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Here are some of the basic gardening supplies you’ll need, including garden tools, utility clothing, and outdoor furniture. Use what you already have or shop at garage sales or online to find exactly what you need!

Gardening Supplies

High-quality gardening supplies will make gardening so much more enjoyable. Having the right tool for the job can turn yard work into a relaxing hobby. Here are the garden tools and gardening supplies you need to get your garden started.

Garden Tools

Garden tools will get daily use, so it’s important to put some thought into finding the right tools. Hand tools such as a trowel, cultivator, and shears are among the most important gardening tools to start with. Durable gardening gloves and gardening clothes will also make yard work more enjoyable. Here are the garden tools and accessories to stock your potting shed with:

Garden Hand Tools

Dewit hand tools are well-made garden tools made of forged steel with a solid ash wooden handle. At bare minimum, you’ll need a trowel and cultivator. Having a good set of hand tools will make your day-to-day gardening tasks enjoyable instead of frustrating.

Garden Trowel: A good garden trowel is sturdy enough to dig through heavy soil without bending. The trowel bladeshould hold a sharp edge. Proper care will keep the blade from rusting. The trowel construction should be heavy enough to stand up to heavy soil but lightweight enough to carry around the yard. Find garden trowels on Amazon.

Harvest Basket: A good harvest basket is lovely for trips out to the garden. Baskets, trugs, and hods can be used to hold veggies, flowers, and even a few garden tools for trips back and forth to the garden. I like baskets that can also be used to wash veggies. A quick wash outside makes cooking prep much quicker when you’re back in the kitchen. The classic wood and wire garden carry+wash hod is available on Amazon and at Terrain. English wooden garden trugs (better for berries, cherry tomatoes, and flowers) are available on Amazon.

Garden Shears

Great garden shears are a must for all gardeners. Here are two of the best garden shears, plus a pair of pruning loppers for larger jobs:

Felco Pruners: Felco pruners are the gold standard in pruning. They’re not cheap, but you’ll have them forever. They work like a dream. The classic red handles also make them easy to spot when you’re out working in the garden. Buy one pair and never let them go! Find them at Amazon.

Pruning Shears: Fiskars pruners have been part of my daily trip out to the garden for years. They are easy to use, easy to maintain, and very well priced. I keep a few pairs around the house, the yard, and even in my truck (just in case!). Find them at Amazon or Target.

Pruning Loppers:Fiskars loppers are perfect for pruning branches that are just a bit too big for hand pruners. I use mine for winter and spring pruning, and for garden clean up while I get my garden ready for winter. Find them at Amazon or Target.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves protect your hands while working outdoors. Good gardening gloves should not only be protective, but also breathable.

Gardening Gloves: Stretchy fabric gloves with a rubbery palm coating are used by experienced gardeners. They are durable enough to protect your hands while also allowing for finer motor skills around the garden. Some of the best ones are made from breathable natural materials such as bamboo fabric. Find them at your local garden center or order from Amazon.

Gardening Clothes

The best gardening clothes are durable, useful, and beautiful. Here are some gardening clothes basics to get your outdoor wardrobe started:

Rubber Boots: Rubber boots are perfect for the garden. Nylon-lined boots like Muck Chore Boots are very durable and nice to have on chilly mornings. I pretty much live in my Classic Hunter Boots everyday except for the hottest days of summer. I’ve had them for years and still love them!

Sun Hat: A wide-brimmed sun hat will help keep sunlight damage to a minimum (and will also help you stay cool outdoors). Look for a hat specifically made for sun protection rather than just a fashionable wide-brimmed hat. This UPF 50+ Sun Hat is made with gardeners in mind.

Garden Apron: A sturdy utility apron helps keep the worst of the dirt off your clothes and provides storage for a few hand tools or seed packets. Waxed canvas options are durable whereas linen aprons are lighter for the really hot days. Find the pictured apron and other options online.

Work Shirt-Jacket: A cozy shirt jacket is perfect for a quick trip out to the garden in the crisp morning air. Wool, flannel, and fleece are favourite materials that each have their own season. I generally look for oversized utility shirts at the thrift store or online to use as garden work shirts since the fit is not really too important.

