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Landscaping, including landscape plants like trees and shrubs, as well as lawns and ornamental plants.

Wildlife garden - owl and purple flowers

Wildlife garden

When dealing with the hustle and bustle of life on a daily basis, who wouldn’t…

Stem covered in aphids

Aphids on plants

One of the most common pests gardeners struggle with, especially in their vegetable patch, is…

Lily of the valley plant

Lily of the valley

Interested in growing the beautiful lily of the valley plant? This shade-tolerant flowering groundcover can…

Winter sowing milkweed

Winter sowing milkweed

Grow milkweed easily with winter sowing! Learn the benefits, how-to, and care tips for winter sowing milkweed to create a beautiful garden.
Succulent and cactus garden outdoors

5 succulent garden ideas

Wonderfully low-maintenance and visually stunning, it’s no wonder succulents have remained popular garden plants for…

Small garden ideas - grow flowers in containers

8 small garden ideas

As more people move to cities and urbanization increases, gardens are growing smaller. This can…

Vigorous vines and flower vines that love shade

15 vines for shade

Vines are a great way to cover a large area with lush green, and there…

Flowering ground cover plants in rock garden

15 rock garden ideas

Placing rocks in your garden can add a natural appearance to the blooms and greenery…

Dwarf juniper

14 shrubs for dry shade

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve already experienced the disappointment of planting something in a…