20 peony varieties

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There are thousands of peony varieties to choose from for your garden. Despite the number of different cultivars, there are certain favorite varieties that appear in garden centers every year due to their immense popularity. Let’s look at the most popular peony varieties grown today, as well as a big list of over 200 different types of peonies to choose from.

Top 20 peony varieties

Here are 20 of the top peony varieties grown in gardens today:

  1. Sarah Bernhardt peony – double flowers, soft rose petals, sturdy stems
  2. Coral Charm peony – semi double flowers, peach-coral flowers
  3. Karl Rosenfield peony – herbaceous peony, double flowers, deep-red blooms
  4. Sorbet peony – peonies bloom with large pink, ruffled petals
  5. Festiva Maxima peony – white peony blooms, light fragrance
  6. Bowl of Beauty peony – herbaceous peony, gold stamens, pink petals
  7. Shirley Temple peony – soft pink bright blooms, lovely fragrance
  8. Kansas peony – bright pink peony, awarded by the american peony society
  9. Coral Sunset peony – bright yellow stamens, pink-orange petals
  10. Bartzella peony – yellow delicate blooms, yellow centre
  11. Red Charm peony – double blossoms, with huge flowers
  12. Raspberry Sundae peony – pale pink petals, delicate foliage
  13. Pink Hawaiian Coral peony – bright yellow center, coral-pink petals,
  14. Alexander Flemming peony – pale pink petals, can grow in partial shade
  15. Duchesse de Nemours peony – pure white flowers, with wavy petals
  16. Felix Crousse peony – deep pink and magenta blooms
  17. Edulis Superba peony – fragrant peony plant, with bright pink petals
  18. Gardenia peony – creamy white peony, best for cut flowers
  19. Buckeye Belle peony – golden stamens, crimson red petals
  20. Henry Bockstoce peony – dark red flowers, with dark green foliage
  21. Monsieur Jules Elie peony – light pink blooms, purple foliage
Peony varieties

Big list of peony varieties

Here is the big list of 200+ herbaceous peonies, sorted alphabetically. Popular varieties have been linked to plant nurseries that offer that specific variety (most garden centers ship their peony plants in spring/fall). They come in a variety of colours from light pink, with yellow stamens to pure white petals with strong stems. Some of them have a sweet fragrance, with fragrant flowers while others do not.

