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  • How to make a planting calendar for your garden

    How to make a planting calendar for your garden

    Once you’ve selected the crops for your garden and decided on the layout, it’s time to create a garden planting calendar! Organizing your seed starting, transplanting, and harvesting activities will make a huge difference in growing a successful garden. Once you’ve scheduled out your garden crops into an easy planting calendar, you’ll be ready to…

  • Garden map
  • Number of plants to grow

    Number of plants to grow

    To plan a garden you’ll love, it’s important to choose the right number of plants to grow so you’ll have an abundant harvest without feeling overwhelmed. There are a few factors to consider when planning out your numbers, including how much you’d like to harvest and how much room you have to grow your plant groups in. Fortunately, there…

  • What to grow in your garden

    What to grow in your garden

    Choosing what to grow in your garden is one of the most enjoyable steps of garden planning. Dreaming of an abundant garden is enough to make anyone look forward to early spring. With early spring in mind, it’s easy to flip open a seed catalog and want to grow absolutely everything. You may find that even if…

  • 3 types of gardens

    3 types of gardens

    There are many types of gardens to choose from when you start growing your own food. From tropical plants to herb gardens to flower gardens, The different types of gardens each have their own benefits, drawbacks, and reasons why they suit various growing environments. Here are the best types of gardens so that you can decide which will work for you! The best types of gardens for…

  • Growing kale indoors

    Growing kale indoors

    Growing kale indoors is totally possible and can be totally easy. You just have to make sure the baby kale plants get what they need. Luckily kale is one of the easiest vegetables to grow at home! Types of kale to grow indoors There are endless varieties of kale to choose from. Here are two of…

  • Balcony vegetable garden

    Balcony vegetable garden

    In my little apartment, I found myself yearning for a connection to nature. Living in an apartment posed a significant challenge for my green thumb — no backyard, no sprawling land to fill up with flowers. And so, over a decade ago, I began my journey with balcony vegetable gardening, transforming my concrete balcony into…