How Like To Know It Works & How To Use It (+Who To Follow)

I think we’ve all wondered “how does like to know it work?” at some point or another. I know I have! Here’s a guide for using the LIKEtoKNOWit app, as well as how to find follow-worthy influencers and how you can use the app to find out what clothes and products are shown in any pics you screenshot within Instagram or Pinterest.

Like To Know It is an app where select influencers, bloggers, and online content creators can post shoppable photos and videos. Each post includes a “SHOP THE PIC” section below the photo/video that includes mini pictures of the individual products shown. App users can easily shop look and “like” images from influencers they follow within the app.

Wondering more about how Like To Know It works and how best to use it? Read on to learn all about using LIKEtoKNOWit to shop for your favorite influencers’ faves!

how to use like to know it

What Is Like To Know It? is a shopping discovery app that allows consumers to shop for the clothes, makeup, home decor, and other products shown in their favorite influencer’s photos and videos. App users can view posts from influencers they follow within the app, and can also use the app to shop screenshots they’ve taken while on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat (as long as that influencer has posted the exact same photo within the app). There are over 6 million active users on the LTK app. app users can “like” an influencer’s image by clicking the main photo-heart icon overlaid on the post, or they can “like” individual products by clicking the heart icon on the mini product photos shown below. A user’s “liked” posts are saved to the “My Likes” tab of the app, while the individually “liked” products are saved to the “Collections” tab of the app. Your “likes” can also be received periodically via email.

[show_ltk_widget_version_two rows=”3″ cols=”3″ show_frame=”true” user_id=”383836″ padding=”4″ app_id=”893253524″ profileid=”fd7dded2-25d8-11eb-8714-d9970bb3819a”] is the flagship app of a fashion-tech company called rewardStyle. The rewardStyle platform connects invited influencers/bloggers/creators with top-tier retailers and brands. Influencers who share product images and links can then be compensated by the retailer with a small commission percentage of the price of items purchased by the app user. omplete with shoppable, trackable links so that the influencer gets paid out.

There are over 5000 retailers who list all their products with rewardStyle and their app LIKEtoKNOWit. While the app started with mainly clothing retailers, it now includes retailers from all major lifestyle industries. The giant database of products within Like To Know It means that influencers are free to promote the products they actually use rather than being limited to promoting brands that approach and hire them.

How Do You Get Like It To Know It?

You can get the Like To Know It app as a download from the app store on both iPhone and Android devices:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, take a few moments to make a free account. It takes less than a minute, and once you’ve got an account, you can use all the features of the app (like saving you faves to folders and following influencers!).

How Does Like To Know It Work?

Like To Know It works as a social media app where each post is shoppable. Influencers are invited to post photos and videos, and can also include mini photos and links to the products shown in their imagery. The main photo/video in the post looks just like it would in Instagram, Snapchat, or Pinterest, but there are clickable products shown below the main post.

App users simply download the app and create a free account to start using Like To Know It. Then you can follow your favorite influencers and shop their photos and videos! You can move around within the app using the navigation bar shown along the bottom of the screen.

The first icon in the nav bar is for the “Home” tab (it looks like a little house). The second icon is for the “My Likes” tab (it looks like a stack of two polaroid photos with a heart on the top one). The third icon is for “Collections” (it looks like an angular heart). The fourth icon is for “Search” (it looks like a magnifying glass).

Influencer’s posts can be accessed from either the Home tab or the Search tab. The Home tab is the best place to see posts from influencers that you follow, as well as to browse “Suggested” influencers. The Search tab is the best place to find specific influencers and then follow them.

Posts that you’ve “liked” show up in the “My Likes” tab (the icon with the stack of polaroids). The My Likes tab also shows any social media photos from your iPhone’s “screenshots” album that were also posted by the influencer on Individual products that you’ve “liked” show up in the “Collections” tab (the simple heart icon). They’ll automatically go into the “Your Favorite Products” collection, but you can make additional new collections to organize your liked items.

