Best Lawn Care Gear

Lawn care is mostly about doing the right things at the right time, but it doesn’t hurt to have dependable gear.

Here are the four things I recommend for anyone taking care of a turf grass lawn:

I apologize for not having a great lawnmower to recommend to you. I’m just not super thrilled with the gas lawnmowers we’ve had. Here is the cordless electric lawnmower I’m considering. That is …unless I magically get my robot lawnmower :)

Lawn Sprinkler

The lawn sprinkler that I recommend for homeowners is this Mini Melnor Oscillating Sprinkler. Melnor sprinklers are well-made for their reasonable price point. Like anything, these sprinklers will last if you take good care of them.

I did have the orange plastic width-adjustment tabs break off my larger metal Melnor sprinkler, but I feel like it was my fault for leaving it in the cold garage over winter. Now I take everything with plastic parts to the basement during the snowy winters we get here!

Grass Seed Mixes

I used to be all about buying the bulk generic grass seed – but honestly, it just hasn’t worked out for me NEARLY as well as the big name-brand grass seed mixes. I’ve had wonderful results with both Scotts Turf Builder (USA) and Pro-Mix Grass Seed (Canada). Both of these companies offer mixes that are not coated. I have not yet found an OMRI-Certified Organic grass seed mix (but when I do I will test it out!).

Read more about choosing the best grass seed mix in this article.

Metal Bow Rake

A metal bow rake is not the first thing I bought for taking care of our lawn, but I keep going back to it. It’s become essential. I use it for de-thatching matted areas, bringing up the grade in low spots, and top-dressing with compost. There is no label on the metal bow rake we have, and I got it at the local hardware store, so I can’t give you the exact product link. This Bully Tools Bow Rake is as close as I can find to the one we have (right down to the red handle).