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Parsley, with its bright green, feathery leaves, is more than just a garnish on a plate—it’s a herb rich in flavor and history. Integral to a plethora of dishes, from tabbouleh to chimichurri, parsley imparts a fresh and slightly peppery note to foods. Beyond its culinary applications, parsley is steeped in medicinal properties and cultural symbolism.

This section celebrates the diverse world of parsley, exploring its various types, sharing cultivation insights, and recounting the traditions and tales associated with this herb. Whether you’re crafting a refreshing salad, brewing a detoxifying tea, or simply looking to enhance your herb garden, parsley promises a world of flavor and folklore.

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How to grow parsley

How to grow parsley

When you’re starting a herb garden, parsley is one herb that has to be on the list. I used to view it as the sprig of green garnish on a...

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