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Monstera houseplants, including popular varieties to choose from, suitable planter pots, the best potting soils, and tips for caring for these tropical plants indoors.

Monstera care

Monstera care

Most houseplant enthusiasts likely have at least one Monstera in their home. Beloved for their…

Types of monstera

10 types of monstera

Even if you’re not a plant lover, you’ve likely heard of Monstera plants as they…

Monstera obliqua

Monstera obliqua

If you’ve already got a Monstera Deliciosa and a Monstera Adansonii, it might be time…

How to propagate monstera

How to propagate Monstera

Monstera plants are easy to propagate and maintain, making them favorable amongst beginner gardeners. Monstera…

Moss pole monstera plant

Moss pole Monstera

Is your Monstera plant growing all over the place in every direction? If so, it…

Monstera adansonii

Monstera adansonii

Monstera adansonii plants are becoming very popular among houseplant lovers for their attractive foliage and…

Repotting monstera

Repotting Monstera

Repotting Monstera is the perfect way to give the plant room to grow and refresh…