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Peonies, with their opulent, ruffled blooms and sweet aroma, are often described as the epitome of garden romance. Their springtime appearance is eagerly anticipated, marking a season of rebirth and vibrant color. From delicate singles to the lush doubles, peonies are a garden’s statement piece, revealing a world of hues and forms.

This section delves into the rich tapestry of peonies, providing insights into their varied types, cultivation nuances, and the history behind these iconic flowers. Whether you’re a longstanding peony aficionado or just beginning your love affair with these blooms, this space promises a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

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How to grow peonies

How to grow peonies

Learn how to grow peonies in your garden with this easy-to-follow guide. Get tips on ideal growing conditions, planting, watering, fertilizing, pruning and pest control for beautiful blooms!

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Types of peonies - categories, classification, colors, cultivar examples (varieties)

Types of peonies

There are hundreds of varieties of peonies available to add to your garden. They make…