Hanging plant holders

Many blooms and cascading plants perform best in hanging planters on a porch or archway in the garden. There are many types of hanging plant holders to choose from, but which one is the right one for you? When choosing a hanging planter, consider how it will look in the garden and whether it will drain well enough for the plant you choose.

Each of the planters below is a great option for your porch, indoor terrarium, or small outdoor garden. Find them all online or at your local nursery. There’s a plethora to choose from; just make sure you find one large enough for the plant in question.

Continue reading to see the features of each planter and whether they will make a good fit for your personal space. Keep in mind there are variations in all of the planters, and you need to choose the one you love.

1. Geometric planters

Use metal and wooden geometric planters to hold your indoor plants. They make a great focal point on a gallery wall and are perfect for holding smaller plants. Many people use them to display cascading plants or succulents. These geometric planters come in all shapes and sizes and can be found online or at Home Goods stores. Some can be hung from rope or string to display on your porch as well.

2. Triangular ceramic planters

Triangular ceramic planters that mount to the wall are great for hanging indoors or outside on your patio. They hold succulents and other cascading plants, making a lovely display. These ceramic pots come in many sizes, shapes, and colors and can easily be found online or at the local nursery. They are a great addition to your patio garden or indoor aesthetic. While they are made for the wall, they can also be displayed hanging from the ceiling.

3. Wooden planters

Wooden hanging planters or mounted planters are a lovely addition to your wall or porch. The different types of wood make nice colors to hold your plant and decorate your space. Find these at any nursery or online store. They will add a nice pop to your wall! Wooden potters are an easy piece to add to some pretty rope to hang up on the porch or in the garden. Make sure the wood is treated to withstand the weather if it is uncovered or unprotected from the elements.

4. Contemporary rope planters

Hang any plant from a pot of your choice using a thick rope. The rope can be white or any color you like. It makes a cute decor piece for indoors or to display your plants on the porch. Many people attach terracotta, ceramic, or wood pots to the ropes to match their styles. The only thing you need to consider when making one of these is that the rope is strong enough to hold the plant’s weight.

Wicker hanging plant holder

5. Wicker hanging plant holders

Wicker is timeless and makes a lovely display piece for your plants. The wicker planters hold all types of plants and greenery. The woven baskets look gorgeous on your screened porch or in your garden. They also make great decor for indoor plants! You can find these wicker planters at local nurseries or your local supercenters. They are often in the garden centers at home improvement stores as well.

Ceramic hanging pots

6. Ceramic hanging pots

Ceramic hanging plant holders come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are easily hung up by the wire they come with, or you can attach pretty ropes. Hanging planters like this are perfect for porches, windows, and small gardens. Find them at your local nursery or online in many different options. See if you can find a few different shapes and sizes to make a modern display of them.

7. Hanging terrarium

If you like raising succulents and small plants, a hanging terrarium is perfect for you. This plant holder is made of metal or wood and plastic or glass. Place the little pebbles at the base and plant your succulents among the stones. These hanging planters provide plenty of air space and look amazing in windows or on porches. These aren’t ideal for hanging out in the open, so you can monitor their water intake.

8. Large stone-inspired planters

For larger plants, use a stone-inspired planter. The pot looks like stone but is actually made of plastic or ceramic. The pots hang from pretty ropes and typically feature vines and colorful blooms. These pots allow for plenty of drainage and tons of space for your plants. They look stunning because of the stone elements but aren’t extremely heavy for the mounted hooks.

9. Earthy, textured hanging pots

Find hanging plant holders in various textures and colors. The textures add fun dimension to your potted plants and make a nice display on your porch. These are also perfect for the garden. Hang them up with a rope fixture and plant a variety of blooms in them. This plant hanger is sure to be a focal point in your garden.

10. Terracotta hanging plant holders

These classic potters look amazing with cascading greenery. The stone they are made from becomes more beautiful as it ages and weathers. The rust-colored stone is perfect for your porch or for any garden. Many are embossed with designs or textures to make them even more unique. You will love this hanging plant holder in your garden.

When choosing your hanging planters for your garden or porch, consider the size of the plant you will be rehoming. Think about how the plant will grow and the space it will need. Will you need to rehouse it after a while, or will the planter be its permanent home? All of these hanging plant holders are great options for small plants, but many are great for larger plants as well.

Enjoy decorating your garden and porch with these beautiful hanging planters. They are sure to brighten up your space.


What do hanging plants need?

Most indoor hanging plants need drainage. This is to ensure that each plant stays healthy and has the ability to thrive.

What is the easiest hanging basket to take care of?

Some plants require less work then others. Some of the easiest hanging baskets to take care of is the Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Morning Glory, and the Mistletoe Cactus.

What do I need to hang plants from the ceiling?

In order to hang a plant hanger, you will need a hook (weight appropriate), plant hanger (wicker, wooden, etc.), stud finder, power drill, and a drill bit.


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