List of Gardening Experts: Top Horticulturalists, Gardening Authors, and Inspirational Home Growers

Sometimes you need some inspiration for your garden! This list of gardening experts includes horticultural professionals and gardening authors, as well as niche experts in specific areas of gardening.

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I like to use Pinterest to get new ideas, and also love reading books and checking the websites of gardening experts. Here is the list of gardening experts I’ve put together over the years. I also keep a list of my favourite gardening books as another wonderful source of inspiration.

The list below includes organic gardening experts, renowned horticulturalists, biologists, mycologists, designers, and permaculturalists.

List Of Top Current Gardening Experts

  1. Alys Fowler: British horticulturalist, gardening journalist, and urban garden/allotment expert.
  2. Mike McGrath: Expert in organic gardening, safe garden pest-control, and composting;
  3. Niki Jabbour: Expert in cold-climate gardening;
  4. Ron Finley: Expert in organic food gardening;
  5. Tanya Anderson: Expert in growing and using organic produce;
  6. Lee Reich: Expert on growing fruit, edible landscaping, and weed-less gardening;
  7. Margaret Roach: Expert in organic gardening and garden journalism;
  8. Joe Lamp’l: Expert in backyard organic gardening;
  9. Melinda Myers: Gardening host, author, and columnist.
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The Big List Of Gardening Experts

Here is a list of niche gardening experts recommended to me by friends and mentors. This list is by no means complete, but is perhaps a good place to start when looking for gardening experts.

