25 yellow tulips for a sunny spring garden

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Need a bright, sunny flower to liven up your garden? Look no further than yellow Tulips! These flowers come in many shapes and sizes, giving you a wide range to choose from for your garden. Get ready to dive into 25 gorgeous yellow Tulip flower varieties so you can make the most informed decision for your garden.

The golden parade tulip - yellow tulip variety
Golden parade tulips

1. Golden Parade tulip

The Golden Parade Tulip is a stunning yellow tulip variety with strong tall stems and elegant grey-green foliage. These long-lasting, bell-shaped flowers give your garden a sunny appearance. Bred in Holland, Golden Parade has been one of the top yellow tulip bulb varieties for decades.

These large Darwin Hybrid-type tulip flowers stand at 24-26″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. Golden Parade Tulips tend to bloom in mid-spring. Add a splash of sunny yellow to your garden with these Golden Parade Tulips!

Monte carlo tulips
Monte carlo tulips

2. Monte Carlo tulip

The Monte Carlo Tulip is a spectacular double early yellow tulip variety. These fluffy flowers look almost like peonies or roses but bloom much earlier in the springtime.

A long-time favorite, Monte Carlo is a shorter variety, reaching only 10-12″ tall in the garden. The bright flowers sit just atop a lovely bed of green leaves, making for a lovely low-growing display. Add some unexpected interest to your spring garden with the Monte Carlo!

Yellow tulips

3. Golden Apeldoorn tulip

The Golden Apeldoorn Tulip is another classic tall yellow tulip variety. These long-lasting egg-shaped flowers have thick, velvety-yellow petals. Golden Apeldoorn is a Darwin Hybrid tulip, which is a category group of tulips known for their ease of cultivation and dependable flowering.

Blooming in mid-spring, these tall tulips stand at 24-36″ tall and 4-6″ wide at full bloom. Plant these Golden Appeldoorn Tulips around walkways to create a vibrant uniform appearance. 

Monsella tulips - yellow tulips with red stripes
Monsella tulips

4. Monsella tulip

Monsella is a specialty yellow tulip variety with dramatic red-streaked petals. These peony-like flowers have canary yellow petals with dark red streaks. In early spring, these flowers stand 12-16″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. Make a vibrant impact in your garden with these bright Monsella Tulips!

Yokohama single early tulips - yellow japanese tulips
Yokohama tulips

5. Yokohama

The Yokahama is a warm yellow early single tulip cultivar. These delicate butter-yellow blooms have been beloved for decades in spring flower beds. Yokohama is a Triumph-type tulip, a category of tulip known for its ease of cultivation. Add some warm shades to your early-mid-spring garden with some beautiful Yokahama Tulips.

Yokohama yellow tulip plants

6. Sun Gold tulip

The Sun Gold Tulip is a traditionally-shaped yellow tulip cultivar. Sun Gold is a selection of Golden Parade – the popular Darwin Hybrid known for its giant yellow flowers and ability to perennialize easily in a garden bed.

Perennializing works best in Zones 3-8 where mid-summer soil is dry during dormancy. The plants may also be given bulb fertilizer right after flowering to encourage perennializing if the ground is not otherwise rich in organic matter or nutrients. Deadheading spent blooms also direct the bulbs’ energy into producing new baby bulbs below the ground.

These sunny yellow tulips have funnel-shaped flowers with golden-yellow petals that emanate radiance throughout your garden. In mid-spring, these flowers stand at 24-26″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. These long-lasting Sun Gold Tulips are sure to wow your neighbors and brighten up your garden. 

7. Hocus Pocus tulip

The Hocus Pocus Tulip is a stunning flared bright yellow tulip with red-striped petals. These large, chalice-shaped flowers have bright yellow petals with red flames, giving the flower a flickering appearance. In late spring, these flowers stand at a huge 35-40″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom.

While these tulip bulbs can be tricky to find, they are worth searching for. Set your garden ablaze with these fiery Hocus Pocus Tulips!

Texas flame tulips - yellow tulips with red stripes

8. Texas Flame tulip

The Texas Flame Tulip is a popular yellow-red bicolor parrot-type tulip variety. These chalice-shaped flowers have buttercup-yellow ruffled petals with a bright red base. Each petal is adorned with a vivid red stripe, like a flame. In late spring, these flowers stand at 18″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom.

As Texas Flame is a specialty variety, some gardeners opt to dig up these tulip bulbs in mid-summer and put them in a dry place for storage until planting. Bulbs can be planted in September-October in Zones 3-4, October-November in Zones 5-7, or November-January in Zones 8-10 (read more about when to plant tulip bulbs). Heat up your garden with these dancing Texas Flame Tulips!

9. Yellow Margarita tulip

Yellow Margarita Tulips are a lovely fluffy double early yellow tulip cultivar. This new variety is mostly yellow, but there are slight red-feathered patterns around the base. Growing to 14″-16″ in the garden, this is a nice type for borders and pathways. Try something new with these gorgeous Yellow Margarita Tulips.

10. Secret Perfume tulip

The Secret Perfume Tulip is a double yellow tulip variety with 3″ flowers that look almost like yellow peonies. These fluffy flowers have soft yellow petals that release a distinct fragrance. In early spring, these flowers stand at 10″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. Add these Secret Perfume Tulips to your window garden for a lovely scent that wafts throughout your home all season long!

Yellow tulips - big smile
Big smile tulips

11. Big Smile tulip

The Big Smile Tulip is a cheerful yellow tulip variety. These egg-shaped lemon-yellow flowers are one of the tallest yellow tulips. In late spring, these flowers stand at 24″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. You can let them bloom in your garden or give the cut flowers as a gift to give a big smile to someone else! These Big Smile Tulips are sure to put a smile on your face when they begin to bloom!

