Digz Garden Gloves: Review & Where To Find Them

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Looking for effective, lovely-looking garden gloves that don’t break the bank? I use Digz garden gloves.

Digz Garden Gloves is a brand of gardening gloves offered in a variety of women’s sizes, patterns, and fabric materials. Digz makes some of my favorite everyday stretchy fabric gardening gloves with a non-slip palm coating, as well as many specialty gloves, including rose-picking gloves, synthetic leather, and even touchscreen-compatible fingertips.

Here are some of my favorite Digz garden gloves:

Read on to learn why Digz is one of my favorite brands of gardening gloves.

Digz Garden Gloves: Review

I’ve tried as many different types of gardening gloves as I can get my hands on *hehe*, but Digz Garden Gloves remain one of my go-to brands. They work well in the garden due to their non-slip palm coating, making them perfect for pulling out stubborn weeds. The coating also provides a bit of cushioning when you’re shoveling soil or raking leaves.

Digz garden gloves are also quite easy to put on, but they also stay on your hand well too. I like that there are different sizes available, so I don’t have to deal with baggy gloves filling with soil as I work in the garden. Lastly, I throw mine in the wash after every use, and even still, they seem to last all the way through the season. Sometimes the label peels off in the wash, but they’re otherwise intact. And they dry very quickly (I don’t put mine in the dryer).

Here’s a video review of the Digz Garden Gloves I use most often (the everyday stretchy, non-slip type):

I love my Digz garden gloves!

Similar Gardening Gloves

Here are some other similar types of gardening gloves with stretchy fabric and a non-slip palm:

(I have WAY too many lol)…

digz gloves - veggie garden
Digz Gardening Gloves

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