Garden Art

All about garden art!

Garden Art

Garden art ranges from plant photography to natural crafts to culinary arts. The garden can be enjoyed not only as it grows, but also in harvest season. Here’s some garden ideas to help you create garden art from your harvest.

Garden Pictures

Garden photography is a wonderful hobby. I’ve loved learning to photograph flowers and gardens. Garden photography encourages you to get outside and really look at the natural world. There is something incredibly calming about being out in the garden at dawn to photograph plants in the morning dew.

Garden pictures are also lovely to keep indoors during the winter to remind us of the growing season. I like to display my favourite garden photos on my kitchen photo string so that I can keep inspired! If you’d like some garden photos for your home, you can download mine here for free.

Garden Crafts

Garden crafts provide a relaxing way to enjoy the garden harvest. For instance, I love collecting moss from my shade garden to use in centerpieces and hanging kokedama string gardens. Now I can enjoy relaxing garden vibes indoors.

During the growing season, I love using flowers and other bits and pieces from the garden in crafts. Flower crowns are one of my favourites!

Holiday Crafts

Holiday crafts can be a wonderful way to celebrate the garden, especially in seasons where a thriving outdoor garden may not be front of mind in your area. You can use garden bits and pieces in this Thanksgiving centerpiece, these natural Christmas decorations, flower-themed parties, or even for DIY Valentine’s gifts.

The holiday season is a wonderful time for homemade crafts. I love using evergreen foliage from the garden in wreaths, twigs for ornaments, and even acorn caps. These garden treasures work well with other natural materials such as natural wool felt and garden twine.


My fave so far is this autumn ghost pumpkin candle centerpiece :)

Garden Decor

Garden decor includes the plants, furniture, and other items used to create the garden landscape. Great garden decor should support the form and function of the landscaping while also adding to the aesthetics of the garden. Two areas of detailed garden decor include the backyard and patio.

Backyard Ideas

A backyard may include a grass lawn, vegetable garden, flower garden, shade garden, play area, or any other backyard ideas to enhance the landscaping and decor. The backyard can usually be a bit more freeform than the front yard. We even built a dance floor in our backyard for our wedding!

Garden bed ideas can range from bright, sunny flower garden ideas to moody, shade garden ideas. Garden beds can add to the welcoming feeling and overall decor of a backyard by adding natural colour and form. They can also be used to fulfill landscaping functions such as creating outdoor rooms or providing food and shelter to pollinators.

Patio Ideas

There are tons of great patio ideas to turn your outdoor space into an extension of your home. Whether you do a complete DIY deck or simply jazz up your space with some succulent bowls or a herb garden, effort that you put into your patio is well worth it. Here’s 5 easy crops to grow on a patio or balcony!

Garden Art

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