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Hydrangea flowers, including how to plant them, grow them, and general plant care tips for growing these flowering shrubs in your home landscape.

Planting a rooted hydrangea

Rooting hydrangeas

Discover the joy of rooting hydrangeas! Learn how to easily take cuttings, root them in soil or water and even layer bent branches. Get ready to add some life to your garden!
How to turn hydrangeas purple

How to make hydrangeas purple

"Discover the secret to making your hydrangeas purple! Learn how to select the right plants, adjust soil pH levels, use fertilizers, and more. Unlock the beauty of purple hydrangeas today!"
Light blue hydrangea shrub

How to make hydrangeas blue

"Learn how to make hydrangeas blue with this easy guide! Discover the secrets of soil acidity, aluminum content, species selection, fertilizer, watering and sunlight for beautiful blooms."
How to grow hydrangeas

How to grow hydrangeas

Learn how to grow beautiful hydrangeas in your garden with these easy tips! Get the best advice on planting, watering, mulching, fertilizing and pruning for gorgeous blooms.
Best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangeas

Best fertilizer for Endless Summer hydrangeas

The best fertilizer products for Endless Summer hydrangeas tend to be slow-release granular products with a balanced NPK ratio plus minor nutrients like iron. One application of fertilizer in the spring is usually enough for these plants.
Endless summer hydrangeas blue flowers

Endless Summer hydrangea not blooming

Common reasons for Endless Summer hydrangea not blooming are pruning too much or at the wrong time of year, excessive fertilizer application, overwatering, too much or too little sunlight, or extreme temperatures.
Endless summer hydrangeas size

Endless Summer hydrangeas size

Endless summer hydrangea shrubs usually grow 3-5 feet tall and wide in a sphere shape. Mature plants can become slightly wider than tall.