8 black tulips

One of the absolute best parts about gardening is the wide variety of flowers and the different colors they grow in. Tulips are certainly no different. Today we’re tackling one of our favorite shades: black tulips! While most tulip varieties are red, yellow, or pink, there are some stunning near-black types. We’ve listed our top 8 black tulip varieties below!

Black tulips

1. Queen of the Night tulip

Naturally, we have to start our list off with a classic black tulip variety. This tulip is known for its length and dark purple color. The Queen Of The Night typically blooms mid to late spring and has earned its name via its regal, dark color. With plenty of sunlight and water, this tulip can grow between 28-30” tall and is certain to add a bit of an edge to your flower garden. You’ll see it’s definitely the queen of the black tulip family!

2. Black Parrot tulip

The Black Parrot Tulip is one of the late bloomers of the black tulip family, typically blooming in late spring and growing between 20-22” in height. This is one of the sassiest types of tulips, paired with its dark, purple hues and flared edges. If you’re wanting to add a unique touch to your flower garden this upcoming spring, these tulips are something you definitely want to check out.

3. Black Hero tulip

These elegant, plum-black tulips are beautiful in shape, color, and size, perfect to cut and use as a centerpiece on your dining room table. The way their petals gracefully fold over each other, giving the blossom a bowl shape, is nothing short of magnificent. These black tulips bloom in late spring and grow between 20-24” in height.

4. Ronaldo tulip

Ronaldo black tulips are decadent and radiant, growing in mid-spring anywhere from 14-18” in height. They tend to have a bit of a reddish hue, adding a spark of interest that makes them pop in any flower bed. Add a few of these to your garden and watch everyone “ooh” and “ahh” at these beauties. Make sure to plant them in a spot where they can get lots of sunlight!

5. Vincent Van Gogh tulip

No doubt, Vincent Van Gogh himself would be honored to have such beautiful flowers named after him. These dark purple flowers are a work of art in their own right, growing up to 12-18” in height. Their fringed edges and deep, rustic color add a gorgeous pop of color to any flower garden. Additionally, they bloom in mid-spring and are perfect to put on display. Pair these with other flowers from your garden and make an elegant bouquet for your home!

Continental dark purple black tulip

6. Continental tulip

The Continental tulip is a gorgeous purple-black Triumph-type tulip. This variety is beautiful as a cut flower but also perennializes well in the landscape for a beautiful show of black tulips year after year. The plants grow about 20″ in the garden, making them perfect for the front of a border garden or alongside a pathway.

7. Black Horse tulip

Named after one of the most majestic creatures on earth, these black tulips have a purple hue to their color that makes them stand out wherever they are. Growing between 25-31” tall, Black Horse Tulips tend to bloom in late spring or early summer. Guaranteed, you’ll see that these late-bloomers are worth the wait! 

8. Black Jack tulip

These traditionally shaped black tulips are perfect for anyone who’s looking to add a bit of a darker color to their flower beds this next spring. Black Jack Tulips tend to grow in mid-spring, ranging anywhere from late April to early May, and grow to be around 18” in height. These velvety, soft tulips need lots of sunshine to grow happy and healthy. In addition, make sure to give them plenty of room to grow as they’ll need lots of space. 

9. Black Diamond tulip

Last but definitely not least, these Black Diamond Tulips are so fun! While they don’t share the traditional tulip shape and most people may not think to add these to the tulip family, they’re part of the family all the same. Instead of the classic tulip shape, these maroon-colored flowers are more closed at the top of their bloom, giving them an egg shape. These tulips grow in mid-spring and can grow from 18-24” in height. 

Black tulips for sale at costco - queen of the night
Black tulip flower

Tips for growing your own black tulips

Like many spring-flowering bulbs, black tulips are typically planted in the fall. Prior to planting, try storing the bulbs during the summer! This tends to help them flower better and may result in even more beautiful tulips!

We also recommend spacing out the bulbs between 3-5” apart so they have lots of room to grow! You also want to make sure to plant them 5-7” deep so that they aren’t easily uprooted because of rain, winds, or even snow. While we can’t prevent inclement weather (or hungry critters), we certainly want to do everything we can to keep our plants safe, happy, and healthy. 

Mary Jane Duford
Mary Jane Duford

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