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Learning online is becoming more accessible than ever, with some of the world’s greatest teachers available to students around the world at the click of a button. One of the best online destinations for taking gardening courses is Wondrium.

Wondrium is an online learning platform offering thousands of online video courses, documentaries, and other video-streaming learning experiences available with a single subscription. Wondrium is like “The Netflix of Online Courses”, with videos that can be viewed in a web browser or through the Wondrium app on your device. The streaming service is available for a 14-day free trial prior to paying for a regular subscription.

Wondrium is the place to go for high-quality educational video streaming. Read on to learn more about Wondrium!

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Wondrium: Educational video-streaming for lifelong learners

Wondrium offers video courses for everything from cooking, gardening, physics, tech, history, culture, debate, math, and the meaning of life. If you’ve wondered how something works or why things are the way they are, chances are that Wondrium has a video answering your questions. While many videos are traditional online video courses, the platform also includes documentaries, tv-style series, travel vlogs, and other non-traditional learning formats.

What separates Wondrium from other educational video streaming services is the caliber of the professors and teachers who produce and are featured in the videos. Wondrium does a fantastic job of searching out and working with some of the best educators in the world – in a number of different fields. They look for teachers with a proven track record of educational success who can also be compelling content creators for the platform. It’s the perfect blend of by-the-book academics delivered in an entertaining, engaging manner.

How much is a subscription to Wondrium?

After the 14-day free trial, you’ll need a paid subscription to access courses. Here is the approximate cost of a monthly subscription to WONDRIUM, as well as the discounted quarterly and annual membership rates:

  • Monthly Subscription = $20 USD
  • 3-Month Subscription = $45 USD
  • 12-Month Subscription = $150 USD

(See Wondrium Pricing)

You can also give a subscription as a gift. There are 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month gift subscriptions available.

Where can I watch Wondrium video courses?

Wondrium video courses can be viewed online through a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), or on their Wondrium app. Wondrium also works on many smart devices, including Apple TV, Android, FireTV, Kindle Fire, and Roku TV.

While Wondrium focuses on video learning, the platform also offers audio streaming for on-the-go learning. Many Wondrium learning resources can be accessed via audio streaming inside the app, so the courses can be played on the car radio or through your speakers at home while you do chores.

Example courses offered on Wondrium

There are over 1000 different courses included in the Wondrium subscription. Learn to play guitar, meditate, cook Thai curry, or even take a virtual trip to France. And… there are 3-4 new courses added every month!

Check out all the available classes on Wondrium here

In addition to their flagship video courses, a Wondrium subscription also includes digital downloads such as PDF guidebooks and reference lists to accompany many of their courses. Wondrium also produces a quarterly print magazine mailed to subscribers four times each year.

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Mary Jane Duford

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