10 peppermint Christmas decor ideas

There are tons of great ideas you can use to make a peppermint collection in your home. Use candy canes or look-alikes to decorate your home and yard this holiday season. Use some of the ideas below for inspiration as you invent or add to your holiday collection. You’ll love these Peppermint Christmas Decor ideas.

Candy canes on christmas tree

1. Start by hanging peppermint candy cane decorations

Whether you use real candy canes or fake ones, they look great hanging from a ribbon around the house. Hang them near the mantle, in front of a window, or across a doorway in your home. They also look great hanging from trees outside in your front yard. You’ll love seeing these items as you enter your house.

Peppermint holiday wreath

2. Peppermint patterned candy cane wreath

A peppermint wreath is easy to make by starting with a plain evergreen wreath and adding some peppermint and candy canes to the main portion with some floral wire. Then add a red and white ribbon tied in a bow, and you’re ready to hang it up!

Instead of using real peppermints or candy canes to create a wreath, you can also just use red and white ribbon or fabric. Wrap the material around a circular piece of foam to give it a striped look. Attach red, green, and white ornaments and decorations, and you’ll have a pretty wreath for the front door as you enter your house.

3. Wire art in peppermint design

If you are crafty with wire and other supplies, try making your own candy cane or peppermint Christmas decor. Twist some crimson and silver wire or metal together to create an adorable peppermint ornament or decoration for your house. These look great on a sign inside or outside your house or hanging on a tree.

4. Wreath made entirely of candy canes

Use candy canes to make your own homemade wreath. Rather than just adding peppermints and candy canes to an evergreen wreath, you can make a small wreath entirely out of them!

A homemade wreath is a lovely way to decorate for the holidays. Arrange the candy canes back to back for a simple look or glue them onto a white wreath with colorful ornaments for more color and dimension. You can find all sorts of candy cane wreath trends online. Add them to your collection this year.

Cup of candy canes

5. Peppermint Christmas decor centerpiece

Make a bright centerpiece using some simple items from the craft store and some candy canes. These items can include a rustic basket, an antique vase, or any other container. Load the container up with colorful candy canes and set it in the center of your table for guests to see. You’ll love having this in your home during the holidays.

Hanging peppermint candy cane decoration

6. Peppermint Christmas decor and candy canes on the Tree

Decorate your large Christmas tree using real candy canes or fake ones. I love seeing a white tree adorned with striped ornaments and candy canes. When guests come to visit, invite them to grab a treat on the way out. It’s the perfect way to share some holiday cheer this year.

7. Small tree made from candy canes

Create your own candy cane tree for your collection using a cone-shaped piece of foam and candy cane peppermints. This craft costs a minimum price and is great to make around the holidays. Kids and adults will love making their own candy cane trees. You’ll just need the cone, candy canes, and some hot glue.

8. Peppermint stick vase centerpiece

Using a glass jar and some peppermint sticks, create your own vase for holiday flowers. Your table isn’t complete without a nice centerpiece, so make it festive using candy stripes. White flowers will look exceptional in this homemade vase. Tie it together with a striped ribbon, and your table is set.

9. Peppermint Christmas decor stocking holders

Make candy canes and peppermint Christmas decor the center of your holiday theme using peppermint stocking holders. Buy candy cane wire forms at your local craft store or superstore and wrap them in a striped ribbon. Attach them to your mantle and let them hold the goodies on Christmas morning.

10. Candy cane candle decorations

Place candy cane sticks around your favorite candle sticks for lovely centerpiece ideas and decorations. This is a super simple idea and a creative way to make the holiday table a little brighter. If you don’t have candy cane sticks, use regular candy canes turned upside down. Hold them to the candle with a holiday ribbon, and you are all set!

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How can you decorate with peppermint?

You can create decorations, like wreaths and garlands, centerpieces, or even hang peppermint candy canes from the tree as decoration.

How can I use peppermint candy canes other than decorating?

Candy canes are a nice treat during the holidays, but you can also use them in holiday-themed drinks and desserts. Try crushing them and using them as a drink rim, as a brownie topping, or on top of hot cocoa.

Let’s celebrate Christmas together!

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