make wonderful edging plants for low-maintenance landscaping.

How to grow abiqua drinking gourd hosta plants

5. Abiqua Drinking Gourd hosta

The ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ is a medium-sized hosta with deeply cupped leaves. Fully grown, they are about 18 inches tall. In midsummer, they send up spikes of bell-shaped white flowers that are very beautiful to look at. These plants love acidic and clay soils.

Blue angel plant for sale
‘blue angel’ is a common variety that should be easy to find locally.

6. Blue Angel hosta

‘Blue Angel’ hosta is a classic favorite known for dark green leaves and white flowers that bloom in late spring or early summer. This cultivar is also one of the more slug-resistant varieties. They thrive in shade and can even compete with tree roots if necessary.

7. Hosta sieboldiana ‘Elegans’

‘Elegans’ blue hosta is a very large hosta plant with heart-shaped blue-gray leaves. This plant is great at crowding out garden weeds and has pretty foliage that arrives in late spring and early summer. The lilac-colored flowers are also quite attractive when in bloom.

8. Hosta ‘Tokudama’

Hosta ‘Tokudama’ is a historically important variety of Japanese garden origin. Most blue hostas sold today are descended from Hosta ‘Tokudama,’ and it remains a popular cultivar for breeding new varieties.

The leaves of ‘Tokudama’ are thick and heavily corrugated, giving them a substantial and tactile quality. This hosta forms a dense, mounded clump, making it an excellent choice for adding structure and interest to shady areas. It’s a slower grower, but its resilience and longevity make it a valuable addition to any garden.

‘Tokudama’ is particularly resistant to slugs, a trait that gardeners greatly appreciate. In early summer, it produces lovely white flowers on tall stalks, which elegantly rise above the foliage, adding a touch of grace to its already striking appearance.

9. Blue Danube

‘Blue Danube’ is a captivating choice for its dense mound of intensely blue leaves. The leaves of ‘Blue Danube’ are heart-shaped and slightly wavy, adding a soft yet dynamic texture to garden landscapes. It’s a medium-sized hosta, perfect for tucking into smaller spaces or for creating contrast in a mixed border.

In addition to its visual charm, ‘Blue Danube’ is known for its hardiness and adaptability, thriving in a variety of shade conditions. In mid to late summer, it blooms with lovely, lavender flowers that rise above the foliage on tall stalks, attracting pollinators and adding an extra layer of beauty.

10. Bressingham Blue hosta

Bressingham Blue is a giant blue hosta that is becoming easier to find (I got mine at Costco!). This variety has massive leaves that measure 15 inches long and 10 inches across. They truly are a jumbo plant to add to your garden.

The powder blue coloring of this blue hosta gives it an inviting look. Make sure this plant has plenty of room and some shade to keep it cool. In midsummer, there are pure white flowers blooming on top.

11. Blue Hawaii hosta

The Blue Hawaii hosta is a giant blue hosta variety. It has upright v-shaped leaves with a powdery or silvery-blue color reminiscent of the tropical waters of Hawaii. When grown in shade, this hosta plant holds its nice blue coloring all year long. It blooms very pale lavender flowers in the early summertime. Blue Hawaii is a great choice for beginners due to its natural pest resistance and inherent vigor.

12. Hosta ‘Frances Williams’

Hosta ‘Frances Williams’ is a variegated hosta with huge blue-green foliage that is elegantly edged in a chartreuse color. I love the puckered texture of the leaves and the fact that they always look super healthy, no matter the season. This variety blooms in the summer with white funnel-shaped flowers.

13. ‘Winfield Blue’ hosta

‘Winfield Blue’ is celebrated for its striking, rich blue foliage, which holds its color well throughout the growing season. The leaves of ‘Winfield Blue’ are broad and smooth, with a unique wavy edge that adds a gentle texture to the garden landscape.

This variety is known for its robust growth and ease of care, making it a favorite among both novice and experienced gardeners. ‘Winfield Blue’ is also quite resilient to common garden pests like slugs. In midsummer, it showcases elegant, bell-shaped lavender flowers that rise on tall stalks above the foliage, creating a lovely contrast with the blue leaves.

14. ‘Deja Blu’ hosta

Hosta ‘Deja Blu’ features big, blue-green leaves edged in a lovely gold color. If you look closely, you will see a thin white band separating the green from the gold. It’s a nice touch and makes you do a double-take. This variety of hosta grows to about 14 inches tall.

15. Fragrant Blue hosta

Fragrant Blue hosta is a medium-sized variety with matte blue leaves. This variety is well-known for staying blue throughout the summer, as it tends to grow fresh new leaves throughout the growing season. For the bluest leaves, keep this variety out of direct sunlight, as this can cause greener leaves. Despite the name, the flowers of this variety aren’t particularly fragrant but do add a lovely pop of lilac color in midsummer.

16. Blue My Mind

‘Blue My Mind’ hosta is celebrated for its intensely blue leaves, which are some of the bluest in the hosta world. The foliage of this medium-sized cultivar is uniquely textured, with a slightly puckered surface that catches the light.

In early to mid-summer, ‘Blue My Mind’ produces delicate, bell-shaped lavender flowers that gracefully hover above the foliage on slender stalks, adding an enchanting visual appeal.

Hostas by the water
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