A List of Gardening Experts

This list of gardening experts includes current professionals and authors, as well as niche experts in specific areas of gardening. Sometimes you just need some inspiration for your garden.

List of Gardening Experts | Home for the Harvest

I like to use Pinterest to get new ideas, and also love reading books and checking the websites of gardening experts. Here is the list of gardening experts I’ve put together over the years. I also keep a list of my favourite gardening books and helpful online resources.

The list below includes organic gardening experts, renowned horticulturalists, biologists, mycologists, designers, and permaculturalists.

List of Gardening Experts

  1. Alys Fowler: British horticulturalist, gardening journalist, and urban garden/allotment expert.
  2. Mike McGrath: Expert in organic gardening, safe garden pest-control, and composting;
  3. Niki Jabbour: Expert in cold-climate gardening;
  4. Tanya Anderson: Expert in growing and using organic produce;
  5. Lee Reich: Expert on growing fruit, edible landscaping, and weed-less gardening;
  6. Margaret Roach: Expert in organic gardening and garden journalism;
  7. Melinda Myers: Gardening host, author, and columnist.
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Niche Gardening Experts

Here is a list of niche gardening experts recommended to me by friends and mentors. I haven’t had the chance to read up on or fully investigate on all these sources yet, but I thought I’d include this list for you here in case you have a specific interest in one of the following niche areas:

  1. Mel Bartholomew – Inventor of the Square-Foot Gardening method;
  2. Toby Hemenway: Biologist, expert in urban sustainability and urban permaculture;
  3. Paul Stamits – Expert in Fungi/Mycology, author of Mycelium Running
  4. Piet Oudolf – Naturalistic landscape design;
  5. Allan Savory – Ecologist, Founder of Holistic Management and HMI;
  6. Sepp Holzer: Expert on permaculture, creating holistic garden and farming systems;
  7. Robert Hart – Horticulturalist, Edible Forest Garden Pioneer (Wenlock Edge) ;
  8. Bill Mollison – Founder of Permaculture;
  9. David Holmgren – Co-founder of Permaculture, Expert in Social Permaculture; 
  10. Eric Toensmeier – Expert on perennial vegetables and building a food forest;
  11. Paul Wheaton – Expert on permaculture and living a luxurious life sustainably;
  12. Masanobu Fukuoka – Japanese Farmer and Philosopher, known for No-Till Gardening, Do-Nothing Farming;
  13. Dave Jacke – Food forestry expert (“Edible Forest Gardens”);
  14. PA Yeomans – Developer of Keyline Design;
  15. Mark Shepard – Farmer, Keyline Practitioner, STUN method;
  16. Willie Smits – Forester, Microbiologist, Animal Rights Advocate, known for orangutan work in Indonesia;
  17. Ethan Roland – Developer of the 8 Forms of Capital, Regenerative Business Design, Appleseed Permaculture;
  18. Michael Reynolds – Earthship Developer, Sustainable Building Expert;
  19. Michael Nickels – Seven Ravens Permaculture (Salt Spring), Developed nurseries in Kenya http://seven-ravens.com;
  20. Craig Sponholtz – Watershed Artisans (formerly Dryland Solutions) Quivira Coalition, New Mexico – Watershed Restoration http://www.watershedartisans.com/index.php;
  21. Brad Lancaster – Rainwater Harvesting, http://www.harvestingrainwater.com;
  22. Blaine Andrewsic – Wildcrafting, Calgary;
  23. Masaro Emoto – Water Revitalization;
  24. Brock Doleman – Occidental Ecological Educator – Ecological restoration in California;
  25. Stewart Brand: Systems Thinking Expert, Editor of Whole Earth Catalogue ;
  26. Art Ludwig – Expert in Greywater;
  27. Zachery Weiss – North American Sepp Holtzer-Certified Designer http://www.elementalecosystems.com/#about;
  28. Ben Falk – Land Transformation with Swale-Building;
  29. Dan Palmer & Adam Grubb – Very Edible Gardens (VEG) http://www.veryediblegardens.com;
  30. Bill Zeedyk – Permaculture water management http://billzeedyk.com;
  31. Richard Walker – BC Food Forestry;
  32. Martin Crawford – Food Forestry;
  33. John Klishinger – Temperate Climate Forest Gardens;
  34. Don Ehlser – Cultivating natural forest areas;
  35. Ben Garrett – Toxic-Free Homes, Earthships;
  36. Jean Pain – Compost as an energy, heat, and a fuel production source.
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Who is your favourite gardening expert to learn from? Who is missing from this list of gardening experts? Let me know in the comments below if you have additions to the list!

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