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Herb garden tips, including how to grow certain herbs, tips for growing herbs in containers and indoors, and lists of different types of herbs to grow in your herb garden.

Rosemary hedge

Rosemary hedge

While many people plant rosemary as a single plant, this fragrant little shrub can be…

Rosemary in winter

Rosemary in winter

Rosemary is an herb commonly used in cooking and decorating during the holidays. Rosemary is…

Rosemary tree

Rosemary tree

Rosemary is a beautiful plant to grow in tree form, generally as a potted rosemary…

Christmas herbs

14 Christmas herbs

Hoping for a holiday filled with festive herbs and spices? Here are 14 of the…

Chervil - grow in herb garden from seed


Chervil is an annual culinary herb with a subtle flavor reminiscent of parsley and tarragon.…

Culinary herbs - container garden

25 culinary herbs

Culinary herbs are edible parts of certain plants used in recipes to add aromatic flavor.…

Fertilizer for herb gardens - image of tulsi - holy basil in herb garden

Fertilizer for herbs

Fertilizer for herbs can significantly improve the health of your plants. Herbs planted in the…