12. Antoinette tulip

The Antoinette Tulip is a top-rated yellow-pink branching tulip variety. With 3-4 blooms per stem, these yellow and pinkish-red flowers are sure to turn heads in your garden. In mid to late spring, these flowers stand 16-18″ tall and 4-6″ wide at full bloom. Over time, these tulips mature into brilliant salmon-orange with a yellow base. Add these multi-flowering Antoinette Tulips to your garden for a lovely springtime glow!

Yellow species tulip - tulipa dasystemon tarda
Tulipa tarda

13. Golden Charm tulip

The Golden Charm Tulip is a selected cultivar of species-type tulip Tulipa dasystemon tarda. These star-shaped flowers almost resemble Daffodils from afar with their yellow and white petals. In early to mid-spring, these cute little flowers stand at a mere 3-4″ tall and 3″ wide at full bloom.

Species tulips like Tulipa tarda are wonderful naturalizers in the right conditions to support the bulbs’ energy production. These bulbs need dry soil during the warm temperatures of mid-summer to form the next year’s flower heads, and also need relatively cool soil in the fall (and cold winter temperatures) to help offset bulbs root in. This low-growing, sweetly-scented Golden Charm Tulips are sure to give your garden a bright charm this spring.

14. Calgary Flames tulip

The Calgary Flames Tulip is a bicolor yellow and white tulip. These egg-shaped flowers have snow-white tips with buttery yellow flames. Built to resist inclement weather, these short tulips stand at only 10″ tall and 3-6″ at full bloom, which is in mid-spring. Fill your garden with these cheery, bright Calgary Flames Tulips!

15. Ice Cream Banana tulip

Ice Cream Banana is a unique puffball-like bi-color tulip. These bell-shaped flowers have a delicious blend of yellow petals with a berry-red base. In late spring, these flowers stand 10″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. Give your garden a long-lasting treat with these scrumptious Ice Cream Banana Tulips!

Jan van nes tulip - yellow parrot tulip variety
Jan van nes tulips

16. Jan Van Nes tulip

Jan Van Nes is a popular yellow parrot-type tulip. These canary-yellow flowers have heavily feathered petals that resemble a parrot with ruffled feathers. In late spring, these flowers stand 22″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. Give your garden a sensational makeover with these Jan Van Nes Tulips!

17. Golden Lizard tulip

The Golden Lizard Tulip is a short yellow parrot-type tulip. These feathery-looking flowers have creamy yellow petals with purplish-green accents at the base. In mid to late spring, these flowers stand 12-14″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. These reptilian Golden Lizard Tulips are sure to brighten up your garden and give it an exotic feel. 

18. Desert Sun tulip

Desert Sun is a new Darwin Hybrid variety with ombre yellow-orange petals. These elegant egg-shaped flowers have robust hues of yellow and orange-brown. In mid-spring, these flowers stand 20″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. These Desert Sun Tulips are sure to give your garden a rich, bronze glow for the spring season! 

19. Extreme yellow tulip

The Extreme Yellow Tulip is a unique tulip variety with fringed petals that flare outwards. These flowers get their name from their bright yellow pointed petals with green feathering. In late spring, these flowers stand 20″ tall and 3-6″ wide. These elegant frilled Extreme Yellow Tulips will add a pop of sunshine to your garden!

20. Golden Prins Claus tulip

Golden Prins Claus Tulip is a traditionally shaped tulip with warm lemon-yellow petals. These egg-shaped bright yellow flowers add a fancy feel to any garden. These Triumph-type tulips bloom in mid-spring, standing 22″ tall and 3-6″ wide. These Golden Prins Claus Tulips will elevate and bring a sense of happiness to your garden this spring. 

Read more about the different types of tulips.

21. Lemon Chiffon tulip

Lemon Chiffon Tulips are dainty white tulips with yellow-centered petals. These Triumph-type tulips get their name from the light and fluffy cake, Lemon Chiffon. Triumph is another one of the easiest categories of tulips to grow.

Their petals are yellow and the base, but topped with white flames. In mid-spring, these flowers stand at 20″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. Bring a delicious twist into your garden with these egg-shaped Lemon Chiffon Tulips!

22. Lemon-Lime tulip

These Lemon-Lime Tulips will add a refreshing twist to any flower bed. Named for its split-colored yellow and green petals, Lemon-Lime is a new Viridiflora variety. Reaching full bloom in mid-spring, these flowers stand 16″ tall and 3-6″ wide with multi-flowering egg-shaped forms. These long-lasting Lemon-Lime Tulip flowers will revamp any garden or centerpiece!

23. Yellow Danceline tulip

The Yellow Danceline Tulip is a yellow double tulip with flecks of red. These peony-like, yellow flowers are tipped in raspberry for an extra saucy feel. In late spring, these flowers stand 20-22″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. Embrace your garden in a spread of lemony Yellow Danceline Tulips!

24. Yellow Majesty tulip

Yellow Majesty Tulip is another double yellow tulip cultivar. These double, peony-like flowers have bright yellow thick petals. In mid-spring, these flowers stand 24-26″ tall and 4-6″ wide at full bloom. Add some sunny, long-lasting texture to your garden with these Yellow Majesty Tulips!

25. Shogun tulips

The Shogun Tulip is a miniature tulip with golden petals. These little beauties are a selection of a species of tulip known for its warm hues with slightly pointed petals. In early to mid-spring, these miniature tulips stand at only 6″ tall and 3-6″ wide at full bloom. Cover your flower beds with these tiny but mighty Shogun Tulips!

These yellow tulip varieties are sure to brighten up any garden and give it a sunny feel. For best results, plant your bulbs in the fall for glorious tulips come springtime!

Novi sun yellow tulips
Yellow orange tulip - giuseppi verdi plants


Mary Jane Duford
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