Green plastic watering cans

A good green plastic watering can is one of those gardening tools that is incredibly useful each day in the garden. While I love my cute little watering cans and my fancy metal watering can, my green plastic watering can is the one that gets the most day-to-day use in the garden.

Green plastic watering cans

Most garden centers sell green plastic watering cans (or plastic watering cans in other colors). These cans are typically high-volume, holding one or two gallons of water. They also tend to have high-flow-rate spouts, delivering water more quickly than watering cans with metal rosettes/sprinkler heads.

A good green plastic watering can has a removable sprinkler head. That is, the tip of the spout (where the tiny holes are located on the round end) should be removable. Most plastic watering cans have a friction-fit removable spout head, but the odd one has a threaded twist-on spout. Both are perfectly fine if the nozzle head stays on when you want it on and comes off easily when it’s time for cleaning.

Green plastic watering can

A green plastic watering can also be quick and easy to fill. Look for a model where the hole is generously sized so that you can fill the watering can easily with a garden hose nozzle. It is easiest if the hole is large enough to stick the nozzle end of the hose right into the watering can prevent overspray when the hose is on a stronger nozzle setting.

Lastly, look for a watering can that is easy to carry. Choose a plastic can that fits your body and can be carried ergonomically (mine has two different handles – one on the back and one on the top). An overly large can or an awkwardly-placed handle can make a watering can no fun to use.

Green plastic watering cans on store shelf
Mary Jane Duford
Mary Jane Duford

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Currently residing in the picturesque Okanagan Valley, Mary Jane cherishes the time she spends with her family amidst nature, always exploring, learning, and growing both as a gardener and as an individual.

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