Best Yard Work Gear

There are a couple of essential pieces of gear for yard work. While I do sometimes dream of having a robot to do my yard work for me, I am also quite happy using my existing yard work gear.

I recommend the following four pieces of gear for homeowners with a yard:

The links above will take you through to the exact product. Details on each product are written below.

I apologize for not having a great garden hose and nozzle to recommend to you. I’ve tried way too many and been let down. I just haven’t found the right one yet! I’ll be trying out this stainless steel garden hose next.

Metal Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow that I recommend for other homeowners is the WORX Aerocart (click to see it on Amazon). The Aerocart wheelbarrow is made of steel and features two flat-free tires. It can also be used as a surprisingly decent dolly or yard cart. Best of all, it’s not terribly heavy or tippy.

The WORX Aerocart holds three cubic feet of volume and can hold 300 lbs of weight. It makes heavy loads seem reasonably light and stable. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to tip over.

The handles may be a bit low for tall people, but I suspect that is common among most wheelbarrows. This is not the right wheelbarrow for contractors mixing and moving concrete. But, it is definitely the right wheelbarrow for anyone doing yard work!

Metal Leaf Rake

The leaf rake I recommend is the Gardenite Adjustable Metal Garden Leaf Rake (click to see it on Amazon). I’ve broken too many plastic rakes and felt bad about them ending up in the landfill. This metal rake is built to last and is worth the investment.

Branch Loppers

The lopper I recommend for trimming tree branches is this plain jane Fiskars Bypass Lopper (click to see it on Amazon). It’s not fancy, but it totally works. If I come across branches too big for it, I just move right onto using…my pruning saw (see next section).

Tree Pruning Saw

The pruning saw I recommend is the REXBETI Folding Wood Pruning Saw (click to see it on Amazon). I prefer folding saws for yard work, as the blade can be put away without a sheath. This pruning saw has a nice steel blade that seems to be quite well designed (right length, teeth spaced well).