Gardening Tool Suppliers

For more great gardening tools, check the following suppliers:

Garden Supplies

Here’s the garden supplies you need to start your own garden:

Garden Soil

Healthy garden soil is key to growing healthy plants. Container garden soil is generally purchased as potting mix, while outdoor garden soil is often improved with organic fertilizers. Here are some great garden soil products to try:

Potting Soil: A high-quality organic potting soil is a must for container gardening. A good potting soil is organic, sterile, rich in nutrients, holds the right amount of water, and also traps air to keep it light. I use Pro-Mix potting soils, which have the added benefit of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. A good potting soil is worth the investment! Find Pro-Mix and other potting soils on Amazon.

Seed-Starting Soil: Specialty seed-starting mix is formulated to help seeds germinate and sprout into seedlings. Growing seedlings can be tricky, so it’s worth the extra cost of a specialty mix in this case. I use Pro-Mix Organic Seedling Mix, which includes coconut coir to manage moisture levels. Find Pro-Mix and other  seed-starting mixes on Amazon.

Peat Moss:Peat moss is a common ingredient in potting mixes which adds bulk to the mix and helps it hold water. Peat moss is also used to amend garden soil to make it more acidic (perfect for acid-loving plants like blueberries). Find it at local suppliers or on Amazon.

Coconut Coir: Coconut coir is sometimes used in potting mixes in combination with or instead of peat moss. It is created from coconut husks rather than mined from the earth like peat moss. Use it to help your potting mix hold water and to add bulk. Find it at Amazon.

Perlite:Perlite is a mined mineral which is added to soil mixes to help the soil hold air. Plant roots require access to air in the soil, making perlite a valuable soil amendment. Perlite is safe for organic gardening as it is chemically inert. If soil in container gardens or raised beds is at all heavy, perlite can be a very valuable amendment. Find it at Amazon.


Organic fertilizer will enrich your garden soil and feed your plants.

Worm Castings: Worm castings, or Vermicompost, are a very popular organic plant food. Castings make a great general soil amendment, and are particularly helpful in seed-starting. You can make your own worm castings with a home worm bin or purchase them locally or on Amazon.

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Pre-Mixed Organic Fertilizer: Granular fertilizers are easy to use and ensure your plants have access to the nutrients they need. Finding organic options can take a bit more time, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for an easy way to give your plants a boost (think of it as a multivitamin!). I use Pro-Mix Organic Granular Fertilizers (available in Canada). Espoma also makes a nice organic plant food, available on Amazon.

Composted Manure: Composted herbivore manure is a popular soil amendment in organic gardening. It includes animal manure as well as the animal’s bedding materials (straw, et cetera). If buying locally, look for a farm that feeds their animals a wide variety of organic food and ensure the manure has been hot-composted to thoroughly destroy any seeds. The manure shouldn’t smell if it’s been properly composted. Options for smaller amounts of composted manure products are available on Amazon.

Soil Test Kit: Soil test kits can give you a good indication of the nutrient composition of your garden soil. In addition to testing for pH, home soil test kits measure the natural amount of common nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – N,P,K) in your soil. Knowing the nutrient baseline for your soil allows you to select the appropriate organic fertilizers for your unique environment. Choose from instant at-home tests or mail-away laboratory test kits.

Read more about organic fertilizers here.


My favourite mulch is homemade compost! It’s lovely and dark and full of nutrients. Read more about compost and other mulch options here.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture such as sectional conversation sets and outdoor dining tables turn your garden into an extension of your house. Opt for high-quality, durable materials that will last for years.

Sectionals: Sectional conversation sets are a lovely place to lounge with a morning coffee or enjoy patio drinks with friends. I generally look for SunBrella fabric and for metals that will not rust. Shop sectionals online.

Dining Sets: Patio dining sets make it comfortable to enjoy your warm-weather meals outdoors. Some patio dining tables have holes in the centre for an umbrella, while others are designed for a cantilevered umbrella or shade sail. There are lovely wood, glass, resin wicker, and metal options to suit different climates and design styles. Shop dining sets online.

Umbrellas: Umbrellas and shade sails provide shade for uncovered outdoor areas. As with the sectionals, choose high-quality fabrics and building materials for an umbrella that lasts. Choosing an umbrella with fabric that’s specifically rated to decrease ultra-violet rays is also worth it. Find UV protective umbrellas and shade sails online.

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