9 best moss poles

While some plants are content to grow close to the ground, there are a few lovely houseplants that are natural climbers. Plants like Monstera, Pothos, and Philodendron will happily grow up a vertical support stake. The current go-to option for houseplants is a moss pole. These plant stakes are typically wrapped in either live Sphagnum Moss or in Coco Coir to provide a natural surface for the plant. Let’s look at the best moss poles to consider for your climbing plants!

Best moss pole - bendable mossify plant support pole
Mossify bendable moss pole

1. Mossify bendable moss pole

The Mossify Bendable Moss Pole is a high-end moss pole with a flexible steel interior. The pole can be molded into a natural shape rather than simply standing straight up. The solid core is wrapped with an inner burlap layer and then covered in sustainably-farmed live sphagnum moss. This pole also has a heavy stone base for stability.

Mossify Moss Poles are available in 16″, 30″, and 42″ long heights. The 42″ model is pictured above. See my Mossify Bendable Moss Pole Review for more details on this pole.

2. The Sill’s coco coir moss pole

The Sill’s Coco Coir Pole is a vertical plant support pole covered with coco coir rather than with moss. The coconut husk fiber is attached to the wooden stake with biodegradable twine. This pole is available in a skinny 3/4-inch diameter and a larger 2″ diameter. The poles are 11″ tall and can be stacked to accommodate growing plants.

Monstera plant in wild climbing rock as vertical support
Some plants are natural climbers! Add a moss pole to the planter to give the houseplant freedom to roam.

3. The Blooming Jungle moss pole

The Blooming Jungle Moss Pole is another coconut coir plant support option. This pole comes in a two-pack that includes two 12″-long poles. The poles can be stacked for a total height of 24″ as the plant grows. Plants can be attached to the coir pole with string.

4. Concrete Chefs Garden mini moss pole

Concrete Chefs Garden Mini Moss Pole is a skinny moss pole perfect for a low-profile look. These wooden poles are wrapped in dark green Spanish Moss for a look that blends well with the plant. These small poles are available in 9″-24″ lengths (perfect for smaller planters).

Moss pole with tall climbing pothos plant

5. Marisol Plant Goods self-watering moss pole

Marisol Plant Goods Self-Watering Moss Pole is a classic moss pole with a self-watering wicking system. This pole is filled with live sphagnum moss and has an inner pipe. The pole can be filled from the top with water for the pole and plant. The system includes velcro ties to attach plant stems. The Marisol Plant Goods Moss Pole is a great option for a traditional live moss pole.

Marisol Plant Goods’ moss pole is available in varying lengths, from 1′-4′ tall. This seller also offers 12″ extensions.

6. OrchidBox self-watering modular moss pole

OrchidBox Self-Watering Modular Moss Pole is a fillable moss pole frame with an attractive honeycomb pattern. Available in black or white, these modern moss poles can be filled with live moss or another organic medium of your choice. Each pole length is just over 9″ long, and extender 9″ lengths are available. This moss pole also has a self-watering wicking system.

Monstera deliciosa climbing moss pole

7. Foraging Fosters stackable moss pole

Foraging Fosters Stackable Moss Pole is a handmade moss pole system that comes in 18″-long increments. Order as many increments as you need to make a large moss pole for a bigger plant such as a Monstera or established Pothos. These poles are made with an inner PVC pipe wrapped with live Spaghnum Moss held by plastic mesh. Foraging Fosters’ poles are a great choice for large, sturdy, extendable poles.

Monstera plant climbing moss pole

8. Grace’s Garden Co. Sphagnum moss pole

Grace’s Garden Co. Sphagnum Moss Pole is a classic moss pole option made from plain wooden stakes wrapped with live moss. The moss is held in place with clear thread rather than plastic mesh, making for a very natural appearance. Poles are available in different lengths, including 12”, 18”, 24”, and 36” tall options.

9. Augshy moss pole

The Augshy Moss Pole Kit is a stackable coco coir plant support system. The pole comes in four 12″-long increments, which can be stacked on top of each other for a total height of 48″ tall. The poles have a hollow inner chamber to allow for the wooden stake of the next pole to be inserted to create a taller pole.

Moss pole with golden pothos plant
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