VivoSun grow bags review

Looking for cost-effective planters for your plants? It’s time to try VivoSun grow bags.

VivoSun Grow Bags are great container-gardening grow bag option at an affordable price. These breathable fabric plant pots stand up nicely on the patio while allowing for drainage of excess water. VivoSun grow bags are simple, but they do the job effectively while offering good value to gardeners.

Here is a video unboxing and details about VivoSun Grow Bags:

VivoSun grow bags – available sizes

Here’s a list of the various sizes/capacities of VivoSun Grow Bags:

Lots of choices (and opportunities!)….

VivoSun grow bags: Review

Vivosun Grow Bags are made of non-woven fabric, meaning that they have a thick, felt-like texture. This type of fabric allows for air to enter, while also allowing for water to exit and drain away from the cylindrical soil mass. The bags include a 1-Year Warranty (but can last up to 5 years in some conditions).

The handles of VivoSun grow bags are made out of a different fabric. The handle fabric is a reinforced, woven fabric, similar to the lower straps of a backpack. The handles are serged onto the fabric grow bag. While the handles are a bit small, they do the job (and full bags don’t tend to be moved very frequently in most cases).

VivoSun Grow Bags are made by VivoSun, which is headquartered in Redding, California.

Trade gallons used for grow bag size volume measurement

VivoSun grows bags, like other plant pots, are measured in units called “trade gallons”. A trade gallon is smaller than a US liquid gallon, which can lead to confusion (and potentially disappointment if the bags are smaller than hoped). One trade gallon is equal to 3/4 of one US liquid gallon (or 2.8 liters).

Trade gallons can also be considered in the context of cubic feet since this is sometimes easier to visualize. A horticultural plant pot that is labeled as 10 gallons should hold 10 trade gallons, which is equal to one cubic foot. So, when thinking about plant grow bags, remember that a 10-gallon grow bag should hold about a cubic foot of soil.

Vivosun grow bag

Other fabrics grow bag options

Here is some other similar fabric grow bags to consider:

It’s nice to have a few different types and sizes for use with different plants and in different settings around the garden.

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