17 Glass Christmas Ornaments You’ll Want to Keep Forever

Glass Christmas ornaments are a stunning addition to traditional holiday decor. Here are some of the best classic glass tree ornaments to add to your family’s holiday decor collection.

Types of Glass Christmas Ornaments:

  1. Glass Christmas Balls
  2. Fillable Glass Christmas Balls
  3. Frosted Christmas Balls
  4. Milestone Glass Tree Ornaments
  5. Mercury Glass Tree Ornaments
  6. Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments
  7. DIY Glass Ornaments
  8. Sea Glass Decorations
  9. Hand Blown Glass Ornaments
  10. Stained Glass
  11. Memorial Glass
  12. Mosiac Glass
  13. Scandinavian Glass
  14. Glass Star
  15. Recycled Glass
  16. Non-Traditional Glass
  17. Chrarcter Glass

Now let’s check out each of these different types of ornaments!

The Best Glass Christmas Ornaments

The Best Glass Christmas Ornaments

These glass Christmas ornaments will add a twinkling elegance to your tree. Store them carefully and they’ll last long enough to pass down to the next generation. Here are some of the best types of glass holiday tree ornaments.

Glass Christmas Balls

Glass Christmas balls are the classic glass holiday tree ornaments. Glass sphere ornaments are available in pretty much any color and fashion imaginable. Find them online or at pretty much any big box retailer (or even the dollar store).

Fillable Glass Christmas Balls

Fillable glass Christmas ball ornaments are made of thin clear glass. You can fill the middle of the ornament with whatever you like! Find some clear glass ornaments that are well-rated and durable enough to use in a DIY project (these ones get consistently high feedback on Amazon).

Here are some ideas for filling a clear glass Christmas ornament.

Frosted Christmas Balls

Frosted Christmas ball ornaments are a more elaborate version of basic round tree ornaments. Some have intricate leaf patterns or other elaborate designs. Here is a very plain frosted glass ornament set that almost looks like white sea glass.

Milestone Glass Tree Ornaments

Milestone glass tree ornaments are custom glass ornaments personalized to remember an important family milestone such as a marriage or birth of a child. Milestone ornaments can also be made to commemorate a special family vacation or other wonderful memory. The glass is generally engraved with important milestone stats.

Small Mercury Glass Bird Ornament on Holiday Tree

Mercury Glass Tree Ornaments

Mercury glass adds a lovely twinkle to evergreen foliage. Also known as silvered glass, true antique mercury glass was blown in two layers – kind of like a double pane window. A liquid silvering solution was then poured in between the two glass layers to create the metallic look. Modern mercury glass is rarely made with a double glass wall, but the look can be almost the same (for a lot less!).

Vintage Glass Christmas Oraments

Looking for a true vintage glass Christmas ornament? There are endless ornaments to choose from, but the tricky part is finding them. First decide whether you’re looking for stained glass, mercury glass, or another common vintage ornament type. Once you have a vague idea what you’re looking for, check online and at local antique shops to find the right one!

DIY Glass Ornaments

You can also make your own DIY Glass ornaments! Here are a few DIY holiday tree ornament projects to try at home:

Sea Glass

Sea glass is stunning on a coastal-themed Christmas tree! The teals and blues of sea glass really bring the beach vibes. Consider some sea glass ornaments to complement the white sands and beachy feels of a coastal Christmas.

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

Hand-blown glass tree ornaments can be true heirlooms. Invest in a few beautiful ornaments you love and keep them forever! Be sure to hang them where they’ll be safe from falling (that would be tragic). Store them safely and enjoy them year after year!

Stained Glass Violin Tree Ornament on Dark Green Christmas Tree

Stained Glass Tree Ornaments

Stained glass tree ornaments are another beautiful traditional type of glass ornament. Stained glass is available in neutral colors or bright colorful glass! Choose a classic design that you’ll want to hang on your family’s tree year after year.

Memorial Glass Tree Ornaments

Memorial glass tree ornaments remind us of a loved one we’ve lost during the holiday season. Whether it’s an angel, a personalized engraved glass ornament, a clear photo-filled ornament, or just a special ornament that reminds us of them, memorial ornaments are among the most special on the tree. Take time and choose the right one to remember your lost loved ones.

Mosaic Glass

Mosiac glass ornaments often have a similar look to stained glass. Many are made of recycled glass bits that have been arranged together to create a lovely ornament. Some mosaic glass ornaments also have bits of pottery or ceramic mixed in with them for a bit of detail. You can even DIY your own mosaic Christmas tree ornaments!

Scandinavian Glass Tree Ornaments

Scandinavian ornaments are gorgeous, and of course they have the most stunning glass tree ornaments. Simple and lovely, these would be at home on just about any Christmas tree. They’ll fit in with elaborate decor or stand on their own on a minimalist Scandi tree. Some simple Nordic glass ornaments are definitely worth the investment! Sometimes you can even find a few at IKEA for a really good price :)

Scandinavian Glass Christmas Tree Ornament with Rosemary

Glass Star Ornaments

Glass star ornaments are one of the easier types of glass ornaments to find. Generally these ornaments last better if the glass is rather thick, like the glass of a glass bottle. Thin ornaments with many sharp edges (like a star) should be treated with caution as they are more prone to break.

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass tree ornaments are becoming very popular. There are recycled glass Christmas tree decor options available from independent artisans on Etsy and even in some more mainstream retailers. Check around at local Christmas markets or online to find recycled glass ornaments you love.

Non-Traditional Glass

There are some super fun non-traditional glass ornaments out there! Many are blown glass in fun shapes. Here are some quirky, non-traditional glass tree ornaments for your fun-filled Christmas tree:

Character Glass

Character ornaments are a must for many families, especially those with kids! Here are some glass ornaments that are a bit of an upgrade from the plastic ornaments at the big box store:

Different Types of Glass Tree Ornaments

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