Seeds For Sale: The Best Seed Companies For Home Gardeners

Looking for garden seeds for sale that are trusted by real gardeners? These non-gmo seeds have been tested and reviewed by gardening experts and experienced home gardeners. Here’s what real gardeners have to say about the best vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and herb seeds for sale online and in local garden stores. Now let’s find the seed company that suits you best!

Seeds for Sale: Garden Seed Companies For Home Gardeners

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The companies listed above have all taken the Safe Seed Pledge from the Council for Responsible Genetics concerning genetically-modified seed. This means that these companies do not knowingly buy, sell or trade genetically engineered seeds or plants. Check out the full list of signatory seed companies on the CRG website.

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non gmo seeds for sale organized on a wooden countertop in similar groupings such as vegetable seeds, herb seeds, and flower seeds

Seeds for Sale – Real Gardeners Review Seed Companies

Here’s what gardening experts and real home gardeners have to say about some of the most popular seeds for sale in North America:

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds are well-known and well-loved for their incredible selection of rare heirloom seed varieties. Located in Mansfield, MO, Baker Creek publishes a gorgeous annual seed catalogue that celebrates the cycle of the gardening season. Their seed packets are equally as gorgeous (see photo below).

The founders of Baker Creek have authored several publications, including The Heirloom Life Gardener: The Baker Creek Way of Growing Your Own Food Easily and Naturally. As an heirloom seed company, Baker Creek has taken The Safe Seed Pledge. Here’s what real gardeners have to say about seeds for sale from Baker Creek:

Virginia from Homesteadyish says:

“I love Baker Creek! Not only are the seeds affordable, they are all heritage non gmo seeds. The selection is huge from vegetable seeds to flower seeds and herbs too! Their shipping is super cheap! They also put in a free seed packet with my shipment. Friendly staff that even sends a little note of appreciation with your order.”

Julie from the Organic Gardening Community says:

“I’ve always appreciated their stunning catalog. Not only is it pleasing to my eyes in the bleak of winter, but it also educates me and opens up my mind to planting so much more than the usual handful of crops that so many people have grown comfortable with.

Ordering seeds has always been easy and customer service pleasant. My orders have always arrived in a timely matter and without any hiccups.

Lastly, it fills my heart with joy to know that they’re beyond generous in donating seeds to organizations who share the seeds and the knowledge of growing with others who are wanting to learn. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is always my first suggestion to someone looking to purchase any kind of seed from a company caring for the future by preserving the seeds of the past.”

Find Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds at

baker creek non gmo seed packets full of vegetable seeds and flower seeds on a wooden table
Virginia’s seed order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests High-Quality Seeds & Garden Products offers all untreated, non-gmo seed. Based in Colorado, they offer a wide variety of seeds packaged with beautiful illustrations, facts, and helpful tips (perfect for gift-giving). The company also supports non-profits school gardens, community gardens, and food banks that promote gardening.

Botanical Interests has taken the Safe Seed Pledge. Find their seeds for sale on the Botanical Interests website or on Amazon USA.

“Botanical Interests has also signed the safe seed pledge, is Non GMO verified (verifies genetic contamination), and the family-owned company carries a lot of heirlooms. They do not currently ship to Canada though.”

Visit the Botanical Interests website.

Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing seeds. They promote biodiversity and community-building through their seed exchange program. The Seed Savers Organization is based out of Iowa, but member growers are located all over the country.

Seed Savers has taken the Safe Seed Pledge. Find seeds for sale from Seed Savers online at their website, order on Amazon, or pick them up at these locations.

Erika from the Organic Gardening Community says:

“I’m a big fan of Seed Savers Exchange. They have a lot of organic seeds and I’ve had great success with their seeds.”

Visit the Seed Savers Exchange website.

High Mowing Seeds

High Mowing Seeds are known for offering 100% certified organic seed. Their seed is widely available in North American and is tested for germination rates, disease and GMO contamination. High Mowing is located in Wolcott, VO and distributes seeds across the US and Canada.

As an organic seed company, High Mowing has taken The Safe Seed Pledge. High Mowing Organic Seeds can be ordered directly from High Mowing, found online on Amazon, and sold in these brick-and-mortar locations.

Johnny’s Seeds

Johnny’s Seeds is known as a top choice for market gardeners and homesteaders. Headquartered in Fairfield, Maine, they sell seeds and tools for home gardeners and small farmers. Johnny’s is known for their dependable disease-resistant varieties and market crops with short maturity dates. Their seed packets and growers guides also have a lot of detail!

