Gifts for Gardeners

Looking for gifts for gardeners? You’re in luck – this is the ultimate resource for gardening gifts! Whether you’re buying for a beginner grower or a master gardener, start here for the best gifts for gardeners.

gifts for gardeners including floral scissors, pink peonies, seed packets, and potting soil

Gifts for Gardeners

gardening gifts including garden trowel and pruning shears with pink peonies and beauty bush blooms

Gifts for Gardeners

There are so many different gifts for gardeners. This page will help you gather ideas and hopefully help you find the perfect gardening gifts for the plant lovers in your life. Scroll down for garden gift guides, gardening books, great garden tools, quick-shipping Amazon garden accessories, and even instant gardening gifts that can be purchased online. There are even some free ideas!

Gardening Gifts

Here are some quick ideas for gardening gifts in different price ranges:


Thoughtful treats for a plant lover. 

Also check out these gift ideas:


High-quality upgrades for a dedicated gardener. 

Also check out these gift ideas:


Need to pull out all the stops? Here are some beautiful gifts for gardeners.  

Also check out these gift ideas:

Ok! Hopefully you’re starting to get some ideas now. Now check out these gift guides:

Garden Gift Guides

Here’s some guides to gardening gifts:

Here’s what I’m currently loving in my own organic garden:

Quick-Ship Gifts for the Gardener

If you need it fast, these amazon gifts for the gardener are often quick to ship:

See all the Amazon Gift Ideas.

Gardening Books & Magazines

Gardening books and magazines make wonderful gifts for book-loving gardeners (especially during the colder months). Here are some top-rated options:

Browse more gardening books in this article.

Gifts from the Garden Book | List of Gardening Books - The Best Ones! | from Home for the Harvest |

Handmade Garden Gifts

Handmade garden gifts are a wonderful way to show you care! Whether you’re giving a live plant, a gardening kit, or something made from the plants you’ve grown, a handmade garden gift is truly meaningful. Here are a few ideas for handmade garden gifts you can make yourself.

Creative Garden Gifts

Here are some creative gifts for gardeners you can DIY yourself:

Quirky Garden Gifts

Here are some quirky gifts for gardeners that you can DIY yourself:

Check this list for more handmade garden gifts that you can DIY or buy from independent makers.

printable garden planner for a last minute gardening gift

Instant Gifts for Plant Lovers

Need a gardening gift today? Here are instant gifts for plant lovers:

Gardening Courses

Gardening courses are available for purchase online from Craftsy, the Herbal Academy, Learning with Experts, and even universities like Oregon State University. Most course providers have gift certificate programs set up specifically so that their courses can be given as gifts. Here are a few specific online courses that could make excellent garden gifts:

The Herbarium Membership for Herbalists

Herbal Academy Courses & Community

The Herbal Academy offers online courses and learning resources about growing herbs and herbal remedies. The Herbal Academy Courses range from Introduction to Herbs to The Craft of Herbal Fermentation. Fortunately, Gift Certificates are available for all online courses.

Preview Lesson from the Introductory Herbal Course

If courses don’t seem like the right fit, consider  The Herbarium Membership for Herbalists. Annual membership provides a year of access to a detailed library of herbal education resources, including monographs, videos, articles, and even podcasts. The online Herbarium is a wonderful garden gift!

Craftsy Online Gardening Courses

Craftsy offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced gardening courses. The courses are very reasonably priced, and most include access to expert gardeners via the Q&A feature. Here are some top-rated Craftsy gardening courses that would make wonderful garden gifts:

Craftsy Online Gardening Courses

Check out the course descriptions and reviews to see if any are a good match for your gardening gift.

Gardening eBooks, Audiobooks, & Video

Gardening ebooks make great last-minute gifts for gardeners. Kindle eBooks, like the ever-popular Medicinal Herbs, can easily be gifted. Amazon allows you to schedule ebook delivery to the recipient at a specific date and time, accompanied with your personalized message. The recipient can then download and read the ebook. Click here to learn more about giving ebooks as gifts.

There are also a surprising number of gardening audiobooks available. Audiobooks make a wonderful gift for travellers and commuters. They’re also great to listen to around the house. Browse top-rated gardening audiobooks here. For a free option, consider creating a playlist library of gardening podcasts!

There are some great home and garden shows available on video streaming services. You could even make free Youtube playlists of gardening videos for DIY garden gifts! Gardening shows are a great way to get inspired, especially during the gardening off-season. It does seem a bit odd, but there’s the odd time that videos are the right gifts for plant lovers!

these beautiful hanging garden glass terrarium globes make perfect gifts for gardeners

More Gardening Gifts

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