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  • Ornamental pumpkins

    Ornamental pumpkins

    What is fall without ornamental pumpkins!? A gorgeous autumn display of pretty pumpkins goes a long way towards creating that cozy fall feeling. While there are endless different types of pumpkins, a few varieties stand out as stunning ornamental pumpkins to add to your seasonal display this fall. Here are 7 of the top varieties…

  • Scary pumpkin faces

    Scary pumpkin faces

    What’s Halloween without some really great scary pumpkin faces!? Here are 45+ different jack o lantern ideas for frighteningly spooky carving ideas, from evil-grin pumpkin carving templates to prop-filled diabolical pumpkin creatures. Let’s look at this big gallery of scary pumpkin faces to get some ideas for jack-lantern designs!

  • Decorative pumpkins

    Decorative pumpkins

    Autumn is here! A festive fall display isn’t complete without some gorgeous pumpkins. Decorative pumpkins are ornamental Cucurbita cultivars used for fall decor. While some are carved, others are displayed whole – often on the front porch, mantle, or dining table. Some popular decorative pumpkin varieties include Cinderella, Jarrahdale, and French Fairytale pumpkins. jewelry Read…

  • Mini pumpkins

    Mini pumpkins

    A festive fall display isn’t complete without some adorable mini pumpkins in the mix! Mini pumpkins are small, round winter squash typically used for autumn decor and fall crafts. Most mini pumpkins are in the range of 3″ wide to 6″ wide, weighing a few ounces to 2 pounds each. These tiny pumpkins are perfect…

  • 20+ yellow pumpkins

    20+ yellow pumpkins

    Yellow pumpkins are select cultivars of round Curcubita with yellow rinds. Yellow pumpkins range from bright and cheery modern hybrids like Mellow Yellow pumpkin and Sunlight pumpkin to dusky tan heirlooms like Seminole pumpkins and Long Island Cheese pumpkins. There are mini types and huge varieties to choose from! 1. Mellow Yellow pumpkin Mellow Yellow…

  • 30+ green pumpkins

    30+ green pumpkins

    A great fall festive display isn’t complete without a few specialty pumpkins – especially some green pumpkins to add a nice contrast to the more-typical orange fruits. Green Pumpkins are select cultivars of round Curcubita winter squash with green-colored skin. Green Pumpkins range from dusky-green heirlooms like Triamble Pumpkins and Kabocha Pumpkins, warted green cultivars…

  • 20+ blue pumpkins

    20+ blue pumpkins

    Blue pumpkins are select cultivars of round Curcubita winter squash with naturally blue-colored rinds. Popular varieties include the Jarrahdale Pumpkin and the Queensland Blue Pumpkin – both heirlooms from Australia. Modern blue pumpkin introductions include the hybrid Blue Doll pumpkin and the Blue Moon pumpkin. Blue pumpkins are sought after not only for their highly…

  • 30+ white pumpkins

    30+ white pumpkins

    White pumpkins are Cucurbita winter squash varieties with naturally white-color rinds. Some white pumpkin cultivars are mini-sized, while others can make giant Jack-O-Lanterns! Here are 30+ of the most popular white pumpkin varieties. 1. Lumina pumpkin Lumina Pumpkins are medium-sized white pumpkins. These beauties weigh 10-12 pounds each and make fantastic Jack-O-Lanterns. These round pumpkins…

  • 15+ black pumpkins

    15+ black pumpkins

    Looking for some natural black pumpkins for your autumn celebrations? Black pumpkins are select Cucurbita winter squash varieties with a green-black rind color. Some of these black pumpkin cultivars are Japanese heirlooms, while others are modern hybrid varieties. Some are great for culinary applications, while others make beautiful dark autumnal decorations. Read on to learn…

  • 20+ heirloom pumpkins

    20+ heirloom pumpkins

    Heirloom pumpkins are old cultivated varieties of winter squash that tend to have an elegant appearance and flesh that is well-suited to cooking. Heirloom pumpkins come in many colors, although shades are more muted than modern carving-type pumpkins. Many popular heirloom pumpkin varieties have been cultivated for over a hundred years, with seeds passed down…

  • Pumpkin guts

    Pumpkin guts

    You’ve heard about toasting pumpkin seeds, but you’ll be surprised to learn just how much you can do with pumpkin guts. I certainly was. Pumpkin guts consist of thick, pulpy bits, slimy stringy innards, and seeds. Each part of pumpkin guts can be used in a variety of ways, from culinary to crafty. This year…

  • How long do pumpkins last?

    How long do pumpkins last?

    Whole pumpkins generally last about 2-3 months in cool indoor storage conditions, although there are heirloom types that can last up to one year in storage! At room temperature, most pumpkins last only about a month. Carved pumpkins have a much shorter shelf life. Carved Jack-O-Lanterns placed on a chilly front porch will usually last…