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Landscaping, including landscape plants like trees and shrubs, as well as lawns and ornamental plants.

Grass growing from seed | home for the harvest gardening blog

Best grass seed

After five years of seeding and reseeding various lawns, I’ve had the best grass seed…

Turf grass sod lawn - established - after installation

Lawn care

Proper lawn care can turn your turf into the envy of the neighborhood or the…

Traditional landscaping with a yew hedge, lavender shrubs, and dark mulch

Landscaping tips

It’s time to love your garden! Landscaping is not limited to parks and estates. Every…

Black mulch and compost comparison


Mulch has many benefits, including moisture retention, weed suppression, erosion control, and soil temperature stabilization.…

Green grass lawn by cedar patio

DIY deck project

We had an old cedar deck that was kind of falling apart. The railings had…