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Sunflowers, with their cheerful faces turned towards the sun, are symbols of optimism, warmth, and the beauty of nature. Their golden-yellow petals radiate joy, making them a favorite in gardens and floral arrangements alike. From the classic tall varieties to the more recent dwarf and colored hybrids, sunflowers offer a delightful range for every garden enthusiast.

This section shines a light on the vibrant world of sunflowers, sharing insights into their diverse types, cultivation tips, and the history behind these sunny blooms. Whether you’re looking to create a backyard sunflower meadow or simply enjoy their uplifting presence, let’s celebrate these sun-chasing wonders together.

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Sunflowers are easy and gratifying to grow. Start by choosing a sunny spot in the garden and choosing a variety with your desired height, bloom color, and any other desired...

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Winter sowing sunflowers

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