How To Use Like To Know It

Here are some suggested steps to use the Like To Know It app effectively:

  1. Use the “Search” tab to follow a variety of influencers to get your app feed started. Try to follow a few fashion influencers, beauty/makeup influencers, some home decor influencers, and a few influencers from other lifestyle categories. There is a big list of some suggested influencers to follow later on in this article.
  2. Browse the “Suggested” feed within the “Home” tab. This tab includes specific suggestions for you as well as trending posts and posts from newly-joined influencers. Click on any posts you like to get a closer look. Follow any influencers you like to keep building out your app’s feed.
  3. Browse the “Following” feed within the “Home” tab. For any posts you enjoy or want to refer to later, click the main “like” button overlaid on the bottom corner of the photo. The circular icon looks like a stack of two polaroid photos with a heart on top. Now this post will be saved to your “My Likes” tab so that you can refer to it later.
  4. If the post features a specific product you want to look up or research later, find the product in the mini product photos below the main post. Click the simple heart icon in the corner of the product photo. Now that specific product will be saved to your “Collections” tab.
  5. You can also add individual products to your collections from your “My Likes” tab. Click on a post that features a product you like, and the individual “Shop The Pic” products will appear below the main post. Then you can click the simple heart icon on the mini product photos to save the specific product to your “Collections” tab.
  6. Once you’ve saved some of your fave products to the “Collections” tab, its time to go in and organize your “liked” products. You can make a folder for clothing for a specific season, a folder for living room decor ideas, and a folder for holiday inspiration. You can also make folders for gift ideas and for kids clothing.

“Millions of consumers use the app, website, newsletter, and social channels to search, discover, curate, and shop influencer content.”

How to Follow Someone on Like To Know It - Screenshot of Step

How To Follow Someone In The App

The easiest way to follow someone on Like To Know It is to search for them within the app. Here’s how to follow someone in the Like To Know It app:

  1. Download from the App Store on your phone.
  2. Create a free account (takes less than a minute).
  3. Select the search option on the bottom menu (the little magnifying glass).
  4. Type in an influencer’s user name, like homefortheharvest (my username).
  5. Select the Influencer Search result column rather than the Product Search results (right under the search bar).
  6. Locate and click the “FOLLOW” button (use the Influencer Search result column rather than the Product Search results).
  7. Visit the influencer’s profile to see photos and to shop items!

It’s easiest to follow someone on LTK if you know their profile user name, but it can also work if you search their given/real name or their area of content creation. Lots of influencers share their LTK usernames on their social media profiles or blogs too, so always check there if you’re having trouble finding someone you want to follow!

Who to Follow On Like To Know It - Search Discover Section Of LikeToKnowIt app

Who To Follow On Like To Know It

Wondering who to follow on Like To Know It? Here is a big list of influencers of all different types to choose from. The easiest way to follow them is simply to search for them within the app (find the tiny magnifying glass icon on the bottom bar) and click FOLLOW!

Lifestyle Influencers & Content Creators On Like To Know It

Fashion & Clothing Influencers On

Beauty & Skin Care Influencers On Like To Know It

Family & Kids Influencers On

Home & Decor Influencers On Like To Know It

DIY & Gardening Content Creators On Like To Know It

Fitness & Wellness Influencers On Like To Know It

Food & Cooking Influencers On

how does like to know it work

How To Shop Your Screenshots On

Any screenshot in your phone’s camera roll that’s an exact match to a photo on LikeToKnowIt will show up in the “My Likes” tab of the Like To Know It app. It’s so cool! You can find the “My Likes” tab in LikeToKnowIt by clicking on the icon in the bottom bar that looks like a tiny stack of polaroid photos with a heart.

If your screenshots aren’t showing up in your LTK “My Likes”, try checking these help articles:

How Does Like To Know It Work On Instagram?

The best way to use Like To Know It on Instagram is to take a screenshot of any influencer’s post that you’d like to refer to later within the app. While you’re using Instagram, screenshot the post you like so it will be saved to your phone’s camera roll. Then when you exit Instagram and go into, the post will auto-magically appear in your “My Likes” tab. Then you can “like” any individual products in the post to save them to your “Collections” of fun products.

It’s important to note that not all influencers use, and even influencers who do have active profiles may not make all of their Instagram/Snapchat/Pinterest images “enabled” for shopping within the app. For a screenshot taken in Instagram to appear in your My Likes section, the influencer must have posted the exact same photo within both and Instagram so the images can “match”.

