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Category: Tulips

  • 16 types of tulips

    16 types of tulips

    Tulips are one of springtime’s favorite flowers. While there are thousands of individual varieties, all these different tulips can be separated into 16 main categories. Every tulip cultivar is placed into one of these 16 divisions when registered with The Royal General Bulb Growers’ Association, based in Holland. Let’s look at the 16 types of…

  • 21 pink tulips

    21 pink tulips

    Pink tulips in the garden are a sure sign of spring. There is a fantastically wide variety of shades and shapes available, growing well in a wide range of climates. Let’s look at some of the best varieties of pink tulips for your garden or spring floral arrangement. 1. Angelique tulip The Angelique tulip is…

  • 30 red tulips

    30 red tulips

    While tulips come in a wide range of brilliant colors, there is nothing quite like a classic red tulip. Today, we are going to go over the many gorgeous varieties of red tulips and which ones will work best for your garden! 1. Apeldoorn tulip The Apeldoorn tulip is THE classic red tulip variety. This…

  • 22 white tulips

    22 white tulips

    Need to add some new flowers to your garden? You can’t go wrong with adding classic tulips. Tulips come in a variety of colors and make any garden look stunning. Today, we’re going to be talking about the many gorgeous varieties of white tulips, so you can find the perfect fit for your garden!  1.…

  • 8 black tulips

    8 black tulips

    Most tulip varieties are red, yellow, or pink, but there are some stunning black and near-black cultivars. to choose from. Let’s look at the most popular dark tulip varieties for tulip gardens and spring floral arrangements. 1. Queen of the Night tulip The Queen Of The Night typically blooms mid to late spring and has…

  • 18 purple tulips

    18 purple tulips

    Tulips are a household favorite in every flower lover’s garden. There’s nothing that quite says spring like a garden bed full of gorgeous purple tulips Today, we’ve compiled over fifteen types of purple tulip varieties for you, including their shade of purple, flower shape, typical height, and time of spring they tend to bloom.  1.…

  • 15 perennials to plant with tulips

    15 perennials to plant with tulips

    The best perennials to plant with tulips tend to be low-maintenance, drought-resistant perennial plants like flowering groundcovers, native woodland flowers, and foliage plants. Avoid perennial plants that need frequent water and fertilizing in mid-summer. This “TLC” can rot your tulips during the summer months. 1. Arabis Arabis is a lovely flowering perennial groundcover to plant…