10 wooden Christmas ornaments

Wooden Christmas ornaments are a beautiful way to decorate your holiday tree each year. Whether they are homemade or bought from the store, they look elegant, draped over the pine needles among twinkly lights. There’s something so satisfying about wooden ornaments that others just can’t match. It must be the homemade feel and delicate details. Take a look at these 10 amazing wooden Christmas ornaments that you can add to your tree.

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Wooden mitten ornament

1. Wooden mitten Christmas ornaments

Mitten ornaments look fabulous on a Christmas tree with sparkly lights. Using scrap wood or cutouts from the craft store, create your own wooden mitten ornaments. Paint the wood or color them with wood markers. If you don’t want to create your own, tons of Christmas ornaments like this are online for sale.

Try this DIY Wooden Mitten Ornament tutorial by Saws on Skates. It’s a simple tutorial that can be created by a simple trip to the craft store.

Countdown to christmas

2. Wooden countdown to Christmas ornament

I love counting down to Christmas using holiday decorations. Use a wooden countdown ornament to keep track of the days during December. There are many online or you can create your own using tools from the craft and hardware store. Wood Christmas ornaments are simple to make, you just have to get creative with your supplies.

Instead of hanging this on the tree, make a larger version on your mantle, kitchen counter, or buffet! Kids and adults will love counting down the days to December 25th.

Wooden circle ornaments for the holidays - merry christmas

3. DIY wood ornaments

Make a simple wooden ornament using a circular piece of wood. You can find these at the craft or hardware store. Simply paint the wood and decorate it with glitter, wording, craft supplies, and more. Customize them each Christmas so you have a collection that grows yearly. Wood ornaments are my favorite ornaments because of how simple they are. I know you’ll love them too.

Did you know that you can buy tree cookies from the craft store (or pretty much anywhere)? Small (and large) tree cookies are so simple to decorate for the holidays. Use paint or paint pens to add anything you want to the surface. These make great gifts or holiday gift tags for friends and family. Use these wood Christmas ornaments yearly and create more to add to your collection.

You may be able to find tree cookies at your local tree lot. They often keep the tree cookies to sell or give away to anyone who wants them. Since the trees they sell are a variety of sizes, so are the tree cookies.

5. Scrap wood candy ornaments

If you know a woodworker, ask for their small pieces of scrap wood. They may have little rings or dowels that you can easily wrap in striped paper to make “candy” ornaments. Just attach a string or hook, and it hangs nicely on any tree. Wrap the candy ends in ribbon to keep them closed. You may need some hot glue to finish the job. Bonus: They don’t break like glass ornaments that typically adorn a Christmas tree.

Diy christmas tree ornament - wooden bead wreath - scandi

6. Easy wooden bead wreath ornaments

Create your own wooden bead ornaments using beads from the craft store. String them together or glue them around a circular ornament and hang them on your own tree. These can be made for such a cheap price and are so fun and simple to make.

Here’s the full tutorial for making wooden bead mini wreath ornaments. Share these wooden Christmas ornaments with friends and family as little gifts.

7. Easy DIY wooden santa

Create your own wooden Santa ornament or decoration using scrap wood, white yarn, and a little bit of paint. Take inspiration from Lovely Etc and see how she created her own. This is a sweet activity to do with kids so they can learn to use a hot glue gun and a paintbrush. Use this craft as an ornament or as a table decoration depending on the size of the wood you find. I’ve even seen them created from old-fashioned mops!

8. DIY photo Christmas ornament

Christmas ornaments with memories are the best kind to make. Use a scrap piece of wood, wood from the store, or a tree cookie to make a little photo to hang on your tree. Start by printing your favorite photo and cutting it to the size of the wood. Then adhere it using Mod Podge and a paintbrush. Apply a coat overtop to protect it from wear and tear. These make wonderful gifts each year if you have young kids.

Learn how to make felt ornaments with this easy-to-follow christmas craft tutorial! These felted ornaments are perfect for minimalist or scandinavian christmas decor. #scandinavian #minimalist #christmas #scandinavianornaments

9. Hanging string of natural materials

Craft stores sell an assortment of wooden beads in all shapes and sizes. They also pair very nicely with other natural materials like woolen felt balls.

Purchase a variety and attach them to strings or hooks to hang on your tree. If they aren’t painted, get creative and make your own wooden Christmas ornaments. They can be large or small, depending on how many you attach to the string.

Here’s the tutorial for the felt and wood hanging ornaments above. These easy wood Christmas ornaments are great for families to create together during the holiday season each year.

10. Cute wood spool ornaments

Create easy wooden spool ornaments using wooden spools and ribbons. Tie the spools together in a triangular shape to create a tree shape and attach a ribbon to each spool. Don’t forget a gold start at the top and a piece of twine to hang it on the tree. These are simple crafts for adults and kids of all ages.

I hope you have fun creating your own wood ornaments for your Christmas tree this year. Each of these ornaments makes a wonderful gift for friends, a special time spent with loved ones, and a beautiful holiday decoration. Happy Holidays!

Wood gingerbread people ornaments

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How do you make wood ornaments for Christmas?

You can either create your own ornaments from scratch but cutting out your own wood shapes or you can decorate premade shapes that you’ve bought. There are also lots of adorable wooden bead ornaments to make too!

What kind of paint do you use on wood ornaments?

We find that acrylic paints are good for decorating wooden ornaments.

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