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Gifts for Organic Gardeners

20 gifts for organic gardeners

Looking for a gift for someone who loves gardening? These gifts for organic gardeners include ideas for those who love gardening outdoors, on the patio, and even indoors. Best of all, they’re affordable and easy to order online or from a local independent garden center.

Gifts for Organic Gardeners

1. Harvest basket

Harvest baskets are lovely garden accessories. Choose from a traditional Maine harvest basket, antique-style wire baskets, or a larger-capacity food-grade plastic trug basket. Most gardeners have a few of these, as it’s nice to have one out by the garden, another by the door, and even one in the kitchen with fresh garden produce. Harvest baskets are great gifts for organic gardeners because it’s something you’ll know they’ll use!

2. Garden clogs

High-end gardening clogs are the kind of thing a gardener might not buy for themselves. They make lovely gifts for gardeners as they are available in all kinds of colors and patterns. Here are some gorgeous options:

  • Hunter Garden Clogs
  • Dansko Floral Garden Clogs
  • Birkenstock Waterproof Clogs

3. Car gardening kit

An in-car gardening kit is something most gardeners have wished for at some point but often haven’t had the time to put together. If your gardener likes to help out at the community garden, volunteer to do landscaping at non-profits, forage for native plants, or collect seeds in the wilderness, they’ll appreciate a car gardening kit.

Must-haves include a bucket (to hold the other items and to transport plants), a trowel or proper travel shovel, a set of pruning shears, gardening gloves, planter pots, and ziplock bags. If you already have a bucket and some Ziploc bags around, the rest of the items can be picked up cheaply to create a custom kit that will be incredibly useful for your on-the-go organic gardener. A kneeling pad and apron are optional extras.

4. Seed shop gift certificate

Gardeners buy way too many seeds for their gardens. Many experienced gardeners shop at several seed shops as they search out different varieties. Here are some seed shops that sell organic seeds and offer gift certificates (some are digital and others will mail a gift certificate):

5. Gardening journal

A gardening journal is a classic gift for the organized organic gardener, especially since most gardeners use a new one each year. Gardeners love to make notes about what crops grew well when the seasons changed, and other useful tidbits that will be helpful in the future.

There are gardening journals with floral covers, the hilarious “I don’t remember planting this” journal, and the multi-year Gardener’s 5-Year Log Book from the New York Botanical Garden.

6. Sun hat

A good sun hat is something most gardeners wish they had. A good gardening hat provides UV protection and is sturdy enough to handle the odd twig brushing against it. The Sloggers Garden Hat is quite popular as it comes in many different colors while the Somerset Hat from Terrain is a gorgeous high-end option.

7. Gardening book

There are a surprising number of gardening books out there, including many new releases that your favorite organic gardener might not have yet. Here are some newer gardening books to consider giving as a gift:

8. Bird feeder

A bird feeder is a practical gift for the gardener who wants to attract birds to their garden. Birds eat pest insects during the gardening season, but insects are scarce in the cooler months.

Gardeners can ensure a healthy population of birds by attracting them to their yard early in the year by putting out suet or high-protein seed. A feeder will attract birds like chickadees, wrens, and bluebirds which will hopefully roost nearby and stay to eat pest insects all summer!

9. Bee house

A bee house is a perfect present for a gardener looking to provide shelter to pollinators. Some bees, such as mason bees, can’t create their own shelters and instead look for nesting areas. Bee houses provide these beneficial insects with shelter. The bees will reward the gardener by helping with pollination in the garden.

10. LED plant night

Good plant lights are necessary for everything from seed starting to growing indoor herb gardens. Indoor plants rarely get enough light in the wintertime, so a good plant light is a must for a year-round gardener. A dedicated plant light will give plants the light boost they need in the wintertime.

11. Succulent bowl

Cacti and succulents are the perfect plants for indoor container gardens. You can make your own succulent bowl to give as a gift. Succulent packs and cacti collections are generally reasonably priced. You can use a bowl you already have or find one at the thrift shop.

12. Paper pot maker

A newspaper planter pot maker is the perfect gift for a sustainable gardener. These clever little tools transform pieces of newspaper into biodegradable plant pots for growing plants from seeds or cuttings. It’s a great way to make your own little seedling planters without creating waste.

13. Soil meter

Soil meters are perfect gifts for organic gardeners who love optimizing the conditions of their plants. A soil meter will allow them to measure the light and water that a plant receives in its setting outdoors, as well as the pH of the soil. This allows the gardener to ensure the plant is getting the right amount of water and to place plants in areas that get the right amount of light.

14. Air plants

Air plants make gorgeous gifts for organic gardeners or plant lovers. They are unique plants in that they don’t require any soil to grow. Air plants are often used in home decor and look lovely in an arrangement or on their own. They’re long-lived and low-maintenance. Pick up a collection of small air plants or a stunning large xerographica air plant.

15. Solar mason jar garden lights

Handy solar-powered LED fairy twinkle lights can transform a standard mason jar into a magical garden lantern. It almost looks like a jar full of fireflies. Add them to mason jars to create magical garden lighting. You can even buy mason jar handles and lantern posts to create a garden lantern path.

16. Self-watering plant spikes

Self-watering plant spikes keep plants watered during vacations or any time that slow, consistent watering is required. Simply attach an old wine bottle full of water onto the terra cotta spike, and the water will slowly drain down to the plant through the terra cotta. Pretty neat!

17. Leaf remover for fresh herbs

This clever leaf-removing gadget quickly strips the leaves off of herbs and greens such as kale, rosemary, and thyme. The stem fits through the correctly sized hole, allowing for the leaves to be removed in one go. This is much faster than individually removing the leaves. This is a great gift for the home chef who loves to use their own homegrown herbs and greens in their kitchen on a regular basis.

18. Seed keeper

A seed keeper is a binder or box used to store extra seeds from one year to the next. They bring order to what can be a messy collection of half-used seed packets and ziplock bags. Store-bought seed keepers suit the beginner gardener or gardener with a limited number of crops.

Gardeners with an extensive seed collection may want a homemade solution tailored to the size of their collection. Make them a custom container and consider getting them their own blank seed packets (particularly if they save their own seeds from their plants each year).

19. Hand weeder

A hand-weeding tool is a must-have for gardeners. It’s good to have a few of these around at different parts of the yard. It’s one gardening tool that can be overlooked, but once they have it, they’ll wonder what they did without it. Choose between a classic cape cod style weeder and a Japanese style weeding hoe.

20. Seeds for edible flowers

Edible flower seeds are perfect gifts for organic gardeners who want to grow something a little more interesting next year to add to dishes like salads and desserts. Flowers can be a bit tricky to grow from seed, but it’s worth it!

Gifts for Organic Gardeners


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