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Welcome to Home for the Harvest! I’m Mary Jane. If you’d love to start your own garden but don’t know where to start, this page is for you. Home for the Harvest is all about sharing the basics of organic gardening while taking the time to connect with nature.

What is Organic Gardening?

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What most organic gardeners crave – and what Home for the Harvest focuses on – is:

Creating vibrant gardens that produce an abundance of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers while supporting the local eco-system without using synthetic chemicals.

In other words, we don’t use manufactured chemicals in the garden.

Instead, we organic gardeners invest in the overall health of our soil and eco-system, always leaving more than we take. We work to establish regenerative gardens that continually contribute to the environment around them. And some fresh heirloom tomatoes wouldn’t be all that bad either.

Getting Your Organic Garden Started

There are three basics to organic gardening for anyone who wants to start an organic garden. Before you start ordering seeds or digging up a patch of your lawn, make sure you know the answer to the following 3 questions:

  1. What is your goal with your garden?
  2. Who do you know who can help you?
  3. What growing zone are you in?

If you’re hesitant about any of the questions above, click through to the article and get super clear about what you want to achieve with your garden, who can help you, and what growing zone you’ll be gardening in. These three points underlie the entire garden planning framework and will help you start your organic garden with a strong foundation.

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Learning to Garden

Need more help? Check out my gardening resources page! This is where I put all my best information to get you started gardening.

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Cheers, MJ

Welcome to Home for the Harvest - Organic Gardening Tips and Healthy Recipes to Help You Connect With Nature

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