15 best apples for juicing

Fall is the best time to pick apples and turn them into delicious treats. One simple thing to do with apples is juicing them. But which varieties are best for juicing apples? This post will explain the best apples for juicing and why they are great choices.

Golden delicious apples

1. Golden Delicious apple

The Golden Delicious apple is a classic choice that has an aromatic honey flavor and is quite sweet. The sweet taste is slightly acidic, giving your juice a pleasant tartness. These apples also have a light color when juiced, and each apple has quite a bit of liquid.

Golden Delicious is also one of the easiest juicing apples to find at your local grocery store. Even specialty cider makers will blend rare apple varieties with Golden Delicious to round out the flavor.

Honeycrisp apples in bucket

2. Honeycrisp apple

While Honeycrisp apples are usually saved for eating, there’s always some portion of the crop that is better suited to juicing for one reason or another. This balanced juice is of the tart variety and quite similar to the Granny Smith apples. The tart juice is delicious, mixed with other ingredients or all by itself. It is one of the best apples for juicing because it isn’t too sweet.

Macoun apples

3. Macoun apple

Macoun apples are often deep red or purple in color. They have an odd shape but are extremely tasty. The juice from these apples is described as sweet and rich and contains hints of berries. They are some of the best apples for juicing

Golden russet apple on tree

4. Golden Russet apple

Russet apples such as Golden Russet are perfect apples for juicing. They have an amazing combination of flavors that bring together sweetness and tartness. This variety of apples is widely used for eating, cooking, and juicing. It is ideal for ciders and hard ciders!

5. Idared apple

The Idared apple is a bright red apple that can also be yellowish-green. The taste is described as aromatic and refreshing. If not picked at the right time, they lose a bit of their flavor, but overall they are some of the best apples for juicing.

6. Jonathan apple

Jonathan apple is a popular heritage juicing variety. These deep red or purple apples have a textured flesh with creamy flesh. A bite of this apple produces plenty of juice with a mildly sweet flavor. There are hints of spice and tartness as well. It’s perfect for juicing apples in the fall.

Jonagold apple growing on tree

7. Jonagold apple

Many apple juice companies use Jonagolds to produce their apple juice. The aromatic elements of this apple make it a prime candidate. It has a delicious sweetness and is easy to juice. This apple is packed with nutrients, perfect for juice.

Mcintosh apples

8. McIntosh apple

McIntosh is another juicing apple that’s relatively easy to find locally. This spicy yet fruity apple is a great juicing apple. The mild sweetness gives you all the flavor you need. Some people claim it has a hint of a raisin taste. This is a classic, old-fashioned apple used for juicing.

Newtown pippin apples on tree - heirloom type
Newtown pippin apples

9. Newtown Pippin apple

Newtown Pippin is a fantastic heritage winter apple that is picked late in the season. It’s a great apple for juicing and making hard ciders. It has a rich flavor and is a favorite culinary apple. Newtown pippin is usually yellow or green in color. These are some of the best apples for juicing.

10. Grimes Golden apple

The Grimes Golden has an excellent flavor with a mild bitterness. The sweetness is richer than a Golden Delicious with a hint of spiciness. As perfectly ripe apples, they make great apples for juicing! Use this apple to make the perfect fruit juice to enjoy.

11. Roxbury Russet apple

Roxbury Russet is one of the oldest apple varieties in North America and is extremely popular for juicing. It is part of the group of apple knowns as russets. It has some tartness, but it is mostly sweet in flavor. The fresh pressed juice is a lovely treat, making Roxbury Russets one of the best apples for juicing.

12. Black Oxford apple

Black Oxford apple has a tart flavor with some sweetness, depending on its ripeness. It’s known to be a good apple for pies as well. The sweet juice makes a tasty treat once squeezed out of the fruit. These reddish-green apples are a great choice when choosing apples for juicing.

13. Liberty Apple

Liberty apple has extremely juicy flesh, making it perfect for juicing. It has a balanced flavor, sharper than a Mac-related apple, but not too tart. The delicious-tasting juice is one everyone should taste at some point.

14. Stayman Apple

Stayman is a classic juicing and cider cultivar. This tasty apple originated in Kansas and can often be found in Virginia. Those who frequent orchards love picking this amazing apple straight off the tree. You can expect a tart yet spicy taste when you bite into this apple. Some often relate it to the taste of white wine. The fresh juice is very refreshing.

Red delicious apples on tree

15. Red Delicious apple

Red Delicious apples are great for juicing because of their tender flesh and soft skin. The flavor certainly is not very strong, so you’ll likely wish to blend this variety with some other that are more interesting. Juice from Red Delicious apples is quite mild.

How many apples do you need to make apple juice?

If you make a batch of apple juice the size of your typical 2 Liter, you will need about 20 apples for juicing. Choose either sweeter apples or apples on the tart and acidic side based on your taste preferences.

Make your fresh juice by peeling the apples and removing the seeds. Then, cut them into smaller pieces and cook them on the stove until they are softened. You will then strain the mixture in a sieve to separate the apple juice. You may need a blender to make the pieces even smaller. You’ll run the apples through the sieve several times until you get fresh apple juice.

When choosing your apples for juicing, decide whether you want a tart flavor or something a little sweeter. These are some of the best apples for juicing, but you can’t go wrong with any apple you choose. Apple juice is a fantastic treat that kids and adults love.

FAQ’s about juicing apples

What kind of apples is apple juice made of?

Apple juice can be made of any apple. There are many apple combinations that can be paired to create the perfect juice. Based on your likes or dislikes, you can try sweeter or bitter apples to juice.

Are apples good for juicing?

Apples are great for juicing. Apples have lots of flavor and variety! With unlimited combinations, you can fully create a juice based on your taste buds.


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