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Pumpkins, synonymous with fall festivities and comforting dishes, are a cherished favorite in gardens and kitchens alike. From the classic orange globes perfect for carving to the diverse varieties ideal for pies and soups, pumpkins embody the essence of autumn.

This section journeys into the world of pumpkins, offering insights into their cultivation, varieties, and the rich traditions they are part of. Beyond the patch, delve into the nutritional benefits, culinary uses, and even the art of pumpkin carving. Whether you’re anticipating the next pumpkin harvest or crafting a heartwarming dish, this section is your guide to celebrating the multifaceted charm of pumpkins.

Woman holding pumpkin with other pumpkins on bench beside her

Pumpkin species

Pumpkin species belong to the genus Cucurbita. There are five species that are commonly referred…

Moranga pumpkin

Moranga pumpkins are best known for their pinky-orange peel color, but this cultivar is also…

Queensland blue pumpkin on vine

Queensland Blue pumpkin

The Queensland Blue pumpkin is a specialty pumpkin variety known for its striking slate-like blue-green…

How to grow pumpkins

How to grow pumpkins

Grow your own pumpkins this season with our easy-to-follow guide! Learn how to prepare the soil, plant, water, fertilize, control pests and harvest your pumpkins.
Cinderella ornamental pumpkin - photo by mary jane duford

Ornamental pumpkins

What is fall without ornamental pumpkins!? A gorgeous autumn display of pretty pumpkins goes a…

Decorative pumpkins

Decorative pumpkins

Autumn is here! A festive fall display isn’t complete without some gorgeous pumpkins. Decorative pumpkins…

Mini pumpkins

Mini pumpkins

A festive fall display isn’t complete without some adorable mini pumpkins in the mix! Mini…