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Shrubs offer structure, color, and texture to landscapes, standing as the versatile middle ground between fleeting flowers and towering trees. Whether it’s the springtime bloom of azaleas, the summer fragrance of lilacs, or the year-round evergreen presence of boxwoods, shrubs play a pivotal role in crafting layered and dynamic garden designs.

This section journeys through the diverse world of shrubs, providing insights into their selection, pruning techniques, and the myriad design possibilities they offer. Whether you’re seeking to create a privacy hedge, a focal point, or simply add depth to your garden, shrubs promise a blend of form, function, and floral display.

Japanese boxwood

Japanese boxwood

Japanese boxwood (Buxus microphylla) is a broadleaf evergreen shrub with small glossy green leaves. Also…

Short hedge of winter gem boxwood

Winter Gem boxwood

‘Winter Gem’ is a cultivar of little leaf boxwood that is particularly hardy to cold-weather…

Soft pink blossom - betty hybrid magnolia tree

Betty magnolia

Magnolia “Betty” is a spring-flowering deciduous plant that makes a wonderful specimen tree in residential…