Johnny’s is one of the larger companies to have taken the Safe Seed Pledge. They do sell a few seeds that can be traced back to Monsanto, but these seeds are conventionally bred (not GMO). All that said, they remain a trusted commercial seed supplier for many home gardeners and market growers.

Virginia from Homesteadyish says:

“Johnny’s has a wide variety of seed from vegetables to flower seeds. They carry some organic non gmo seeds. Shipping is fast and they do offer free shipping with a minimum purchase.”

Virginia from Homesteadyish
corn in the garden grown from non gmo seeds - non GM vegetable seeds in Canada
Jenn’s corn from Veseys Seeds

Veseys Seeds

Veseys Seeds are popular with small farmers, homesteaders, and market gardeners in Canada. Located on Prince Edward Island (Canada), Veseys was founded by a market gardener in the 1930’s. They offer an impressive selection of vegetable seeds, as well as herb seeds and flower seeds. They’re also now known for their perennial flower bulbs.

Fedco Seeds

Fedco Seeds is known for reliable, cold-hardy vegetable seeds that are adapted to the Northeastern climate. Based in Clinton, ME, Fedco is structured as a cooperative owned by seed co-op members and employees. They have a wonderful selection of crops, including organic and heirloom seeds for sale for reasonable prices. Fedco also ships bulbs and live plants.

Fedco has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and regularly tests for genetic contamination. Order their seeds for sale directly from Fedco.

Mattie from the Organic Gardening Community says:

“Fedco is a Maine Company–it’s a big “go to” here in Maine-they have a great reputation and attend the organic Fair we have here in Maine. They have a great variety of seeds and there staff are very knowlegable and helpful. They gave me info and advice on my carrot problems.”

Find Fedco seeds for sale on their website.

Eden Brothers

Eden Brothers specializes in hard-to-find flower seeds, herbs, and heirloom vegetable seeds. Based in Arden, NC, Eden Brothers just might be the perfect place to find that rare flower that you remember from years ago but just can’t find locally.

Eden Brothers has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and only offers non-gmo seed. Order directly from Eden Brothers or find them on Amazon.

Mattie from the Organic Gardening Community says:

“Their seed packets have a lot of seeds in them-I was surprised. I went to them for my celosia seeds-they have a great variety.”

See all Eden Brothers seeds for sale on their website.

Territorial Seed

Territorial Seed is known for their high-quality vegetable seeds, detailed growing tips, and online garden planner. Based in Cottage Grove, OR, Territorial offers high-quality vegetable seeds with a variety of maturity dates so you always have something fresh to harvest from your garden.

Territorial Seed has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and offers only untreated non gmo seed. Order online directly from Territorial or find a local dealer.

Hayley from the Organic Gardening Community says:

“The reason I like Territorial is that they provide a TON of information on the website about planting individual varieties of plants. I feel a lot of companies will leave you hanging on how to care for a particular cultivar and only provide general information. They also have a lot of interesting varieties. They certainly aren’t the cheapest, but they make up for that in other areas.”

Visit Territorial Seed Company and view all seeds for sale here.


Richters is a favourite of many herb gardeners and herbalists in North America. Based in Goodwood, Ontario (Canada), Richters offers an impressive variety of medicinal and culinary herbs. They also ship potted herb plants and plug trays.

pink sweet peas grown from non gmo flower seeds in a vase on a white table
Julia’s sweet peas grown from Renee’s Garden Seeds

Renee’s Garden

Renee’s Garden is known for their beautiful seed packets and catalogue of annual flowers and vegetables. Renee’s Garden seeds are perfect for the home kitchen garden. They also make a beautiful gift due to their lovely packaging.

Renee’s Garden has taken the Safe Seed Pledge, meaning they do not sell genetically engineered seeds. For the best selection, order from Renee’s Garden online. Renee’s Garden seeds are also available on Amazon and at independent nurseries and garden centers throughout USA and Canada.

Julia from Julia Dimakos, Gardening Girl says:

“Easily at the top of my list for favourite seed companies, Renee’s Garden has the most beautiful selection of flower seeds that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across!  Not only are the varieties gorgeous, but the beautiful artwork on all seed packages are a pleasure to behold!  I add sweet peas to my kitchen garden, every year.  They have a delicious smell and I love walking through my sweet pea covered garden gate, upon entering the garden.  Renee’s sweet pea varieties have the sturdiest stems, perfect for bouquets and the muskiest aromas.