NameKnown ForVisit WebsiteSee BooksCheck CoursesPreview Podcast
Adam FrostGarden Design
Adam WoodhamsGarden Better (BHG Australia)
Alan LodgeThe Plants and Me
Alice Marcus KriegWe Dig Plants
Allan SavoryHolistic Land Management
Alys FowlerTelevision Host, Author
Alys HurnGardens Illustrated Podcast
Amanda McNultyMaking it Grow, on NPR
Andrew O’BrienGardens, Weeds, and Words
Andy LopezInvisible Gardener
Andy McIndoeGarden Design, Shrubs, Garden Wildlife
Annie MartinMoss
Arthur KruckebergBotany, Native Plants
Barbara W. EllisOrganic Gardening
Ben DarkThe Garden Log
Bill MollisonPermaculture
Bill ThornessCool-Season Gardening
Brooke KornegaySoul Soil: Where Agriculture and Spirit Intersect
C.L. FornariAuthor, Podcaster (Plantrama)
Carly CylinderFloral Arranging
Carmen DevitoWe Dig Plants
Carol J. MichelGarden Humor
Catherine KleierBotany, Science of Gardening
Charles SadlerIn the Landscape
Charlie DobbinThe Garden Show with Charlie Dobbin
Charlie RyrieFlowers
Charlotte PettsGrowing Wild
Chris CollinsThe Organic Gardening Podcast
Chris SabbareseGreen Industry Leaders Network
Chris VanCleaveRose Chat Podcast
Chris YoungThe Garden Podcast (RHS)
Christy WilhelmiGardenerd
Chrys GardenerGardening, Educator
Ciscoe MorrisGardening with Ciscoe
Colah TawkinBlack in the Garden
Costa GeorgiadisGardening Australia
Craig LeHoullierHeirloom Tomatoes
Danielle Sherry Let’s Argue About Plants
Darryl ChengHouseplants
David HolmgrenPermaculture
David HurrionBBC Gardener’s World
David MaxwellGardeners’ Corner (BBC)
David R. MellorLawn Care
Debra PrinzingSlow Flowers, Sunset Magazine
Dusty HeggeGrow Well
Edward SmithContainer Gardening
Ellen MaryThe Plant Based Podcast
Ellen ZachosAuthor, Podcaster (Plantrama)
Emily MurphyPass the Pistil & Grow What You Love
Eric ToensmeierForest Gardens, Carbon Sequestration
Erin BenzakeinFlowers, Flower Farming, Cut Flowers
Erin HardingClever Bloom, Houseplants
Felder RushingThe Gestalt Gardener
Fern Marshall BradleyOrganic Gardening, Garden Writing
Fred HowerPlant Talk
Gary BachmanSouthern Gardening Podcast (Mississippi State)
Geoff HodgeBotany
Gill DeaconGarden Talk (CBC)
Greg AutonThe Maritime Gardening Podcast
Hilary DahlSeattle Urban Farm Co.
Hilary ThomasGarden Design
HRH Charles, Prince of WalesOrganic Gardening
Igor JosifovicHouseplants, Urban Jungle
Isa Hendry EatonGarden Design
Jackie BeyerThe Green Organic Gardener Podcast
Jacob MittleiderMittleider Gardening Method
Jane EastoeFlowers
Jane PerroneOn the Ledge
Jazlyn DowGardenstead, Urban Gardening
Jen ParrilliFungi Town
Jennifer EbelingStill Growing, The Daily Gardener
Jennifer JewellCultivating Place
Jenny DillonGarden Better (BHG Australia)
Jenny PetersonGarden Design
Jill CloutierThe Plant Report
Jill McSheehyThe Beginner’s Garden with Jill McSheehy
Jo HowskiHome of Houseplants
Jodi TorpeyGardening, Garden Writing
Joe Lamp’lThe Joe Gardener Show
Joff ElphickPot and Cloche Garden Podcasts
John MageeThe Native Plant Podcast
John MorganThe Keep Growing Podcast
Josh RobinsonPermaculture for the Future
Judith de GraaffHouseplants, Urban Jungle
Kate SadlerIn the Landscape
Kathy ClugstonGardeners’ Question Time (BBC)
Katie Elzer-PetersGardening, Garden Writing
Ken CrowtherKen Crowther’s Gardening Podcast (BBC)
Kevin EspirituEpic Gardening
Kim EiermanEcoBeneficial
Lara DarlingHydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics
Larry MeillerGarden Talk with Larry Meiller
Lee ConnellyThe Skinny Jean Gardener
Lee ReichFruit
Lia LeendertzUrban Gardening
Linda Chalker-ScottScience of Gardening
Margaret RoachMartha Stewart Gardening, A Way to Garden
Maria FaillaBloom and Grow Radio
Marie IannottiGardening, Educator
Martha StewartGeneral Gardening Media
Masanobu FukuokaNo-Till Gardening
Matt CandeiasIn Defense of Plants
Meg SmolinskiContainer Gardening
Megan CainGarden Blogger
Mel BartholomewSquare Foot Gardening
Melinda MyersGeneral Gardening
Melissa J. WillTwo Minutes in the Garden
Michael PerryThe Plant Based Podcast
Mickey RobertsonIn the Kitchen Garden with Mickey
Mike McGrathYou Bet Your Garden
Misti LittleThe Garden Path
Monty DonTelevision Host, Author
Naomi SladeFruit & Flowers
Nathan WilsonNew Southern Garden
Neil SperryNeil Sperry’s Gardens
Nicole Johnsey BurkeKitchen Gardens
Niki JabbourSavvy Gardening, Blogger, Author
Noel KingsburyGardening, Educator
Paul StamitsFungi
Paul TukeyLawn Care
Paul ZammitGarden Talk (CBC)
Paul ZimmermanRoses
Paula PrykeFlowers, Floral Arranging
Peter BanePermaculture
Peter DoneganThe SodShow
Peter GibbsGardeners’ Question Time (BBC)
Peter SeabrookThis Week In The Garden with Peter Seabrook
Piet OudolfGarden Design
Rachel MyersGarden Design
Rachel PetheramFlowers, Herbs
Randy RitchieThe Healthy Garden
Rebecca SweetHarmony in the Garden, Garden Design
Rick StoneGardening, Educator
Robert PavlisGarden Blogger
Robin Wall KimmererMoss, Nature
Ron FinleyCommunity Gardening
Ron PattersonGardening, Garden Wildlife
Rosemary AlexanderGarden Design
Sally NexGardening, Educator
Sarah BrownThe Organic Gardening Podcast
Sarah WilsonRoots and All
Sean and Allison McManusSpoken Garden Podcast
Sepp HolzerPermaculture
Shane ConnollyFlowers
Shannon WhelanGardenstead, Euclid Flower Farms
Shawna CoronadoGardening Blogger, Author
Signe DanlerGardening, Educator
Stacy and AmySow Edible Podcast
Stephanie RoseGarden Therapy – Organic Gardening, Nature Crafts
Steve AitkenLet’s Argue About Plants
Summer Rayne OakesHomestead Brooklyn, Urban Gardening, Youtube
Susy MorrisChiot’s Run
Tanya AndersonLovely Greens – Organic Gardening, Nature Crafts
Teena SpindlerGardening, Educator
Teresa ByingtonRose Chat Podcast
Tim CrowtherSunday Gardening with Tim Crowther
Toby HemenwayPermaculture
Toby MusgraveGarden History
Tom ChristopherGrowing Greener
Ula MariaGarden Design
Valerie BradleyHouseplants
Vanessa FuchsRoyal Botanic Garden Sydney
Veronica PeerlessHouseplants
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