  1. Abalone Pearl Peony
  2. Abalone Pink Peony
  3. Adrienne Clarkson Peony
  4. Aegean Peony
  5. Afterglow Peony
  6. Age of Gold Peony
  7. Age of Victoria Peony
  8. Alertie Peony
  9. Alexander Woollcott Peony
  10. America Peony
  11. Angel Cheeks Peony
  12. Ann Cousins Peony
  13. Avalanche Peony
  14. Bad Rappenau Peony
  15. Baroness Schroeder Peony
  16. Bashful Queen Peony
  17. Belgravia Peony
  18. Bella Donna Peony
  19. Benjamin Franklin Peony
  20. Black Beauty Peony
  21. Blanco Royale Peony
  22. Blush Queen Peony
  23. Bouquet Perfect Peony
  24. Bowl of Beauty Peony
  25. Bowl of Cream Peony
  26. Break O’Day Peony
  27. Bridal Gown Peony
  28. Bridal Shower Peony
  29. Buckeye Belle Peony
  30. Burma Ruby Peony
  31. Butter Bowl Peony
  32. Candy Stripe Peony
  33. Catharina Fontijn Peony
  34. Celebrity Peony
  35. Cherry Hill Peony
  36. Chiffon Parfait Peony
  37. Chocolate Soldier Peony
  38. Cincinnati Peony
  39. Claire de Lune Peony
  40. Class Act Peony
  41. Command Performance Peony
  42. Comtesse de Tudor Peony
  43. Copper King Peony
  44. Coral Charm Peony
  45. Coral Fay Peony
  46. Coral Nebula Peony
  47. Coral n’Gold Peony
  48. Coral Sunset Peony
  49. Coral Supreme Peony
  50. Crazy 4Ever Peony
  51. Cytherea Peony
  52. Dad Peony
  53. Dawn Pink Peony
  54. Daystar Peony
  55. Delaware Chief Peony
  56. Diana Parks Peony
  57. Dinner Plate Peony
  58. Dixon’s Dream Peony
  59. Do Tell Peony
  60. Doreen Peony
  61. Dr. Alexander Fleming Peony
  62. Dragon’s Nest Peony
  63. Duchesse de Nemours Peony
  64. Duchesse d’Orleans Peony
  65. Dutch Dwarf Peony
  66. Early Glow Peony
  67. Early Windflower Peony
  68. Eden’s Perfume Peony
  69. Edna’s Wish Peony
  70. Edulis Superba Peony
  71. Elise McKenna Peony
  72. Eliza Lundy Peony
  73. Ellen Cowley Peony
  74. Emily Debatene Peony
  75. Enchanted Peony
  76. Ethed Salmon Peony
  77. Fairy’s Petticoat Peony
  78. Faithful Dream Peony
  79. Fancy Nancy Peony
  80. Farzana Peony
  81. Felix Crousse Peony
  82. Felix Supreme Peony
  83. Fernleaf Peony
  84. Festiva Maxima Peony
  85. Flame Peony
  86. Florence Nicholls Peony
  87. Francois Ortegat Peony
  88. Garden Peace Peony
  89. Gardenia Peony
  90. Gay Paree Peony
  91. Ghislaine Brosseau Peony
  92. Goldilocks Peony
  93. Good Karma Peony
  94. Green Halo Peony
  95. G’Day Mate Peony
  96. Haung Jin Lun Peony
  97. Helen Matthews Peony
  98. Henry Bockstoce Peony
  99. Hermione Peony
  100. Highlights Peony
  101. Honey Gold Peony
  102. Illini Warrior Peony
  103. Itoh Peony
  104. Jan van Leeuwen Peony
  105. Jeanne d’Arc Peony
  106. Joker Peony
  107. Josette Peony
  108. Kansas Peony
  109. Karen Gray Peony
  110. Karine Duval Peony
  111. Karl Rosenfield Peony
  112. Kelway’s Glorious Peony
  113. Kirinmaru Peony
  114. Koppius Peony
  115. Krinkled White Peony
  116. Lady Alexandra Duff Peony
  117. Lady Liberty Peony
  118. Lancaster Imp Peony
  119. Late Windflower Peony
  120. Laura Dessert Peony
  121. Lavender Baby Peony
  122. Le Cygne Peony
  123. Lemon Chiffon Peony
  124. Lois Kelsey Peony
  125. Lonesome Dove Peony
  126. Lora Peony
  127. Lorelei Peony
  128. Louise Lossing Peony
  129. Maestro Peony
  130. Manitowoc Maiden Peony
  131. Marie Fischer Peony
  132. Marie Jacquin Peony
  133. Marie Lemoine Peony
  134. Mariechen Peony
  135. Mary Jo Legare Peony
  136. Minni Shaylor Peony
  137. Miss America Peony
  138. Mme. Calot Peony
  139. Monsieur Jules Elie Peony
  140. Moon Over Barrington Peony
  141. Moon River Peony
  142. Mother’s Choice Peony
  143. Mutabilis Plena Peony
  144. Myrtle Gentry Peony
  145. Nellie Saylor Peony
  146. Nick Shaylor Peony
  147. Nikita Peony
  148. Nippon Beauty Peony
  149. Nippon Brilliant Peony
  150. Nordic Paradox Peony
  151. Nova Peony
  152. Officinalis Anemoniflora Rosea Peony
  153. Old Faithful Peony
  154. Orange Cup Peony
  155. Pecher Peony
  156. Peter Brand Peony
  157. Petite Elegance Peony
  158. Pico Peony
  159. Picotee Peony
  160. Pink Choice Peony
  161. Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony
  162. Plainsman Peony
  163. Postilion Peony
  164. Prairie Afire Peony
  165. Prairie Moon Peony
  166. President Lincoln Peony
  167. Primevere Peony
  168. Prince of Darkness Peony
  169. Quality Folk Peony
  170. Rachel Peony
  171. Rare China Peony
  172. Raspberry Sundae Peony
  173. Raspberry Charm Peony
  174. Red Charm Peony
  175. Red Goddess Peony
  176. Red Grace Peony
  177. Red Rock Canyon Peony
  178. Red Sarah Bernhardt Peony
  179. Riches & Fame Peony
  180. Rienzi Peony
  181. Romantic Elegance Peony
  182. Rosaurea Peony
  183. Roselette’s Child Peony
  184. Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow Peony
  185. Salmon Beauty Peony
  186. Salmon Dream Peony
  187. Sarah Bernhardt Peony
  188. Scarlett O’Hara Peony
  189. Sea Shell Peony
  190. Seeing Blue Peony
  191. Shannon Peony
  192. Shaylor’s Sunburst Peony
  193. Shirley Temple Peony
  194. Silvia Saunders Peony
  195. Sister Margaret Peony
  196. Sky Dance Peony
  197. Soft Salmon Saucer Peony
  198. Solange Peony
  199. Sorbet Peony
  200. Spellbinder Peony
  201. Spring Sun Peony
  202. Strawberry Blush Peony
  203. Summer Glow Peony
  204. Sunset Flash Peony
  205. Sweet Lemonade Peony
  206. Sword Dance Peony
  207. The Fawn Peony
  208. The Mighty Mo Peony
  209. Top Brass Peony
  210. Top Hat Peony
  211. Triton Peony
  212. Victoire de la Marne Peony
  213. Viking Chief Peony
  214. Vivid Rose Peony
  215. Westerner Peony
  216. White Cap Peony
  217. White Wings Peony
  218. Whitleyi Peony
  219. Wild Lactiflora Peony
  220. Wonderous Crinkle Peony
  221. Wonderous Linen Peony
  222. Wonderous Secret Peony
  223. Wonderous White Peouy
  224. Zemina Peony
  225. Zlatiko Peony

Wow! That’s a lot of different peonies to plant!

And don’t forget, you can also plant Tree Peonies and Intersectional Peonies, which each come in numerous varieties. Read more about the different types of peonies and their most common cultivars.

Peony varieties for sale
The best way to get a nice range of herbaceous, intersection and tree peony varieties for the garden is to shop the bare-root peony plants available in early spring and throughout the fall.
Peony flowers - different varieties
Different peony varieties in the flower garden
Peony varieties
Peony flowers - different varieties
Peony varieties in the garden
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