In addition to offering high quality flower seeds, they offer amazing varieties of vegetable and herb seeds, all with excellent germination rates.  They have varieties available for small and container-type gardens too.  For example, their variety of ‘Astia’ Container Zucchini allowed me to grow 3 plants in a small 2 x 5 foot raised bed!  The plant was extremely prolific, allowing me to harvest fresh zucchini almost daily, once the season kicked off. This variety is a must for my garden!  Shipping rates are also reasonable to Canada.”

Julia Dimakos, Gardening Girl

West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds is best known for vegetable seeds for the classic home gardener. Based in Ladner, BC (Canada), West Coast offers untreated non gmo seeds for sale that are well suited to home organic kitchen gardening. In addition to vegetable seeds, they do also have many herb seeds and wildflower varieties. It’s the perfect destination if you’re into companion planting or would like to attract more pollinators to your vegetable garden!

West Coast Seeds is a signatory of the Safe Seed Pledge, meaning that they sell only non gmo seeds. Find West Coast Seeds for sale on their websiteonline at Amazon Canada, and at your local independent garden centre.

Pinetree Garden Seeds

Pinetree Garden Seeds of Maine is known for their wide variety of seeds sold online at reasonable prices. They have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and are committed to sustainable agriculture.

Nikole from the Organic Gardening Community says:

“I’m a big fan of Pinetree Garden in Maine. The variety and prices are great and I always get beautiful plants from them!”

Visit Pinetree Garden Seeds online.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is known for their heirloom seeds that are suited to the climate of Mid-Atlantic and Southeast USA. Located in in Mineral, VA, it’s a worker-run co-operative company. A majority of the seeds offered by Southern Exposure are certified organic and almost all are open-pollinated. No seeds offered are chemically treated.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and has a comprehensive non-GMO policy. Order directly from Southern Exposure.

Shannon from We’ll Eat You Up, We Love You So says:

“I practice what one of my fellow community garden volunteers once called “lazy gardening.” While my methods aren’t actually lazy, I do try to work with nature rather than fight against it. In particular, I try to adapt as much as I can to my region, local climate, and other conditions. As I live in the Washington D.C. region, this means hot, humid, and buggy. 

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers the best seeds for these conditions. Southern Exposure offers heirloom and organic seeds that specifically grow well in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast areas of the United States. They offer a wonderful variety of vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herbs, mushrooms, and cover crops. For the most popular vegetables, they offer a number of varieties, providing in-depth descriptions of what the variety is best suited for, how long it takes to grow before harvest, and what the final plant looks like.

The seeds are reasonably priced – $2.50 for a regular bag of most seeds and $5.50 for a bulk size. Ordering is simple – you place your order online and they ship it to your house. The only delay I’ve ever had is in ordering sweet potato starts, as they don’t deliver them until it is time to plant. The quality of the seed and varieties have consistently been good, with my plants often being strong and withstanding some serious challenges, including bugs and deer munching. 

As a bonus, Southern Exposure is particularly great for gardening with kids. My kids love looking through their catalog – their last one had dwarves frolicking among vegetables on the cover. Inside, the catalog always has beautiful full-color illustrations, which makes my kids excited to plan the garden with me. The seed envelopes are pretty sturdy, which is important when small children are starting seeds. Most packages also come with a lot of seeds, making it possible to withstand a certain amount of spillage and wasted seeds.”

View all seeds for sale from Southern Exposure on their website.

seed saving heirloom seed catalog from medomak valley high school in maine
Hilary’s seed catalog from Medomak Valley High School

More Places to Find Seeds for Sale

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Check out these off-the-beaten path places to find seeds for sale online and locally.

Medomak Valley High School

Medomak Valley High School is home to the oldest school seed savers program in the US.  MVHS make seeds available for genetic and historical purposes. Heirloom seeds from Medomak Valley High School have been provided to historic locations such as Monticello and to seed saving companies such as Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Hilary from EverlonGardener says:

“One our local high schools has a fabulous seed saving program. They even raised money to purchase a seed vault to properly store their rare seeds. The class grows salad greens for the cafeteria part of the year. Wonderful program for teens interested in gardening and history! For my article all about the Heirloom Seed Project and all of the other projects they do, go to

View the MVHS Seed Catalog Here.

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