14 bearded iris varieties

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If you are looking for bearded irises with character and color, this is the list for you. There are so many bearded irises on the market and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Take a look at the options below and choose some of your favorites to add to your garden. Some are dwarf bearded iris varieties and others grow to about three feet tall.

Bearded iris 'rare edition'
Bearded iris ‘rare edition’

1. Rare Edition iris

Rare Edition Iris is an intermediate bearded iris known for its white petals bordered with violet purple. This variety often has small purple speckles at the top of the white beard. There is sometimes peach-bronze on the iris’s beard as the petals age.

Iris ‘Rare Edition’ blooms early midseason in iris season. The plants are generally about 2 feet tall.

Bearded iris 'voila'
Bearded iris ‘voila’

2. Voila iris

Voila Iris is a medium-height violet-purple variety of iris. This stunner is perfect for colorful garden beds due to its richly colored petals. It also doesn’t grow too tall, usually reaching about 20 inches during blooming. This is also one of the earliest irises to bloom in the spring, making it a great choice for early interest!

Bearded iris varieties

3. Beverly Sills iris

Beverly Sills Iris is a tall pink bearded iris. These bearded irises are a sight to be seen!

They have beautiful coral-pink petals with orange beards. They grow extremely quickly and bloom fast as well. They grow up to 3 feet tall and make a lovely addition to any garden. This tall bearded iris is a lovely addition to any outdoor garden or indoor bouquet.

4. Best Bet Bearded iris

Best Bet Iris is a tall white and purple bearded iris. These irises pop up early in the growing season and rebloom later in the year. You get to enjoy the colors it brings for longer periods of time throughout the year.

This variety of bearded iris has pale violet-blue and deep purple hues. They grow up to three feet tall.

5. City Lights bearded Iris

City Lights Iris is a popular violet-colored tall bearded iris. This classic bearded iris has deep violet petals with little white patches in the center. The signal patch on this flower is a pale yellow, giving it a nice pop of color.

This iris also reaches about 3 feet tall and is a reblooming iris. Add this tall bearded iris to your garden for beautiful coloring among your greenery.

6. Champagne Elegance iris

Champagne Elegance Iris is a tall white and apricot bearded iris. I love the look of this frosted champagne flute.

The white and pale pink color stands out from the brightly colored irises of its kind. This is an excellent option for your spring garden. Plant it among colored iris plants for a nice variety. This tall bearded iris is beloved by many, and you’ll love it also.

7. Concertina bearded iris

Concertina Iris is a medium-height pale pink iris with a hint of violet. The pale pink coloring of these bearded irises is mixed with a bold purple center.

This flower shows off its big blossoms and grows to about 2 feet tall. The blossoms themselves are very large and measure about six inches across. Add this to your garden for excellent color.

8. Dame de Coeur bearded iris

Dame de Coeur Iris is a richly-colored raspberry red and tangerine French iris. If you are looking for a darker bearded iris, this is the one for you.

This whispy iris has raspberry-pink coloring with a tangerine beard. The ombre look is very elegant. Add this to a fall garden among dark greens, and you have a lovely fall bouquet.

9. Earl of Essex bearded iris

Earl of Essex Iris is a tall bearded white iris with purple petal edges. They are highly ruffled, and the lavender coloring is exquisite. It sometimes has a pale orange beard, giving it the slightest pop of color in the middle.

10. Forever Blue bearded iris

Forever Blue Iris is a dwarf white and blue-violet iris. It is the perfect iris to fit into smaller spaces.

This iris is truly on the smaller side at only 12 inches tall. While it may be short in stature, it’s not short of color. It features bright blue and pale blue with deep lavender beards. A very small orange signal patch gives it some extra depth when you look at it.

11. Gala Madrid bearded iris

Gala Madrid Iris is a brightly-hued gold and purple bearded iris. It has won numerous awards for its bright purple beard and stunning orange colors.

The two-toned iris is a crowd favorite and should be added to every garden. This flower blooms late in the season but grows to about 30 inches. It is known as a hybrid of the Main Event and the Gypsy Lullaby.

12. Glamazon bearded iris

Glamazon Iris is a stunning pink and apricot rose ruffled iris. If you are looking for a bearded iris that resembles a creamsicle, this is the one. This flower is sure to turn heads!

It has pale yellow coloring on the blossoms with a pale pink beard. Some describe it as having butterscotch undertones. The signal inside is a blue-purple color and as magnificent as the rest of the flower. Add this tall bearded iris to your garden for a show-stopping display.

13. Gnu Again bearded iris

Gnu Again Iris is a tall purple-bearded iris with pure white speckles. This three-foot-tall plant is an award-winning flower and one to be added to all gardens.

Add this tall bearded iris to any spring or early summer garden for some great color. Bearded irises like this are tough to pass up because of their coloring and how simple they are to care for.

14. Innocent Star bearded iris

Innocent Star Iris is a maroon and cream-tall bearded iris variety. The red petals have a splotch of cream or orange in the center, giving it a dreamy look. These ruffled petals grow to about 3 feet tall, much like many of their cousins. Snag this bearded iris for your garden and stop guests in their tracks. These flowers don’t need much sun, so enjoy them any place in your garden.

You are sure to love any and all of these bearded iris options. Be sure to grab a variety to give your garden some color! Bearded irises are lovely flowers to care for and don’t require too much work. You will love having them in your garden.

A few more interesting irises to consider

Siberian Iris – The Siberian iris is smaller and has beardless flowers. They come in a variety of colors ranging from pale violet to dark purple.

Japanese Iris – These wild irises are lovely in a late spring garden and love the partial shade. They have a sweet fragrance and come in many colors, like pale violet.

Zesting Lemons Bearded Iris – This beautiful flower has a bright yellow beard and looks like it has literally been dusted with lemon zest.

Orange Splash Bearded Iris – The bright orange beard on this iris is a nice bright pop of color in your garden. It reminds me of summer and warmth.

All of these lovely irises, with their creeping rhizomes, are sweetly fragrant and lovely to look at. They have eye-catching blooms with delicately ruffled petals. They prefer well-drained soil and bloom in spring and early summer. Bearded irises grow very nicely in any garden, whether you choose a short bearded iris or an intermediate bearded iris.

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