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Carrots, with their vibrant hues ranging from classic orange to purples, reds, and yellows, are a gardener’s joy and a staple in many kitchens. These root vegetables, known for their crisp texture and sweet taste, are as delightful to grow as they are to eat.

This section dives deep into the world of carrots, offering insights into various cultivars, planting guidelines, and harvesting techniques. Beyond just the basics, explore the nutritional benefits, culinary uses, and even the history of these delectable roots. Whether you’re planning a successive planting, seeking gourmet varieties, or aiming for that perfect crunch, carrots promise both garden satisfaction and culinary delight.

How to grow carrots in your garden

How to grow carrots

Carrots aren’t the easiest or the most challenging vegetable plants to grow. They like the…

Black nebula carrots

Black Nebula carrot

The Black Nebula carrot is a specialty variety known for its lovely dark purple color…

Scarlet nantes carrots on a plate

Scarlet Nantes carrot

What’s better than biting into the crunch of a carrot you grew in your backyard?…

Garden carrots on the dirt

Types of carrots

No vegetable garden is complete without a few rows of delicious homegrown carrots! Fortunately, there…