There are a few clues to look for within Instagram that can tell you whether an image is enabled as a shoppable post in the app:

  • Look for the LTK circle-heart icon in the bottom-right corner of the image
  • Look in the caption for “
  • Look in the caption for instructions about how to use LTK
  • Look in the hashtags for #liketkit or hashtags that include LTK
  • Look for a “…” non-clickable URL at the end of the caption

Even one of these signs/clues on an Instagram post means that its probably shoppable within the app. An Instagram post doesn’t need to have all of those different LTK things included to be a LTK-enabled post. Take a screenshot in Instagram and then check your LTK app to see if it appears! You can also simply search for the individual influencer with the LTK app and look for that same photo in their LTK feed.

How Does Like To Know It Work On Pinterest?

Like To Know It is easy to use on Pinterest. You can either shop LTK-enabled posts from inside Pinterest or you can screenshot the Pin and it will appear in your “My Likes” within the app.

There are a few ways to recognize a Like To Know It image while you’re browsing Pinterest:

  • Look for the LTK circle-heart icon in the bottom-right corner of the image
  • Check the pin’s URL to see if it leads to “….”
  • Look in the pin caption for “
  • Look in the caption for instructions about how to use LTK
  • Look in the hashtags for #liketoknowit, #liketkit or hashtags that include LTK

If you find an image you like on Pinterest, first save it within Pinterest to one of your boards (like your clothes board or fave products board). Then take a screenshot of the whole pin so that it also appears within the app.

You can shop LTK posts within Pinterest or you can go over to the app to shop. Within Pinterest, just click on the pin to be taken to a LIKEtoKNOWit page that shows clickable mini product images below the post imagery. Within LTK, find the screenshot in your My Likes tab and then shop for the individual products or save them to your “Collections” for later.

Does LIKEtoKNOW it Work On A Web Browser?

While there is no complete web-browser version of the app, it is possible to view influencer’s posts within a browser like Safari or Chrome. There is currently no search function in the web browser, but you can find each influencer’s recent posts by typing “” and then adding their username at the end of the URL.

Here is the web browser home page for LIKE to KNOW it:

How Does Like To Know It Work: How To See Who You Follow

To see who you follow on Like To Know It, find the Settings/Menu area of the app. You can access it from the little icon on the nav menu that looks like three parallel stacked lines. Once you’ve found the menu, scroll down to “Following” and click it.

Inside this “Following” page, you can see a big list of all the influencers you follow. These are the influencers whose posts show up in the “Following” feed within the “Home” tab of your app. You can unfollow influencers from the “Following” list that’s shown within the Menu/Settings.

Do Bloggers Get Paid For LIKEtoKNOW it?

Bloggers can get paid for using LIKEtoKNOW it, but they also might not earn any money by using the app. Bloggers are generally not paid simply for posting imagery on the app. Most are only paid by LIKEtoKNOWit/RewardStyle if other app users click on the mini product images below their posts and then go on to actually make a purchase.

If you’ve found a product because it was recommended by a LTK influencer, you can increase the chances that they get paid a little commission on your purchase if you like. When you’re ready to buy the product, go to the app and find the influencer’s post. Then click the product link that’s right under the influencer’s post.

The links in the LTK post are traceable to the influencer. Using those links ensures that your fave influencer will get paid for their recommendation. The cost to the buyer remains the same. If you just google the product in a web browser, the influencer won’t get paid.

How To Post On Like To Know It

To post on Like To Know It, you must be invited to join the rewardStyle influencer network. The rewardStyle recruitment reps are always looking for new influencers. You can also have an influencer friend refer you or you can apply to be a rewardStyle influencer.

Once you’re accepted into the network, you can set up a rewardStyle account. Then you will have access to the exclusive “influencer” portion of the app….meaning you’ll be able to post your own images and videos on LTK!

“Our community is distinct and diverse, inspiring a highly-engaged audience with outstanding, shoppable content. rewardStyle influencers are defined by their quality of production, consistency of publishing, shoppability of content, and strength of audience engagement.”

Becoming A RewardStyle Influencer

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